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Tarot Card of the New Moon Week, Oct. 8-14, 2018: Two of Cups

Love’s gift cannot be given, it waits to be accepted.
Rabindranath Tagore

This week that commences with the New Moon, we receive a visit from the Two of Cups. It has been a very long time since its last appearance, over seven years.

This is a gentle card that shows the moment when two people connect. As a Cups suit card, this meeting is emotional. And the Two follows the “I Am” of the Ace, portraying the feelings that arise from “We Are.”

It is interesting to note that this is one of Pamela Colman Smith’s “stage” cards, in which the ground these figures stand upon shows two parallel horizontal lines, making it look more like a scene on a stage rather than a natural outdoor setting. What drama does it depict? Probably the oldest one of all – boy meets girl.

Here we are shown the duality of man/woman, active/passive, yin/yang, self/other. The woman stands quietly as the young man steps forward, reaching out to take her cup or even to touch her. What might such a caress ignite?

The Heart’s Longing

As you might expect, the number one issue when people seek a Tarot reading is love: When will it come? Who will it be? How can I change what I’ve got? Why can’t I have any? Where is my soul mate? Why don’t they love me? Why don’t I love them?

These are big questions, important questions. In my experience, people often feel sheepish for asking, but they needn’t.

For these are matters that dwell at the very heart of our human existence. After almost five decades of reading the Tarot for people, I can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt — Love makes the world go round.

The Two of Cups illustrates the vulnerability and openness of true heart-to-heart connections. In many ways, this card echoes the Lovers card of the Major Arcana.

Like the angel that oversees the man and woman in The Lovers, a winged being presides over the couple.

However, this red lion represents courage, our wild instincts, and the physicality of desire. As he gazes down upon this couple, he offers his blessing.

Kindred, Loving Spirits

But the lion’s wings indicate spirituality as well, revealing there is a trusting balance of both the sensuous and the idealistic.

So while it is true that sexual attraction is often what first brings people together, here we see a sweetness and regard that is more refined than simple physical interest.

Further emphasizing this, below the lion is the caduceus of Hermes, symbol of wisdom and healing. This union is a divine gift to each.

It can be a partnership of almost any kind as long as the alliances are based on mutual respect and understanding.

It may also depict how there are often wonderful friendships in our lives that have an undercurrent of attraction, but they remain chaste, for any number of reasons. In whatever friendship, love, or alliance this may illustrate, there is great depth and joy.

Isolation and Reunion

The past two weeks’ drama on the political stage in America has illustrated in terrible detail that relationships between men and women can be deeply hurtful, and the resulting isolation from one another can wound us for a lifetime.

But the Two of Cups offers a healing gift, helping us consider a more egalitarian way for us to relate to one another, and a different perspective on our intrinsic “aloneness.”

For in addition to the beautiful insight quoted above by Nobel Laureate Rabindranth Tarore, I love this observation from Joanna Macy:

I used to think that I ended with my skin, that everything within the skin was me and everything outside the skin was not. But now you’ve read these words, and the concepts they represent are reaching your cortex, so ‘the process’ that is me now extends as far as you.

I believe that the old paradigm of separation and alienation is dying, crumbling under its own untruth and pain. We are, in fact, inescapably, completely interconnected to one another, and the cosmos around us — a cosmos that may be most accurately named Love.

Our Gifts

This week begins with the New Moon in the sign of Libra (in tropical astrology). Under this sign of balance, diplomacy, and, ruled by Venus, romance, what might you wish for? What magical seeds of love do you hold in your loving cup?

This card is a blessing to your relationships with all genders – new, old, and yet to be — but especially partnerships of the heart.

If there has been strife, now is the time for a peace offering; harmony in all your partnerships needs to be a priority.

If you are married, how can you strengthen your commitment, friendship, and intimacy?  What loving gifts of joy do you long to exchange this week?

For those who seek love, this Two is a reminder that need is not love. Like the couple depicted, in order to nurture a strong, equal, committed love relationship, you must meet on equal footing.

Do you feel that your own life is already joyful, empowered, and beautiful? Only then are you ready to offer a worthy gift for your hoped-for beloved.

Only when our own cup is full, can we share our very best with another, and receive in kind.

What is in the Cup that you seek? What is in the Cup that you offer?

May it be blessed, and so may all to whom you offer yourself.

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  • October 9, 2018, 9:03 am Sharyn

    a wonderful voice for this card, thank you for sharing.
    Came to your blog via a search for Samhain images.

  • October 9, 2018, 4:04 pm donna

    Lovely lessons to learn.