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Tarot Card of the Full Moon Week, Feb. 3-9, 2020: King of Cups

I’m here to remind you, and myself, that all your feelings are welcome. All your emotions, your ‘too much-ness’, your intensity. All the parts of you that are deep and dark and challenging and hard.

They are welcome. They are beautiful and true. They are healing and powerful. They are the place from which the light is born. They are the reason you can feel so much love and joy.
Stephenie Zamora, author and life coach

For this week of the Full Moon, with the gavel closing the kangaroo trial of the reprobate-in-chief, and, as I post this, the deadly coronavirus on the brink of being declared a pandemic, a somewhat rare Tarot visitor arrives. Let us raise a glass to the King of Cups.

The Kings of the Tarot are the overt, assertive personification of the suit’s energy. They are the builders, fathers, and rulers. They represent maturity, discipline, and mastery. They point to our capacity to realize our full potential.

And the suit of the Cups is ruled by the element of water. The Cups preside over the realms of emotions, dreams, intuition, and love.

Thus, the King of Cups is a tender-hearted person (male or female) who has hidden depths and intuitive understanding. While at times they can tend towards moodiness or even melancholy, as the King, they are successful, outwardly directed, and possess great power in the more aggressive, assertive “real” world.

This is in contrast to, say, the Queen of Cups, whose soft, spongy boundaries can sometimes render her indecisive and ineffective.

Bear in mind that “King” or “Queen” may not refer to the actual gender of the person in question, but rather a certain approach and temperament, like being more extroverted (King) or introverted (Queen). Then again, sometimes the Court cards may simply be the energy of a personality, and no literal person at all. Or they may be an aspect of you.

Is This King a Scorpio, Pisces, or Cancer?

I am often asked if the elements of the court cards correspond to the astrological elements, as in a King of Cups being a Water sign.

Sometimes it does happen. But this is not unfailingly the case. I have wondered if maybe a preponderance of Water in someone’s chart could align them with a Water court card, even though their Sun sign is Earth, Fire, or Air (since as most of us know, the Sun sign is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, of our astrological chart).

But alas, despite dabbling many years ago, my expertise these days is limited to figuring out Sun signs, which is why I am a Tarot reader, not an astrologer, and why I leave such matters in the capable hands of all those brilliant astrologer friends of mine!

So.. Who Might He Be?

Of all the suits’ Kings, the King of Cups would the most considerate and compassionate leader.

But make no mistake — despite his gentle nature and benevolence, the King of Cups is no wimp.

For instance, the Dalai Lama, a watery Cancerian, comes to mind. The leader of his nation as well as his ancient spiritual tradition, he embodies kindness and tolerance. Yet he is no pushover when it comes to human rights and he unflinchingly champions an end to the disastrous occupation of his country by China.

Even in the most hectic or stressful situations, the King of Cups is a person who radiates peace. If there is ever a crisis, perhaps second only to the King of Pentacles, this is someone you want to have around, lending a calm, loving hand. This person would have an innate talent for understanding, creativity, and balance.

Someone with his energy would be a successful practitioner of the healing arts — either traditional or esoteric. And if we are looking at global events through the lens of this King, I must say I am encouraged to see him, especially in view of astrologer Richard Nolle’s rather disturbing revelation of “Justinian’s T-Square and its subsequent Sky Train,” a configuration that has not been seen in 1,500 years and is associated with the Plague and pandemic disease.

In addition to being a profoundly talented healer, the King of Cups’ sensitivity makes him a wonderful teacher, counselor, spiritual leader, or artist. And he is often drawn to the mystical arts, being himself psychically attuned to the invisible realms.

Yet he or she may also be found practicing law, or in advocacy for those who are unable to defend themselves, for their heart-centered orientation often compels them to seek justice. And their maturity, empathy, and adaptable disposition gives them an edge in all matters of diplomacy.

With such tumultuous times on tap, we could hardly ask for a more helpful guide.

