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Tarot Card of Beltane Week, April 29-May 5, 2019: King of Pentacles

Paying attention is a form of reciprocity with the living world, receiving the gifts with open eyes and open heart.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants

Following the very challenging string of cards for the past month, this week of Earthy magic and delight that ushers in the season of Beltane, perhaps we have turned a corner. Welcome this week to the King of Pentacles!

In this lovely time of Earth’s great flowering (in the Northern Hemisphere), he, himself is crowned in flowers.

He sits in a walled garden overflowing with blossoms and vines. His ornately carved throne features bulls’ heads – a nod to his connection to Taurus, which is the sign where the Sun currently is. We see a glimpse of his armor, suggesting his military prowess, as his left foot rests on another carving of a bull’s head.

But he is primarily garbed in a robe that features clusters of ripe grapes, symbol of the sweetness and intoxication of Life. The vines on his gown are entangled with the actual vines in the landscape, grounding him in their lush, earthy energies.

As he gazes thoughtfully at his Pentacle, he seems calm and relaxed, at least compared to the other Kings who range from the somewhat melancholy King of Cups to the rather stern Kings of Wands and Swords.

Who Stands As the Earth King?

The King of Pentacles, being a court card, is often an actual person. He (or she) has great mastery regarding matters to do with money, work, health, home, and other concerns about our material, physical sustenance.

This is someone who may have profound abundance at their fingertips. They may be an important business person, or a leader in finances.

Often, King of Pentacles people are drawn to real-world interests like collecting treasures, farming and gardening, animal care, cooking, real estate, architecture, or environmental issues.

Wealth comes easily and naturally to them, although they may or may not necessarily accumulate lots of it. Instead, they recognize it is an energetic flow that grows when it’s kept moving.

Rarely big risk-takers, they are judicious with how they share what they have, and they build abundance sustainably, with a slow and steady hand, and a true sense of stewardship.

This King is not the most intellectual of the four, nor does he go in for big drama (more likely he hates it!). Nor is he the touchy-feely type who likes to discuss his emotions.

The EmpressHe is salt-of-the-earth, practical, methodical, and is the steadfast worker who gets things done. He makes a devoted father, a sensuous lover, and prefers to savor the very best of what life offers. It is no accident that his scepter is the same as that of The Empress.

Who in your life is playing an important part regarding the use and distribution of your resources? Whose wise advice do you seek, when it comes to spending, or investing?

When was the last time you sat down and took an honest look at your budget, and made plans for the long term? How do you protect and enhance all that you value, including your health, your home, your job, and your money?

Changes Ahead

Today (Monday) Saturn turns retrograde until Sept. 18. That alone is enough to advise you that huge changes lie ahead.

But as this storm-tossed Spring continues, the always wonderful Lorna Bevan also advises:

…there are hugely productive flow energies in an intuitive and creative window. The May Taurean Light Wave — electrified by awakener Uranus and culminating at the High Spiritual Festival of Wesak — will accelerate the physical Embodiment of 5D consciousness, radically different from the head stuff of the past.

As Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have just turned retrograde, intensifying their collective powers of transformation, anticipate a strong activation of Gaia’s core and the unlocking of the next level of the crystalline grid and ancient Earth structures.

To leverage the fertile, creative, soul-steeped astrology of May 2019 –powerful, illuminating, and transformative — on your own behalf, turn away from watching the old world go up in flames, towards resurrecting the Future You…

…You’re now only 7 months out from 2020 — the most life changing year any of us will have ever experienced — so May is your moment to grab the get-out-of-jail-free, cosmic free pass and start regenerating you entire operating system, ahead of the perfect storm of:

  • the once in 500 years Pluto/Eris Squares
  • the once in 502 years Saturn/Pluto Conjunction
  • the once in 12 years Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction
  • the once in 20 years Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction

The pre-2020 separation of timelines is happening NOW.

The King of Pentacles suggests that with all this potential ahead for enormous, revolutionary change, especially in the structures that control wealth, government, and the environment, it is time for each of us to step up and take the initiative. We are in charge of our own little kingdoms, and when we collaborate with the wisdom of the Earth Herself, we can thrive.

We are long overdue to redefine what wealth really is, what value we put to the things that are life-sustaining, and to build new, healthy, holistic ways of creating and sharing our treasures.

Like the King of Pentacles, let us recognize and behave in the understanding that abundance is not what we keep, but how much we can share in reciprocity and sweet goodness.

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  • April 29, 2019, 11:53 am nofixedstars

    “…let us recognize and behave in the understanding that abundance is not what we keep, but how much we can share in reciprocity and sweet goodness.”

    that is such a wonderful statement. a life-changing, world-changing view.

    wishing you and yours a beautiful beltane.

  • April 30, 2019, 3:06 pm Jacqueline

    Finally a card of joyful encouragement! Going to look for those seeds of the future!