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Tarot Card of the Week, March 11-17, 2019: Page of Wands

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.
Tom Robbins, Still Life with Woodpecker

This week, in a relatively quiet astrological period, we welcome one of the Tarot’s youthful harbingers of good news and joyfulness. Merry meet to the Page of Wands.

The court cards of the Tarot (of which the Page is one) are neither as dramatic and spiritual as the Major Arcana’s big life lessons, nor as pragmatic as the actions, moods, and energies represented in the Pips (Ace through Ten cards). Instead, these face cards are the “people cards,” of which there are four in each of the four suits.

They may be literal people in your life, or the court cards can represent aspects of yourself. Then again, they may indicate a certain kind of energy that is occurring.

All of the Pages are messengers, portraying the innocent side of the suit, pointing to hopefulness, and fresh beginnings. Often they represent a child, or a person with unfettered enthusiasm.

As you can see, the cap of the Page of Wands sports an upright feather (a nod to the Element of Air), yet it looks for all the world like a flame. Indeed, the Element of Fire rules the Wands suit and is involved in matters of power, change, the life force, action, passion, and will.

And this Page, perhaps more than the other three in the R-W-S deck, can slip into any gender you prefer. For simplicity, I will use the masculine pronoun, but please use whatever term you identify with, because this Page is outgoing, merry, and wants only for you, exactly as you are, to join the fun!

Awakening Time

Young herald of emergence and awakening, this Page kindles our own Fire. It is time to be up and doing!

How lovely his timing is, as Winter’s departure becomes assured. Even in the coldest climes of the Northern Hemisphere, the daylight hours lengthen and signs of Spring make themselves known. The Equinox draws near, arriving next week.

Whether he is an actual child, or simply the guileless innocence that comes when we truly celebrate life, the sunny Page of Wands brings the dancing spark of potential, creativity, desire, and daring.

This Page defies the dreary ongoing evil of the CRWH (who James Comey and others have noted never genuinely laughs), the slow-motion implosion of Brexit, and the scandals, wars, and heartbreaking crises unfolding around our world. He urges us to dance away from cynicism, frustration, and despair.

He is not advising escapism, as he is a committed enthusiast. But he knows that exhaustion and burnout only serve those who wish to wear us down and out.

The Page of Wands embodies the fact that some of the best, truest magick is in our laughter and a buoyant outlook. No matter how dark the night, sunrise always comes again. We need only carry it in our hearts, and so kindle the light in one another when needed.

For, indeed, this Page is the friend who, as the saying goes, knows the song in our hearts and can sing it back to us when we have forgotten it.


Take a Break

This week, lighten up! Get up – get moving! Take action! It’s time for what brings you pure delight, more heart-felt joy, more good energy.

Whatever situation we’re in, as serious as things may be, the Page urges us to turn off the pressure cooker of heavy responsibilities and worry.

What if you could simply close the door on those stifling, annoying people and situations that threaten to entangle you? What if, just this one week, you played hooky at least a little while?

Unplug yourself from the relentless news coverage, which is increasingly dark, self-serving, and focused on the dramatically negative. Maybe even take a break from social media, as studies increasingly warn that it may be leaving us feeling more isolated, alienated, and parched for authentic human contact.

Find your people — you know, those most special kindred souls who share your lovely, funny, genuine, possibly slightly eccentric perspective of life.

Spark Joy

As you may recall, I have been a fan of the Marie Kondo philosophy for some time. The Page of Wands is not very likely to be tidying up closets or kitchen cabinets, but he would most definitely advise us to celebrate what sparks joy–and gracefully let go of what doesn’t.

What sparks joy in your life? Embrace it, feed its flames. Make your happy places and things a priority this week.

Get silly. This is your permission slip to duck out and enjoy being alive. Play with your kids. Heck – be a kid again. Tom Robbins (quoted above) was right and now’s your chance!

Get creative, with no judgments or practical purpose allowed! It’s time to draw, paint, sing, throw some clay around. Or simply buy yourself a big box of crayons and a pad of paper and go to town! Dress up in a funny hat. Paint your toenails with smiley faces.

Nurture your bold, miraculous child self. If you’ve wanted kids, this is a splendid time to try – either human children, or maybe those creative dreams you’ve longed for.

What feeds the flames of your magick? What is your deepest, most itchy, yummy desire? If you could wave your magic wand, what would it manifest?

What joyful news have you waited for so long to hear? The Page of Wands is here to tell you that now is the time, this is it.

Don’t let your inner cynic or critic snuff out the light of cheer in your soul with overwhelm, fears, or doubts. There is something (or someone) whose passionate, siren call is singing your tune.

Answer! Answer with all your heart.

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  • March 11, 2019, 11:33 pm Jacqueline

    Yay! What a wonderful card to see this week, and I am picking up my fair-haired daughter for a visit so hurrah!

  • March 13, 2019, 10:11 am Beth

    Jacqueline! That is so perfect! Have a lovely time, and make a little magic together! 🙂

  • March 15, 2019, 3:10 am An

    This was lovely to read! What a good message, in these stressful times, to reach out and find your joy. As we soon enter the realm of Aries, we must kindle our inner fire and take action, moving forward from the introspective and emotional nature of Pisces.
    Thank you for sharing!

  • March 15, 2019, 3:17 pm Beth

    So true, An. Thanks for this insight.