Full Moon and Mercury – Under the Influence

This week, for those of us who prefer tropical astrology, we will encounter the power of the Leo Full Moon. Jamie Partridge, the Astrology King could have been advising the King of Cups when he wrote:

Full Moon trine Mars gives the courage and initiative to make the first move and take the lead. You will intuitively know what you want and how to get it. This is a good full moon for acting on your instincts. You can be direct and assertive without looking bossy or rude, and instead, be admired for your honesty and sincerity.

If you are a shy person this is the ideal time to get in touch with your sexuality and share your passionate desires. Increased charisma and sex appeal is a good omen for socializing and your love life. Full Moon February 2020 will also help you stand up for yourself and to defend your family.

Full Moon quincunx Neptune increases your emotional sensitivity but too many, or conflicting emotions, can lead to confusion and tension. With Mars amplifying your emotions, relationship tension could escalate to a critical point when you either have to escape or have a meltdown.

To reduce tension and avoided a crisis point, find the right balance in your life. A balance between a social drink and alcoholism, balance between health consciousness and hypochondria, and between service and sacrifice.

The key to finding the right balance is trust and faith, in yourself, in others and in the universe/God.

The King of Cups combines his great emotional intelligence and skill at honoring all tides of feelings while also remaining utterly pragmatic and in command. But it is also true that he can sometimes be self-pitying, and drift into stress eating, drinking, and other self-sabotaging behaviors.

And on Monday, Mercury changed signs and is now in watery Pisces. As exceptional astrologer and friend Elisabeth Grace explains:

This is not the most effective placement for a planet that is happier reciting copious and delightful amounts of trivia, backed by lots of words. Mercury is challenged by the Pisces need to gather information intuitively, and as for words, when have you ever heard a fish talk?

 [Well, the Page of Cups can, but nope; this is the King we’re working with! – Beth]

Mercury will be in Pisces until April 11th — with one respite between March 4th and March 12th. Why so long? Because Mercury will turn retrograde on February 16th.

[This date is a correction. An erroneous start date was posted earlier on Elisabeth’s website; doubtless she was already under the influence of this notoriously tricksy planet. – B.]

There will be NO WHINGEING ALLOWED. But you should BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW — and be flexible with your travel plans, especially with this coronavirus that is just starting to go around.

I see this potential outbreak as a reflection of Neptune, now past the halfway point in Pisces, coupled with the heavy breakdown potential of Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn.

Here’s another thing about Pisces: it’s really big on faith. In Pisces, Mercury is not interested in thinking as much as it is interested in believing. That is the Pisces mantra: I BELIEVE.

Who cares if it defies logic and reason? Pisces feels it — and believes it.  And feelings can’t be argued. They are as valid as any hardcore fact. In the realm of feelings, truth is subjective.

That’s why we need to keep an eye on what information comes to light when Mercury dips back into Aquarius for eight days in March. That’s our window of objectivity between now and April. Meanwhile, if you have a poetic, artistic or spiritual vision to develop, have at it.

Don’t you love how astrology and Tarot flow together in harmony? Clearly, the King of Cups is an ideal guide for navigating the depths of Mercury under the influence of Pisces.

The Cup and the Scepter

Perhaps this is the time for you to seek a healer, counselor, or wise listener. Who, in your current situation, balances both the cup of dreams and love in one hand, and the scepter of power in the other?

How might you be called upon to find this power in yourself?

In a time of steadily heartbreaking, stressful news every day, consider how compassion may be required from you, especially in matters of great significance.

In what ways are you challenged to exercise mature restraint when emotions run high, as they are bound to right now? This is not the time to indulge in emotional drama and histrionics, but instead, use your sensitivities for a higher purpose of good.

What premonitions whisper to you in the light of the waxing and Full Moon? Who might need of your kindly wisdom? Who could be healed by your compassion? Perhaps you, yourself, are the one who needs to be bathed in the deep, cleansing waters of love.

In gentleness, there is great power; with empathy, profound change is possible. Let us do only what we know in our hearts is right, and let our every action be centered in kindness.

Whatever you are feeling in this complex week of churning tides, rest in the awareness of your own most noble nature. For the King of Cups shows us that all emotions are valid, important, and the place from which the light is born.