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Comfort and Grace for an Uncomfortable Topic

My beloved magickal friends —

Death and dying are matters of utmost importance and that, sooner or later, will affect us all.

And as magical people, we may find ourselves thrust into a leadership role when it touches others in our communities and families.

So how do we prepare for this ultimate inevitability? How might we align with practices that will support ourselves and others, especially if our spirituality is not in lock-step with the conventional religions?

It is my great honor to let you know that for two days at the end of March, you are invited to join an intimate circle of practitioners and seekers, led by two of the world’s most respected and knowledgeable teachers of the magical arts.

If you are  —

  • someone who is sometimes called to mediate for souls as they cross the veil..
  • a health care professional with a devotional perspective..
  • a spiritual leader who comforts the dying and the bereaved..
  • a hospice care-giver who seeks non-mainstream alternatives..
  • holding vigil for a loved one or friend facing death..
  • called to offer energetic tending when mass killings occur..
  • or you understand that it is time for you to see with clear eyes your own mortality through a deeply compassionate, pragmatic, and sacred manner..

..this workshop was created for you.

The Mysteries of Death and Dying in the Western Esoteric Tradition:
Sacromagical Practices for the Dying & Navigating the Sacred Pause Between Lives

with RJ Stewart and Anastacia Nutt
March 28-29, 2020
Near Chapel Hill and Hillsborough, NC

As women and men of spirit, Death is a central truth that we do not hide from. But it is rarely an easy topic, much less facing the actuality of it.

Join us for this rare and powerful opportunity to gather with an intimate circle of like-minded souls as we deepen our understanding of this, Life’s greatest Mystery.

Guided by RJ Stewart and Anastacia Nutt, this 2-day workshop draws from their acclaimed new book, “The Mysteries of Dying and Death.”

In this excerpt from their workshop flyer and also the introduction to their book, they explain:

This workshop explores the perennial esoteric traditions regarding dying, what may occur after death, and potential rebirth. Topics included range from preparation for our own eventual passing into the spirit worlds, to helping those close to us, and assisting the dead in traumatic end-of-life situations such as mass killings…

…Whereas death was once associated with punishment for sin, and was often a taboo subject for many fearful reasons, the broader attitude of secular and religious people alike has matured substantially into the 21st century..

…[but this subject] is claimed by both medicine and religion, sometimes in stark opposition to one another. There is, however, a middle way that has always existed, that of the esoteric (non-partisan, unaffiliated) traditions of spiritual practices and transformative consciousness.

Rooted in the Western or Hermetic traditions originating back to ancient Greece, Egypt, Babylon, and Assyria; permeating the philosophy of the Renaissance; and drawing upon current scientific and ancestral spiritual practices, this is less a self-help exercise, and more a weekend about “consciousness, changing consciousness, and being better able to cope with the great change called death.”

As a participant, this is a unique chance for you to benefit from their many, many years of leadership, teaching, and mentoring. Anastacia is an ordained minister of the All Seasons Chalice Church in Boulder, CO and they have both counseled and comforted the dying and bereaved for decades, as well as officiating at many memorial services.

To enroll:
Seating is limited and pre-registration is required, please. No payments will be accepted at the door.

There is an early bird price break currently underway, but it ends this Friday! The early registration fee is $200, and increases to $225 after Feb. 28.

Payment is accepted via PayPal to rjspeak (at) earthlink (dot) com or by sending a check to RJ and Anastacia’s post office box address, Box 239, Berkeley Springs WV 25411. Additional details are here.

You need not be local to central North Carolina. People routinely travel from all over the country (and world!) to these workshops, and our local facilitator can help you with the logistics, including finding comfortable, affordable lodging. Her contact information is here (scroll down to the March 28-29 course description).

Please note: While this is an open workshop (meaning no prior work with their Inner Temple Traditions and Inner Convocations is required), this class would not be suitable for those with no experience in meditation techniques and visualization.

If this speaks to your heart, I hope you will find your way to our circle, for this promises to be a soul-nurturing, life-affirming, and illuminating experience like no other.

Blessed be.

** Full disclosure: I do not receive any benefit by announcing or supporting this event. But I am a friend of Robert and Anastacia, as well as a dedicated participant in the Faery Traditions and ITIC practices as taught by them. **


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  • February 24, 2020, 5:19 pm nofixedstars

    what a wonderful resource—i would love to see this spread. for years i have wished that we had a sort of “death doula” profession to assist the dying and their families through this great transition we all must face. our culture is so fearful of and uncomfortable with death, and much is lost when people do not consider death and dying as a natural part of life. and in time of tragedy, people trained in the kind of thinking and support such as this course will provide could bring much comfort to survivors and witnesses, coming in right after first responders.