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Tarot Card of the Lunar Eclipse Week, July 15-21, 2019: The High Priestess

Who were the witches?
Where did they come from?
Maybe your great, great grandmother was one.
Witches were wise, wise women they say,
And there’s a little witch in every woman today!
Bonnie Lockhart, Who Were the Witches?

Back again for this moonlit, magical week, let us welcome the return of The High Priestess.

With a Lunar eclipse of the Full Capricorn Moon, which will be the closing of the “eclipse window” of July, 2019, her appearance is a profoundly deep signal to us all.

You can go back and review the previous direct messages she has given me to share with you recently, both in 2016, and again this year. I am certain they are even more relevant at this crossroads moment of history and transformation.

But for this visit, I am prompted to keep to a more traditional approach.

Symbols of the Mystic

The High Priestess’ throne is the cubic stone, the Philosopher’s Stone of alchemy, from which all things may be transformed.

Gazing straight at us from between the columns of Boaz and Jakin, pillars of the Temple of Solomon, her temple is also that of the great Goddess Isis, as well as the Shekhinah, the Hebrew God’s glory made manifest in the world and, according to the mystical Kabbalists, the feminine face of the Divine.

The pillars are black and white, representatives of the duality of dark and light, active and passive, order and chaos. She sits in the neutral space between Mercy and Severity.

And like the ancient Yin-Yang symbol, the white lettering on the black column, and the black lettering on the white show that duality is only a perception. Each side holds the seed of its opposite.

The High Priestess bridges and balances the space between, holding the scrolled Torah, the book of Law. In her, the opposites are reconciled.

The veil behind her is decorated with pomegranates and dates, representing lush fertility. These were also carved onto Solomon’s Temple. The placement of the pomegranates hints at the upper sephiroth of the Tree of Life, the lower half remaining mostly hidden behind her.

She is obviously associated with the Moon, not only from the crescent that is held in the watery hem of her gown, but from the lunar crown of the Goddess Isis that she wears.

Yet she is also a priestess of the Sun, as it is a solar cross that covers her heart.

The Promptings from Within

The High Priestess bids us to heed the hidden, the inexplicable, the pre-logical Knowing. She is the gateway to our direct, unchaperoned communion with the Divine.

With her help, we access the indomitable voice from within, the deep soul guidance that we can only name Mystery. She shows us our inner beauty and teaches the skills we need, to access the wisdom within our hearts.

She is pre- or non-verbal in her knowledge; her path is curved, never linear, and she teaches how to reflect and find our sacred patterns and rhythms.

Hers is the face of the Feminine Divine that is both the independent Maiden, and the ancient Wise One. She is not always comfortable company, but her gifts are extraordinary and taking this time for your own inner explorations can be profoundly valuable.

Unlike The Empress, the mothering nurturer that makes everyone feel like cherished family, the High Priestess challenges.  She holds the authority of silence, containment, and being sovereign unto herself. Hers is the power of those things so intimate, so ancient within us, that we cannot, indeed should not, attempt to express them in words.

Her alignment with the Moon, and her emotional, psychic, solitary ways of worshiping the Divine have long been labeled heresy in the dominant patriarchal religions.

She is the aspect of undomesticated feminine power (belonging to both men and women) that has been feared, punished, shunned, and demonized for thousands of years, by misogynist cultures and institutions. She is not the Mother Goddess, but the self-possessed Maiden/Crone Goddess of magic, potential, secrets, and inner understanding.

This Week’s Eclipse

Her timing for this visit is impeccable.  This is a once-a-year Full Moon in Capricorn (in the tropical astrology system), which means that the Sun is in the Moon’s ruling sign of Cancer. Rolling in waves of emotion, heightened psychic connections, and vivid dreams, this Moon Priestess offers counsel and an initiation.

My friend Judy Joyce, who, alas, has recently announced her pending semi-retirement, has this to say about Tuesday’s lunar eclipse:

The Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon occurs on Jul 16 in Capricorn, 24°, 3:39 pm MDT/5:39 EDT, and its energies will dominate this three day period.

Confrontations could erupt in the world along with an intensification of a struggles for power and control. We will probably have to face some unpleasant facts. What we’ll be seeing out in the world is part of a much longer process that will be at its strongest in 2020.

There is still a long road ahead. We will go through many changes and what we see in the world now can be misleading.

In our personal lives an ongoing situation could reach a culmination. The issues that come up now could relate to duty, obligation and responsibility versus love, enjoyment and happiness in our lives. Finding a way to honor all of these aspects is the challenge.

We could gain a new awareness now that brings about a breakthrough. We may realize that a major transformation regarding how we are using our talents, energies and abilities is needed. This, in turn, could lead to a shift in direction over the next six months.

Trust the High Priestess to guide you, for hers is the gift of sensing the tidal pulls and deep currents that flow beneath all surface matters. It may not be an easy time, but her skill and wisdom will never desert us.

The Returning

Last year, one of my Priestess sisters shared a powerful encounter that she had when she visited a sacred temple at the edge of the Mediterranean.

The tour guide was discussing the women that tended that holy place for thousands of years, and someone in the group commented that it was too bad the world did not have women in such roles anymore.

My beautiful friend turned to her and said, “Oh, but there are! There are priestesses returning again in our modern world, and we tend the sacred as we once did long ago.”

The woman’s eyes shone with tears, and thanked her for telling her this.

We are here, my sisters and brothers. We are awakened and active, and our rivers of mystery and magic are becoming pools of healing, power, and awareness not seen for millennia.

I love the song that I have quoted at the beginning of this offering for you today, my dear friends. But not only because I’m sure there is certainly a little Witchiness alive within us, but that once again, the Tarot is urging us to own the fact that there is a little Priestess in us all today.

It is time for us to embrace this knowing with pride. Our hurting world needs us to be powerful in our dedication, and to share this gift that runs through all genders who are attuned to the sublime, shining secrets of the Divine Feminine within.

Blessed be.

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  • July 15, 2019, 8:20 am Jacqueline

    I too have sensed a sort of Sangha arising in the woo community and have noticed Tarot readers not only referencing each other online but actively exploring questions together. I get a sense of a growing web of connections and a moving away from isolation. Each person may be self contained but we are beginning to flow together side by side now that the internet gives us access to one another. A larger conversation is forming.

  • July 15, 2019, 11:10 am nofixedstars

    beautiful post on one of my favourite cards. we do so need the wisdom and compassion and inspiration of the priestess these days, and especially need the model of this great lady who sits in her mystical stillness at the confluence of all that is, uniting opposites, bringing together light and darkness, moon and sun, male and female, old and young, ancient and new, all the polarities swirling together in her to become part of something greater, a deep and ongoing transformation…

  • July 15, 2019, 7:40 pm Donna

    We certainly need women to take a leadership role if we are to survive this current political leadership
    I use the term leadership loosely in their case

  • July 30, 2019, 3:38 am BestAndy

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