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Tarot Card of the Week, Aug. 19-25, 2019: Judgement

Doubt yourself and you doubt everything you see. Judge yourself and you see judges everywhere. But if you listen to the sound of your own voice, you can rise above doubt and judgment. And you can see forever.
Nancy Lopez

One of the most pivotal cards of the Tarot comes visiting this week. Could it be that our parade of Majors is resuming? Let us welcome the Judgement card.

I know this can be a puzzling, even disagreeable card for many new practitioners of the Tarot.

For instance, my students sometimes choose it as one of their least favorite cards. They feel that Judgement is a rather negative, “judgmental” card.

And whoa! There are all those dead people coming out of their graves! Zombie apocalypse?

Indeed, the Judgement card (I am using the British spelling, in keeping with the origins of the Waite-Smith deck) can be off-putting to those who don’t look beyond the word itself, or who don’t resonate with the Christian world view.

But this vitally important card is fraught with meaning, as it comes second to last in the Major Arcana sequence. If we think of the Majors as the mythic “Hero’s Journey,” or perhaps the psychological process of self-actualization, we know that Judgement comes just before the grand finale of The World.

Judgement is the summation of the moral of our story. We have learned from the Fool, through the Lovers, Death, the Devil, Moon and Sun, and all the others. It is no coincidence that the Wheel of Fortune, half way to Judgement, shows our destiny still up for grabs. But upon the threshold of the journey’s end, we are now are called by card XX to choose our fate.

Most older decks, including the R-W-S deck, as well as the early Swiss, Italian, and French decks, depict it with the classical judgment day motif of Christian art and theology.

Traditionally in those religious works, the angel of the Lord calls the living and the dead to God’s final judgment, sending the few souls of the righteous to eternity in heaven, while throngs of the damned head for the fiery pits of hell.

Certainly, here we see the angel (most scholars identify him as Gabriel) calling the dead from their graves.

But in the Tarot, even in the oldest decks, the theme of punishment and damnation is pointedly absent.

No one is being judged here.

In fact, this is where the chains of judging, guilt, blame, and shame fall away once and for all.

The figures are rising up in adoration and celebration. Arthur Waite writes, “It is the card which registers the accomplishment of the great work of transformation in answer to the summons of the Supernal.. heard and answered from within.”

So instead of being at the mercy of some great, grim disciplinarian who threatens to permanently cast us out, the message here is the triumph of our awareness, free will, and liberation.

We say what is our heaven, and what is our hell. We are the judges; we decide what we deserve. It’s our choice.

The Current Astrology

Rather than examining the many details currently influencing us (hello, last quarter Moon and Happy Birthday, Virgo – all on Friday the 23rd), one of my favorite astrologers, Ralfee Finn, wrote about last week’s stationing of Jupiter, and how it will continue to impact us in the days to come.

Jupiter Direct fuels the action. It just started moving forward Sunday [last week, the 11th] —yes, it was a very big day for the planets—and although Jupiter takes a while to build forward momentum, we’re still likely to feel the effect of its forward motion this week and next.

Jupiter won’t hit its new stride until the beginning of September, but that won’t diminish its presence or its power. Jupiter can be used to organize all sorts of plans and projects, and from August 18–25, when it trines Mercury, its organizational skills are smokin’. Consider these next two weeks prime time for organizing demonstrations, even if those calls to action are scheduled to take place in September or October.

The most important goal during the coming weeks and months is to keep your energy uplifted—Trump and his Gang of Hungry Ghosts are counting on their opposition to become even more discouraged and we can’t let that happen.

It’s important to marshal the combined armies of consciousness, concern, and compassion so that we can continue to help each other, especially those who can’t take a stand and need our support—like all those traumatized children who need help not just reuniting with their families but also recovering over time from the trauma they were subjected to.

As spiritual warriors we know that thoughts and prayers matter to an extent, but that actions speak far louder than words or wishes.

Our collective fate does not rest in the hands of the government. It rests in our hands and in our ability to create a new reality from inside-out and from the ground up.

There are local elections to win and there are elections to take back the Senate. Get to work, sky-watchers! Any of us could be the 100th monkey, so let’s reach critical mass and turn the tide toward creating the loving and peaceful world we know is possible.

