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Tarot Card for the New Moon Week, Aug. 26-Sept. 1, 2019: Justice

It is certain, in any case, that ignorance allied with power is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.
James Baldwin

And so our run of Major Arcanas continues, which, upon reflection, is not too surprising for this week that features a New Moon and the unofficial end of Summer (after the American Labor Day holiday). Hot on the heels of last week’s Judgement card, let us welcome Justice.

This important card represents rightness, fairness, and finding balance in all things.

Justice is one of the three cardinal virtues represented in the Tarot. The others are Temperance and Fortitude/Strength.

Throughout Tarot history, although it may switch numbers with the Strength card (Arthur Waite stirred up ongoing controversy when he changed it from trump card number 8 to 11), this card is invariably titled “Justice.” And it is always depicted as a woman with sword and scales. Sometimes she has a halo; almost always she is seated on a throne.

Usually the sword is in her right hand, occasionally it is in her left.

In some newer decks, especially those that discard the classical interpretations, you’ll see modernized philosophies and naming conventions. But the fundamental concept of this ancient virtue, by and large, remains.

In some traditional Tarot decks, including the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the Goddess Justitia sits on Her throne without a blindfold, in order that She may clearly see all of the evidence and facts before Her.

Other illustrations show this Goddess blindfolded, as do many modern sculptures in our courthouses. This represents that She is “blind” and adjudicates without prejudice.

Rectification and Reparation

When we consider the concept of justice, we often think first of law and order, societal rules, and making criminals pay for their deeds. True, but this is only an echo of a deeper Spiritual Justice. This card is about rectification — making things right.

Every day there are new stories about people who seem to get off scot-free from all sorts of wrongdoing. There are even ongoing squabbles breaking out daily as to whether “fact” is even a real thing. It would appear that the integrity of the law itself and the concept of fairness are under assault.

These days, we take for granted that we are being systematically lied to — by advertising, government, and other big money interests; not to mention the normalization (and even jokes) regarding the steady stream of dishonesty coming from the White House occupant.

We turn a blind eye to corporations who are destroying the ecosystem, bankrupting families, and debasing the financial and governmental institutions that were originally meant to serve us.

We watch in near helplessness as the rich and seemingly untouchable gleefully unravel the laws and protections for our people and our planet, while cashing in on their mischief. The combination of power and ignorance is truly reaching a tipping point.

Because eventually, Life will sort itself out, and “business as usual” will eventually have to deal with the aftermath of its actions.

The Justice card reminds us that Nature always adjusts and the consequences of every action eventually come around. Ignorance is no excuse. Despite how it sometimes looks, each and every one of us is, eventually, accountable.

In our warp-speed, often sloppily tweetable world, depth, prudence, and painstaking diligence may be ridiculed and increasingly rare.

But they are required for fairness and impartiality.

A New Beginning

And speaking of impeccable integrity and painstaking diligence,  get ready, because this week we will be dancing in a big blast of Virgo deliciousness!

We’ll be affected by not one, not two, but SIX heavenly bodies in this famously meticulous, healing constellation. Last week, Venus, Mars, and the Sun entered Virgo, representative of the Divine Feminine. This Thursday, Mercury joins the celebration in this pragmatic and conscientious sign.

And as if that wasn’t enough, on Friday the asteroid Juno (named for the Queen of the Olympian Gods) plus the New Moon, which is also a Super Moon, hooks up with the sign of this intelligent, judicious Goddess.

Astrologer Leona Moon writes:

With six bodies in Virgo right now (including the Sun and Moon, three planets, and one asteroid), even those of us with no planets in the mutable earth sign can use its problem-solving powers to transform conditions in our day-to-day lives…

Lunation ruler Mercury links up with asteroid Juno, putting our mental focus exactly where it belongs: on the people, places, and things that matter most to us. Anything less is a distraction—and at this New Moon, we’re empowered to cut out whatever is interfering with our primary commitments.

