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Tarot Card of the New Moon Week, Nov. 5-11, 2018: Page of Swords

Notice that your mind wants to defend your position, to justify, to show proof of why it is right.
Byron Katie

Drum roll, please, for the all-important card for this week of astronomical Samhain, Diwali, the Scorpio New Moon, and of course, the hugely important American elections.

And the winner is – The Page of Swords.

As you probably know, the Court cards of the Tarot can sometimes be an actual person, of any gender, or else they can represent a kind of situational energy.

Swords are the suit of the Element of Air, and therefore focused on knowledge, thought, attitude, perception, and communication. And Pages often act as messengers, indicating a week impacted by very important information and a need for razor sharp clarity.

So I would have to start by saying that this week, we need to stay on our toes and pay very close attention to the information, news, and messages we get.

Arthur Waite summarized this card with the word, “vigilance.”

What enemies are nearby? Is there real danger on the horizon? (Or wending its way through Mexico?)

Unlike the darker, more stormy scenes in many of the other Swords cards, the sky behind the Page is blue, although the clouds are gathering. The landscape is rough, the water is choppy, and his windswept hair and the circling birds all point to turbulence.

The Page of Swords is the eldest of the four Pages, standing on the brink of young adulthood. It will not be long before his initiation into knighthood. What test is he preparing for?

This Page may represent someone engaged in the exciting nature of intellectual discovery and inspiration, before experience and wisdom can temper them. With sword drawn, he gives us a sense of waiting for the “other shoe to drop.”

Certainly, as I write this, the day before the election, everything feels like the holding of an in-drawn breath. Even after the polls close and the winners announced, the feeling of impending, big change will continue.

Caution is urged. Due diligence is necessary.

The Pinocchio Test

In the run-up to the American mid-terms election, as well as in the struggle among our UK friends who are thrashing it out over Brexit, the legitimacy of information itself has been under siege as never before.

The Washington Post newspaper has shouldered the unenviable task of keeping track of all the misinformation, distortions, and outright lies being slung around by the current incumbent in the White House (about 30 per day in recent weeks), as well as the candidates for Congress (in both parties).

These fact-checks are then assessed as to how blatant the falsehoods are, rating them with “Pinocchio” awards (based on the story of the famous puppet).

Furthermore, when we examine some of the more outrageous and unfounded statements, the ugly underbelly of desperation, fear, and crass manipulation is revealed.

As I have pointed out in my Freedom Fridays essays, clear-eyed scrutiny of what is being told to us, by whom, and why, is arguably more elusive today than it was in the propaganda-soaked days of the Third Reich. It is no exaggeration to say the future of a functioning democracy hinges on verifiable truth, which is currently imperiled.

Thus, the Page of Swords’ message of vigilance would certainly apply here.

With his sword drawn and held in both hands, he is not poised for sport. He means business and is ready to hack away at anything that opposes him. Furthermore, as he looks over his shoulder, he may be expecting treachery.

Stay Cool

Whether on the national level, or in our personal lives, this week we are being urged to carefully investigate the information that may affect our decisions. Author and wise woman Byron Katie (quoted above) challenges us to repeatedly ask ourselves: is this really true?

We all want to be the smartest kid on the block, and on the cutting edge of technology, information, and insights (all matters that are in the domain of the Swords). But under the influence of this New Moon, drenched with the magic of Samhain, allow natural endings and welcome slow, intentional rebirth. Use your sharpest powers of discernment, both mundane and spiritual.

Also in sync with this week’s New Moon, Uranus, planet of revolution and change, retrogrades back into Aries (combative, aggressive intensity), so be prepared for seismic shifts in the current reality.

Look for sensational news stories this week which may not stand up under close scrutiny. Be sure to fact check rumors and gossip. Keep your mind open and a healthy sense of curiosity. Ask questions, apply as much gentle diplomacy and courtesy as possible, and avoid jumping to conclusions.

Although you may have to face some kind of opposition, proceed with care. The Pages are impetuous and inexperienced and don’t handle timing or finesse as well as the more mature King or Queen.

Beware of this Page’s juvenile tendencies to show off, like blasting off a rant on social media, or otherwise acting out.

Pick Your Battles

The Page of Swords might be smart, but maybe not as smart as he or she thinks. Brave, yes, but often foolhardy, too.

He is also spoiling to show off his prowess and dominance in a fight. But a more experienced Sword carrier easily sees through the feints and boasts of the adversary and picks only the battles that matter.

If this is you, think before you speak (or hit “Enter”). Make sure you’ve got your facts straight, and dial down your emotions.

If the Page represents some other person you are dealing with, avoid being drawn into their arguments, for often they are traps constructed from an immature ego and a need for drama. Be intelligent about whether you can realistically disarm or persuade the person who disagrees.

Confrontations and arguments are rarely much fun. Like the Page of Swords, watch your back, stay on the high ground, and keep up your guard if you truly must.

But notice when your defensive hackles go up and understand the difference between real challenges and provocation. Keep asking yourself — what am I seeing? What am I saying? Is it true?

May our watchfulness, our magic, and our courage all serve only the highest good.

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  • November 5, 2018, 5:24 pm Nígeala

    Thank you for this very timely reminder, Beth. “The best safeguard against tyranny is an alert and informed citizenry.”
    May all sentient beings be free from pain and fear. And may human beings think about benefiting each other.

  • November 5, 2018, 6:35 pm Beth

    Thank you for that quote, Nígeala. It is so true and a big part of the problems we are now facing, I believe.

    And this reminds me that the Page of Swords is an eternal scholar, too; so being well-informed is a passion of his. Such an important point (pun intended!). 🙂

  • November 6, 2018, 5:20 pm Jacqueline

    For some reason when I saw this card it felt like youth stepping up to the plate. I hear that more than twice as many young people have registered to vote in this midterm than the last. Our youth seem energized and aware of the dangers lurking that need to be addressed. This card makes me feel rather hopeful.