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Fifteen Years of Magick, Prayer, and Global Connections!

Join us! Join us! Join us! Next Sunday, Nov. 24! Spread the love and the magic!

Welcome to all people who come in peace (though your spirit may be troubled)!

The Wheel of the Year turns, and that means that, as the longest night of the year approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s almost time once more to meet together every Sunday through Yule (and/or Christmas) for our annual Advent Sun Wreath Circle, (or Yule Prayer-Spell, if you prefer).

If you have been a regular visitor here, you know that starting in late November, I invite all my visitors, regardless of their spiritual path, to participate in a virtual prayer circle, or spell weaving.

Huzzah! This year, we are celebrating our 15th year together!

This is an advent practice for all faiths, creeds, paths, beliefs, traditions, and allegiances. All seekers, both spiritual and secular, are embraced here.

On every continent on our planet (except Antarctica — so far!), in every time zone, we gather each week in devotion and unity. Here, in this annual practice, our separations of time and geography melt away, and we become a living Circle of Love.

So, come all who wish to unite with us. Spread the word!

Accompany us, if you will, on this journey into the velvety night of the year; then kindle with us the growing light that some call the Child of Promise.

Origins and Roots

This was originally inspired by the founder of The Beltane Papers, the late Helen Farias, and then adapted by Waverly FitzGerald.

And by the way — our dear Waverly is gravely ill at this time. If this ceremony has had meaning for you, and you would like to help support her as she faces long, difficult cancer treatments, PLEASE consider donating here.

Motivated by Helen and Waverly, for many years I’d found this annual ceremony to be a gentle, inclusive, yet very powerful tradition. I began sharing it on my first tiny website back in 2004 and have adapted and published it each year since, with an exponentially growing number of participants around the world.

Over the years, my readers have told me that it has become a very meaningful and beloved practice for them and their families, too. Some have also noted that it feels like we are doing “The Wave,” as you may see at sporting events, except that we are offering our joyful, globe-circling prayers.

The Concept

It’s very simple. You only need a wreath and five candles. Starting on SUNDAY, Nov. 24, around dusk wherever you live, you’ll light one candle, spend time in quiet or prayerful observance, then extinguish the flame. The next week you will light the first candle, and then a second one.

And so on, each Sunday, until the final candle on Winter Solstice, Christmas, or both.

The real power, besides the vital importance of making quiet time for observance, is in the knowledge that across the globe, hundreds, possibly thousands, are doing the same thing with you.

This ritual may remind you of the Christian tradition of lighting candles around an Advent wreath. That practice is probably descended from older Pagan observances that marked the advent of the Winter Solstice. (Advent simply means “the coming of”).

You can easily adapt this to be in harmony with your own dreams, desires, and beliefs. I encourage you to join the countless families and individuals throughout the world, Christians and non- , and to share it with your friends and beloveds. (I’ll post some specific suggestions later this week).

Standing Together in the Face of Extreme Change

There is much to give thanks for, but it has also been a time of unprecedented changes. With an irrevocable, catastrophic global climate emergency now upon us, geopolitical upheaval to the breaking point across the globe, and other multifaceted disruptions waiting in the wings, this year’s turning feels apocalyptic in its scope.

This year has seen the continuation and deepening of ominous, ruinous cracks in the very foundations of our societal values and institutions. As most reading this know, thousands of biologists, economists, meteorologists, ecologists, sociologists, botanists, astrologers, magickal practitioners, and adepts of the esoteric arts have been sounding urgent alarms regarding the crumbling infrastructure and sustainability of our civilization as it is now functioning.

Mass shootings of children continue; one out of every 108 people in the world is considered to be displaced and/or stateless; chaos and totalitarianism hover on the edges of dozens of nations, large and small. Business as usual cannot continue, much less the doubling-down policies of those who seem intent on inexplicably undoing decades of progress.

And Yet…

Yet even now, as we make this annual Wheel of the Year journey towards the still point of the deepest dark, we enter into a sacred time-out-of-time. As our most ancient ancestors knew, this is a magical pause between the exhale and the fresh inhale, where all possibilities, dreams, and the eons themselves are stirring with both endings and new beginnings.

Thus, although our hearts may be weighted by the darkest of shadows, we stand at a crossroads of infinite hope. Looking within and to one another, we can recognize our commonality.

Despite the horrifying death throes of the Old Ages, we can see that there is something more beautiful, more authentic, more brave and right unfolding at the same time.

And we, my dear ones, are the very ones who are birthing that vision.

So once again this year, together each week, let us in perfect faith and love spark and tend the flames of a desperately necessary rebirth.

From our homes all across the sweet body of our Grandmother Gaia, holding sacred space with one another, it is time to prepare. In just one week, we will begin to make our final descent into the dark of the year. And in our re-emergence together, our vision will open to a new kind of light.

I’ll have more to say about exactly how to get started, including our intention for this, our 15th year together.

I welcome your thoughts and suggestions regarding our magical objectives. And please stay tuned for additional information and updates.

Blessed be.

(The featured image at the top is a collage of 15 of the Solstice Sun Wheel photos that some of you have sent me. Thank you for your beauty and for sharing. I look forward to lots more this year, as we celebrate this BIG anniversary together!)

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  • November 17, 2019, 10:27 am nofixedstars

    i will be happy to join in this again this year. thank you for making this circle of light!

  • November 17, 2019, 11:17 am Ellen Apple

    This has become a part of my personal worship as well. Thank you.

  • November 18, 2019, 11:55 pm Tricia Morrissey

    I am looking forward to this event. I actually join this for the first time last year but felt it was very powerful and actually helped me connect to my spiritual practice as I have been going through a transition in life. Thank you for sharing your Light!