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Tarot Card of the Week of Imbolc, Jan. 27-Feb. 2, 2020: Seven of Pentacles

Infinite patience brings immediate results.
Wayne W. Dyer

This week of transitions both magical and mundane, when we mark the shift celebrated by Imbolc (and Lughnasadh in the Southern Hemisphere), I pulled a steadfast, and very informative friend for our Tarot card of the Week. Let us welcome the Seven of Pentacles.

The Pentacles of the Tarot inform us of the physical world and material matters in our lives: our health, our resources, our homes, and our work. And seven is a number of magic, spirituality, and initiation into deeper levels of Mystery.

Here we see a young man as he pauses and gazes at the ripening disks on the vine. He seems to be considering whether or not the fruits are ready for picking.

His demeanor is thoughtful, evaluating what he has already worked to achieve, and wondering what might still be needed.

As we all know, what he reaps will depend upon what he has sown. Like him, if we are not clear from the start as to what our true intention is, how can we possibly know if we are successful?

Setting Our Magical Intention

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the growing time of year is still in the distance, yet we arrive this week at the threshold of Imbolc. At this most blessed holy day, we honor the departure of the Goddess in Her dark Crone forms, and marvel at Her rebirth as the ever-renewing Maiden.

Even though Winter’s grip is still evident across the Northern Hemisphere, tender green shoots are already poking up through the Earth, lambing time has arrived on our farms, and the daylight is noticeably longer and stronger than six weeks ago at Yule.

Imbolc is usually the sabbat associated with sacred initiation. How fortunate, then, that the Seven of Pentacles could literally be a card of “Earth initiation.”

It is a time for those who practice Earth religions to dedicate ourselves to a new cause, or commit to a program of new spiritual studies and apprenticeship. With this card’s guidance, you might ponder what physical, tangible results you would like to see in your life, as you consider to Whom or what you will pledge your allegiance.

In many magical traditions, this commitment is for a year and a day: from seed, to blossom, to fruition, to harvest, to dormancy, and then the revivifying of the seed once more.

For our friends below the equator, the turning from High Summer to the first harvests is arriving, and so this card is especially apropos. For the countless beings that have suffered in the blazing ferocity of this year’s Summer, I pray that this Lughnasadh holiday will bring the turning you so desperately need: for gentle, plentiful rain, for healing, and more lush, temperate days ahead.

The Fullness of Time

For all of us, it is wise to remember that all things begin with a dream, a thought, or seed. Welcoming the Seven of Pentacles as our guide, let us gaze into a time not so long from now, when fruition is immanent.

What treasure would we wish to pluck from the vines of our desires when their fulfillment arrives? What work and care are we willing and able to devote to ensure that this will happen? How would we get from here – a wish or a vision – to the gathering in of our bounty?

In the Seven of Pentacles, we are witness to ripening – a slow, nearly invisible process both scientific and mysterious. Its outcome depends on time, conditions, and, no matter how precisely we may try to schedule and control them, the laws and rhythms of our Mother Earth and Her cosmic neighbors.

There is only so much that we can control with our labor and diligence. And then the rest is out of our hands.

So, too, this young man has done his part, and now he has no choice but to surrender to the Earth’s own wisdom. The pace of Nature is a gift, not an obstacle.

Knowing this, he cooperates with the good fortune of the Sevens.

As you plan and dream about your goals for the months ahead, ask yourself: what can you begin during this sacred time, that could benefit your tribe, your community, your home on Gaia?

In what ways might you now allow Nature’s timing to support you? How is time your ally, not your enemy?

As you prepare to manifest your desires, through dreaming, ritual, and good old time management, are you being invited to pause a moment? Gaze at what you have already created, and take stock.

Perhaps this is the time for you to consider what you have learned and what you might change in this fresh start.

Before you rush off to your Next Thing, take this time to linger a moment and reflect. And be sure to give thanks for the abundance already given to you.

What was once only potential is now in the final stages. And at the same time, a powerful new start is at hand.

Plan your new year with passion and patience. May it become a flourishing temple of blessings.

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  • January 28, 2020, 10:15 am Jacqueline

    Thank you Beth, this reading helps clarify messages I have been getting to watch for synchronicity and to stop and reflect… and I kept wondering “reflect on what?” This gives me a framework for that reflection… perfect timing. <3

  • January 28, 2020, 12:11 pm Tricia Morrissey

    Thank you for the reading on this card Beth. I feel like I am being called to be patience with things that I am working on and that is not necessarily my strong point. As we move into Imbolc I will be conscious of pausing more to reflect than insisting on doing.

  • January 28, 2020, 7:37 pm Beth

    Thank you for your comments, Jacqueline and Tricia. I totally get it about having to be reminded to stop and reflect. Especially in a world where EVERYTHING seems so reactive.. So, I am right there with you! ❤️