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Only a Month Away – The Inaugural SE Tarot Conclave

Imagine spending a gorgeous, spa retreat weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains, with an intimate, passionate group of Tarot aficionados. Featuring Mary K. Greer, Nina Lee Braden, and myself, all facilitated by the famed Diane Wilkes, only a limited number of spots remain available.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might be interested in going deeper with your own experiences and explorations of the Tarot.

And maybe, just maybe, you could use a little quiet pampering and retreat time away from all the craziness, with a small, enthusiastic group of like-minded aficionados.

If so, then there is a very, very special opportunity to do so.

On October 4, the first ever Southeastern Tarot Conclave will open its doors to Tarot practitioners and professionals who are looking for a weekend deep-dive into the therapeutic potentials of Tarot.

Diane Wilkes, author, deck creator, and architect of the enduring Tarot Passages website, first began gathering a small group of top-notch presenters in Philadelphia. For seven years, she hosted the acclaimed Northeastern Tarot Conclave.

But late last year, Diane moved here to the Tarheel State, and so the new Southeastern Tarot Conclave is set to take off in gorgeous Boone, North Carolina.

If big cities and crowds aren’t especially your thing, you’ll be glad to know that Diane’s events are renowned for offering the highest possible level of tarot innovation and scholarship in a welcoming, close-knit setting.

Past presenters for the NE Conclave have included Mary Greer, Rachel Pollack, Robert Place, Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, Donnaleigh de laRose, and Rana George, just to name a few!

Welcoming You to October’s Glory in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Now that she’s moved her event to North Carolina, a new chapter begins!

Set in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, as Autumn’s splendor reaches its peak, we’ll be gathering at the  Art of Living Retreat Center, famed for its peaceful ambiance and emphasis on offering soulful and physical restoration. And the nearby town of Boone is known as a hub of enlightened holistic healing, featuring a number of metaphysical shops and services.

With such a venue, it’s natural that the theme of the Conclave will be Therapeutic Tarot.

Presenters will be none other than the legendary Mary K. Greer and Nina Lee Braden (author of the essential classic, Tarot for Self-Discovery, and original catalyst for Tarot Passages). It is also my profound honor to be included as a third speaker for this esteemed event.

Therapeutic Tarot

You’ll probably want to arrive a little early before we get started, in order to enjoy the first-class facilities, which include yoga sessions, spa facilities (with all the trimmings), a 7-circuit labyrinth, stunning hiking trails, and more. And included in your stay will be onsite gourmet vegetarian meals (although there will also be optional outings for the carnivores in the group).

Then, starting Friday evening, it’s on to the many impressive Tarot-themed activities that Diane has planned.

Our Therapeutic Tarot theme will focus on systems, techniques, and spreads that expand the participants’ ability to offer querents (and ourselves) psychologically-informed and wise readings in which both reader and querent participate in the healing process.

We’ll explore new methods and stratagems that will help us read for ourselves and others in a wise and healing manner, restoring needed balance while remembering that each person is ultimately in charge of his or her own well-being.

And we will, as a group, work interactively with numerous modalities in order to provide an engaging, safe, and holistic space for those for whom we read and serve.

The Saturday Presentations

Besides a number of special surprises throughout the weekend, and a lively panel discussion on Sunday, Saturday’s program features:

Mary Greer: The Gifts, Problems and Pitfalls of Tarot Readers in a Therapeutic Tarot Situation

We will explore how to be present with clients and, indeed, oneself in a therapeutic reading. We will cover matters such as projection and transference as well as the kinds of questions to ask that assist a querent in discovering their own truth.

Nina Lee Braden: Death and the Death Card

Through the prism of therapeutic tarot, attendees will examine and discover their deepest feelings and beliefs about the Death card and death itself—as well as how the tarot can sustain us through our own “seasons of death.” Transformation is not optional.

Beth Owl’s Daughter: If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him: Fostering Independence and Empowerment in Tarot Clients

As Tarot readers and guides, we are motivated by our deep desire to serve, and to help others. But what, exactly, does “helping” mean?

How can we improve our ability to serve with the Tarot so that our clients’ situations actually improve, and they can move forward with grace and confidence? We will discuss and practice how to bring our most skillful, compassionate aid to the table.

In addition to these talks, you’ll be able to relax with the teachers, practice with other luminaries of the Tarot community, and meet one another in a supportive, casual atmosphere that fosters curiosity, exploration, and friendship. Plus, a selection of used and rare decks will be available for purchase, too.

Take Your Practice to a Whole New Level

The conclave will close with a ritual to celebrate and integrate all that has been shared and learned, with the intention of bringing that healing wisdom to the world.

You will go home with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Tarot, and hands-on experience working with a therapeutic approach. 

This is probably the only time this deluxe retreat destination will be combined with the sumptuous experience of the Conclave, so don’t miss out. It’s really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

For more information about how to register, including the several pricing options for accommodations and services, please visit The Art of Living’s Tarot Conclave Page.

Or contact Diane if you have other questions.

Don’t wait. Seating is limited, and October will be here soon!

Hope to see you there!
~ Beth