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Psalm Sunday – For International Women’s Day, We Cannot Stand Aside

Psalm 114

From Earth Psalms, by Angela Magara


All the Earth waits for the chorus of our voices.
All the rocks and trees shudder with the song of life.
All the plants and those that live under the roots hum.

The music of our voice,
The song of our heart,
only waits for us to join in the refrain.

For Life is singing, the trees are dancing, the hills skip,
And all beings resonate with Earth’s song.

Earth’s voice is us all raised in chorus.
Her Song, the syrup pressed from the hours of our lives,
Holds us in love.

From this music the winds spring,
From this melody flow the waters
The fire at the core pulses with this rhythm
And the land shouts with joy.

All life sings at the wonder of this moment
We cannot stand aside.

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