Once again, the weekly Tarot and the astrology of the moment align in harmony. The fierce trumpet of eternity now calls us forth; our hearts are uplifted by divine decree. Critical mass is upon us, and there is no substitute for what you and only you can contribute.

Heed the Call

Rise up!
Rise up!

This beautiful, powerful message from the Tarot is an invitation to your own resurrection. Turns out that your life’s lessons are not for nothing, nor have they occurred in a vacuum.

The treasure of Judgement is the revelation that now is the time to use all we have been learning throughout our many lifetimes, in order to act on behalf of the great awakening.

Everything is connected – you to All That Is, and you to All That Has Been in your own life.

You may be on the verge of an important completion, in your job, your relationships, or even your intimate journey of self-discovery. This is your chance to see how the puzzle of synchronicities, random-seeming meetings, and tumultuous change begin to make sense if you will allow the calling of your soul to awaken you.

Come alive! Come alive! Burst out of the too-small life you have believed yourself to be. Dance forth from the grave where your dreams and tremendous soul-self have perhaps been made dormant by distractions or even despair.

In spite of everything, and simultaneously because of everything, you can now realize that the vision and music of paradise is ringing in your every cell. The dream that won’t die is calling your name.

Answer, and you will find you can see forever.

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  • August 20, 2019, 12:54 pm Nina

    Although I truly enjoy your insightful messages, I am not a fan of anyone expressing their views on what they think the political arena is today. My spiritual views never mix with politics especially when the messages create more separation and anger.
    We should really be spreading the love and peace that is needed far more than anything.
    Be peaceful, spread the love.
    In love and light

  • August 20, 2019, 2:47 pm Sylvan

    To Nina (earlier comment posted) this wonderful blog and work is freely offered and generous! If you don’t like “mixing politics and spirituality” this is probably not the right messenger for avoiding such truthful, loving and integrated practices. FYI Wishing “love and light only” is often viewed as judging and tone policing, a form spiritual bypassing, and not very nice. Sylvan

  • August 20, 2019, 4:39 pm Beth

    Nina – thank you for your candor. I hate that there is any misunderstanding about this. Last week, someone else took issue with me for something similar.

    So I guess it’s time for an explanation:
    Lately, I seem to be pissing off more people because of the political references I include in my Card of the Week. That’s a shame, because I do understand, and I, too, get pretty burned out being reminded of politics.

    But here’s the thing:
    1) I am realizing I am a “mundane” Tarot writer — using the traditional meaning of “mundane” as it’s frequently used in astrology: mundi (from mundus), Latin for “of the world.” Therefore, when I write my COTW, I can’t help but take a world-view of things, and that is bound to include politics.

    2) I was trained and still identify (in part) as a Reclaiming tradition Witch, and our Principles of Unity, which are some of my core values, include this: “Our practice arises from a deep, spiritual commitment to the earth, to healing and to the linking of magic with political action.”

    3) My viewpoint of life is fundamentally a holistic one, that does NOT subscribe to values rooted in “separation and anger.”

    This is why my spirituality can no more be compartmentalized from my political views than I can believe the body is something separate from the mind.

    I hope this doesn’t spark even more arguments, but that’s where I am coming from. Thanks for understanding, or if you just can’t handle it, peace to you, may you be well.

  • August 20, 2019, 6:00 pm nofixedstars

    everything is indeed connected, and i enjoyed your exposition of the judgement card. if we have done our work well, deeply, and honestly, we may rest for a time until called back again, at peace in the knowledge that we have done our best. our choices link us to one another. our work on behalf of each other is stronger as we link consciously. and when we free ourselves, we are freeing others.

    i greatly appreciate your mundane tarot approach. the spirit is not separate from the world. your weekly words always re-inspire me to stay engaged in the greater world, whence the news is so often dispiriting. i am a yoga teacher and a reiki practitioner, white,; financially solvent; educated; and i know that i am a very privileged person. in my reiki practice and in my yoga classes, i do try to keep the space neutral, a politics-and-religion-free zone where all may feel welcome. but in my own writings and on my social media, i often try to use my voice to amplify those who are less privileged, silenced by social injustice, intolerance, or bigotry. i do not argue, nor comment on others’ posts as a rule, and i try to be civil at all times, emphasising the positive as well as pointing out the negative. but to remain silent, in order to preserve an illusion of serenity, is to misuse my own power and to betray the powerless. i view your offerings here in the same light, and thank you.

    “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”