Mars helps us draw more clear-cut boundaries around our energy and time. He also provides the willpower for doing our due diligence—after all, if a thing is worth doing, isn’t it worth doing right? Meanwhile, Venus keeps our intentions pure and reminds us to honor our true heart’s desires.

Put them all together, and one thing is clear: This New Moon is a chance to realize some of our wildest dreams. But to make the most of it, we’ll need to get crystal clear about what we wish to manifest in our lives.

Astrologer Chani Nicholas agrees, adding:

The New Moon in Virgo asks us to get to the work most meaningful to us. In order to do so, we’ll have to sort through the rubble of our internal world. Virgo loves to sift, categorize, and place things where they belong. Doing so helps us to understand why we procrastinate doing what we need to do, be it because of fear, self-doubt, or self-sabotage.

This New Moon is conjunct Mars and trines Uranus – a combination that encourages us to boldly reinvent what’s out of date. In true Virgo style, the New Moon wants to help us put first things first so that life’s ever-increasing to-do list is put in perspective.

Organization is its own kind of rebellion under these skies.

This New Moon wants us to place ourselves in the position to work wisely. This is a lunar cycle that can help us set ourselves up to win the rest of 2019, with a no-nonsense kind of clarity and precision. It’s full of astrology that taps us into our drive as well as revealing the ways in which we get distracted, derailed, and dissuaded from our dreams.

It takes courage to claim our lives for ourselves and effort, skill, and determination to make them into something meaningful. This astrology makes that loud and clear.

Although the Justice card is, unsurprisingly, associated with the sign of Libra, its wisdom, unflinching conscientiousness, and measured decisiveness will be the perfect accompaniment to these Virgoan celestial influences.

Honesty and Fairness Required

When the Justice card appears, the obvious expectation is that legal matters may be in the limelight. Money, real estate, law enforcement, inheritance dealings, and civil or criminal jurisprudence could certainly be important now.

Additionally, since Major Arcana cards are usually less about particular events, and more about our own spiritual awakenings, this is a time to be honorable in all our dealings.

We can start with being more fair to ourselves.

Something is working out the way that it must, for there is karmic payback in play. What results might you now be seeing, due to decisions and actions that have been taken in the past?

Every day, it is in our hands alone to choose whether to support and reinforce the dangerous nonsense that currently passes for normal; or else to resist, shine a spotlight on it, scrub it out, and demand its atonement.

Each and every person reading this is the ultimate champion — or else passive saboteur — of what is right, fair, and good.

Bear in mind that the Justice card is not about punishment, but it is about adjustment. Justitia’s sword suggests that sometimes this won’t be pleasant. Lady Justice may pare things down with her sword so that the scales are made to balance.

Are you facing an important choice at this time? What declaration or verdict is waiting for your decision now? Consider carefully the evidence before you. Gather the facts. Hear all sides of the story.

Think it over with as much probity as you can, for it is likely to have long-term effects that will return to you one way or another.

How can you restore balance where it is needed? The brilliant Virgo influences discussed above would suggest this is a perfect time to begin a more organized approach to your health, your relationship with work, and how you conduct your practical affairs. No flaking out or sliding by — accuracy and skill matter a great deal.

Do not act until you are quite sure you have considered all possible repercussions in terms of what is right and wrong, or how it will affect others.

It is time to do what’s necessary, no matter how challenging, in order to gain, or re-gain equilibrium. Align yourself with what is noble and righteous, knowing that sooner or later, what goes around, comes around.

Justice will be done.

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  • August 27, 2019, 3:01 pm Jacqueline

    It is good to see Lady Justice this week

  • August 27, 2019, 7:57 pm Kim Werfel

    I can’t tell you how appropriate this is for me personally today.

  • August 28, 2019, 7:16 pm Beth

    Jacqueline — I agree, and I hope she prevails each and every day!

    Kim, I am so glad to know this, dear one. Sending good vibes to you. ❤️