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Tarot Card of the Week, July 8-14, 2019: Three of Pentacles

What we need is more people who specialize in the impossible.
Theodore Roethke

After a long absence of about seven years, during this passageway between the eclipses, we receive a visit from an old friend. Welcome to the Three of Pentacles.

The Threes of the Tarot are always consequential cards. They are the fruition or outcome of what was begun in the Twos. And Pentacles is the suit that deals with physical and practical matters, such as career, wealth, health, security, and home.

Here we have an artisan pausing as his work is evaluated by both the businessman (holding the blueprint, and wearing the colorful cloak) and the clergyman, who is probably the priest or abbot of the building under construction.

With a new Mercury retrograde having kicked off yesterday, this is a helpful reminder that even in the throes of our creative output, we do need to occasionally come up for air. Consider this a reminder that it is important to suspend work sometimes, and ask for advice and help from those trusted advisors who possess skills different from our own.

Even the most brilliant innovators need at least a second and, even better, third talented opinion to give perspective and feedback before the work is ready to proceed.

The Zero Sum Premise is a Fallacy

If only those involved in the increasingly divisive and bitter global political scene would learn from this card!

For instance, once upon a time in the United States, our founding leaders envisioned a government of checks and balances, with three federal branches in a dynamic tension of support and opposition, as well as a multi-party political system — all very like the arches in this card.

Will that vision still hold for a strong future, or will the partisan warring and attempts to dominate all others continue to escalate? This refusal to work together in good faith has resulted in legislative paralysis, paving the way for executive overreach, and threatening to ultimately bring about the downfall of the whole.

Similarly, many of us have been taught that it is a “natural fact” that survival and success depend on win/lose, competition and domination. The story goes that all species compete and fight against each other and within their own kind, in order to survive and to evolve.

In a world of finite resources, we are told, conquest is natural and necessary. This zero sum fallacy assumes that for one person/tribe/country to win, others must lose. And it is upon this presumption that our business, political, and economic models are built.

But this view is antiquated and false. Such combative, dualistic assumptions about how the world works are no longer helpful, nor are they considered scientifically valid. In fact, they have become a recipe for ominous scapegoating, as well as economic, political, and environmental distress.

(Although isn’t it interesting that even the politicians who deny the theory of evolution still cling to and behave as if “survival of the fittest” is a strategy for their success?)

Diversity and Support

What we now know is that the natural world is a system of tremendous diversity and abundance. Most importantly, science recognizes that, rather than opposition and rivalry, Mother Nature more often rewards those species that collaborate, coexist, and cooperate.

It turns out this is not a world of intrinsic scarcity where we must be pitted against one another. Instead of a world of you OR me, our survival and success depend on a world that is about you AND me. If we join forces with each other, we can co-create structures of beauty and stability that will withstand the rigors of time.

Like the partnership in the Three of Pentacles.

Inspiration and Assistance

This week, what projects are you working on? With Mercury now in retrograde (as well as Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto!), forward progress and momentum may be hard to come by. But this can be viewed as a gift, and not a hindrance.

How might you use this time to pause and reevaluate? If this is an opportunity for receiving help, whose views might you seek? In what ways can teamwork enrich you? Whose talents could compliment and augment yours? What gifts might you give, for the greater good of others?

The Three of Pentacles shows us the importance of mutual aid towards a common goal. Works that stand the test of time always take many hands, and hearts that are both generous and receptive.

When we don’t hold back or try to gain the advantage over one another, we create synergy and a more sustainable, enduring result than we could individually create or even imagine.

This is clearly a time of profound change, fraught with perils, possibilities, and unfolding potential. To thrive, we must be willing to benefit not only ourselves, but each other.

As you work and share with partners and friends who are as committed to integrity and excellence as you are, may your impossible dreams be birthed and blessed.

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  • July 8, 2019, 5:39 pm Carolyn Cushing

    Ah and this is my Solstice Seed card of the year so good to see it popping up! I always appreciate your perspective, Beth. I love the reminder that we have *three* branches of government and we need them to work together. That also had me thinking how the number 3 connects us to the Empress, the Great Mother, Mother Nature so in picking three branches of government those founding fathers tied this country into the energy to the Divine Feminine (inadvertently) and now that energy that has been hiding out all this time is getting activated. May it be unleashed to help heal all the hurt!

  • July 9, 2019, 8:10 am nofixedstars

    “If we join forces with each other, we can co-create structures of beauty and stability that will withstand the rigors of time.”

    YES! cooperation, not competition…that is the way forward. but that enduring myth of scarcity is so widespread and hard to eradicate. we need to reclaim old stories that emphasise abundance and cooperation, and write new ones when necessary. and i love the word you used, ‘synergy’—there is so much hope in that word.

  • July 9, 2019, 9:26 am Beth

    Carolyn – thank you for stopping by.. I always love when we are in synchronicity, as you are a powerful Tarot priestess that I so love.

    And thank you, nofixedstars — your perspective and presence is such an inspiration for me. Bless you, my dear.