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Tarot Card of the Week, Nov. 12-18, 2018: Queen of Cups

Beth Owl's Daughter Tarot: Queen of Cups

Trust your intuition and be guided by love.
Charles Eisenstein

This week, as the dust settles from the American elections, and we encounter some significant astrological shifts, let us welcome a somewhat infrequent visitor, the Queen of Cups.

The Queen of Cups has been compared to the mystical, beautiful High Priestess, and it is not a far stretch to consider her the real-life equivalent. As a Court card, of course, she is usually an actual person in your life, or some aspect of you, yourself.

She need not be female, but does embody traits that have stereotypically been attributed to the feminine psyche, for she (or he) is gentle, sensitive, intuitive, and dreamy.

However, although she is kind and empathetic, she is no wimp. She conducts herself with mature wisdom, and as a Queen, she is a peaceful but powerful leader, creator, or innovator.

She sits upon a throne carved with mermaids, the magical beings of the seas. Her throne, firmly on land, indicates that she is connected to the work and protection of her lands in practical ways. The echoing shape of the cliff behind her also hints at her solidity and groundedness.

But the waters flowing over her right foot at the water’s edge, and blending with her gown, make clear her unity with the seas of the unconscious, dreams, imagination, second sight, and emotion. And of course, the sea is the Mother’s womb of all life on our Planet.

The Queen’s gaze is very intent, as if she is studying the markings on the cup. Arthur Waite tells us that it is of her own creation. Certainly it is the manifestation of great imagination, for it is by far the most ornate and unique cup in the Waite-Smith Tarot.

The Shekhinah

The Queen’s cup is closed, presided over by two angels on each handle, which some scholars compare to the seraphim on the Ark of the Covenant. In Judeo-Christian traditions, the Ark is believed to have held the Shekhinah, the Feminine aspect of God.

According to the Talmud, the Shekhinah is what gave God’s chosen ones the power of prophecy and how King David was blessed with the ability to create his beautiful Psalms. The Shekhinah manifests as a form of joy, connected with prophecy and creativity. Is such a gift contained in the Queen’s cup?

It also reminds me of the ornate baptismal fonts in Anglican and Catholic churches, or the ciborium, which is the box (often silver or gold) that communion wafers are kept in.

Thus we have a message this week about forgiveness, devotion, renewal, and divine Grace. This is a matter that goes straight to the heart – one that you are not likely to understand intellectually. Happily, you don’t have to; you have only to receive it.

Venus Direct and Mercury Retrograde

Meantime, on Friday, two important planets will seem — from our perspective on Earth and NOT in actual fact! – to change directions in their orbits.

Venus, planet of love, luxury, wealth, and beauty has been retrograde since Oct. 5. Now that it is turning direct on Nov. 16, Annie Heese writes:

With the direct turn of Venus, we begin to see some forward movement in projects or relationships that seem to have stalled. This doesn’t happen all at once; it’s more of a slow roll.

On Friday and Saturday, just as Venus stations direct, it forms a contra-parallel with Uranus and can have us questioning our commitments if they seem stifling.

The Queen of Cups, herself an enchantress of love, can be a significant help in steering your affections away from scarcity and towards your most authentic happiness.

In addition, you may be well aware that the planet Mercury turns retrograde on Friday. Prepare for detours and delays; double-check travel plans, and beware of misunderstandings.

Back up your important data files now, since Mercury also rules business and technology. Most of you reading are probably already well aware of how its retrograde is infamous for lost or broken hardware and software, computer wipeouts, and other disastrous events.

But the benefit of a Mercury retrograde is that we are offered a breather — a time-out from busy-ness in which to spend contemplative time. Now, in the deepening darkness of the year, and the fallow period between Samhain and Yule, we have the additional blessing of the Queen of Cups to pause.

Like her, we can slow down and gaze deeply into the mysterious offerings of life. She would urge us to take a moment to recall where we’ve been, and dream with our souls’ wisdom what may be next. She embodies the gifts of the sea – teaching us to flow in our own natural ways, without being compelled to decide or act until we feel the time is right.

This week’s unusual switch for two important planets in the same day could easily have us rattled, especially if we are tightly wound or tensely preoccupied (and nowadays, it is so challenging not to be!).

But the Queen of Cups is the soothing, motherly understanding that murmurs gentle songs of relaxation, and hums sweet lullabies to calm us, even as the turning tides keep life in a state of flux.

Caring for Your Tender Heart

Like all Tarot cards, there is both light and shadow within this image. The Queen of Cups’ challenging aspect is that she can unconsciously soak up and act out the emotions and moods of those around her.

This is certainly happening to many of us, on many levels. In this changing of the age, we are transitioning from what Charles Eisenstein calls the ”Story of Separation“ to the “Story of Interbeing.” The Queen of Cups is a most skilled guide for recognizing the fluidity of Oneness that we actually are.

But this fundamental transition of consciousness is deeply challenging, and so she may also prompt you to set protective boundaries between your own sensitive nature and the intensely flowing feelings of those in your proximity.

The Queen can also be emotionally needy, yet fickle in her dealings, first going one way, then the other, taking the path of least resistance. Keep your perspective, and be patient, especially if this is someone else in your life.

Where would it be wise for you to cultivate stillness and more depth?

Have you learned good energetic hygiene techniques to clear and cleanse away the emotional and psychic gunk that can tend to accumulate?

To what extent do you allow joy to be your guide in the realms of intuition and psychic awareness?

Though there may be challenges, the Queen of Cups nevertheless can be kindness and compassion personified. Who in your life offers generosity of intuition, love, healing, and forgiveness?

She (or he) may be inviting you to study with seriousness your own psychic endowments. Are you being asked to listen to non-ordinary guidance and the longings of your heart? What relationship is before you, but perhaps hidden under the lid, for now?

This week, pay close attention to your dreams and desires. Let your love intermingle with your intuition, for combined, they will reward your trust.

May your blessings flow.

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  • November 12, 2018, 3:21 pm Nígeala

    Thank you, Beth. I hope your recovery from surgery and hurricane is going well.
    Wishing everyone peace and bright blessings.

  • November 12, 2018, 5:06 pm Beth

    Thank you, beautiful Nígeala. Yes, I am slowly getting back on my feet after the surgery, though it has not been easy. Getting better every day, though, and looking forward to a strong recovery.

    We were very fortunate that the hurricanes did very little here at our cottage in the woods, but were broken-hearted for the terrible suffering of our neighbors to the East and South.

    Our beloved trees here stood strong, and the flooding missed us. We are utterly grateful to all the spirits and devas and Guardians.

  • November 12, 2018, 8:44 pm donna

    WOW what a powerful card. It will take lots of reflection to understand.