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Tarot Card of the Week, Aug. 20-26, 2018: A Little Page of Pentacles Magick

Beth Owl's Card of the Week, Aug. 20-26, 2018

True abundance does exist; it flows from sufficiency, in an experience of the beauty and wholeness of what is.
Lynne Twist

As at least ten of you know, yesterday I taught a new workshop about the sacredness of money, including its conflicted history, plus a little prosperity magick thrown in, too.

So what an interesting surprise to see the Page of Pentacles showing up today for the third time since May! And that doesn’t even include the King and the Knight, who also came visiting in May and July .

Since his last visits were so recent, I will spare you the repetition. You can go back and read my more traditional views of the Page of Pentacles here and here.

Instead, I want to explore some of the themes that came up in our workshop. It was the first time I had taught it, so there were some spots that will need a little polishing for next time. But it was the fruit of my many years of research and fascination with the magickal implications of wealth, prosperity, and cold, hard, cash.

You may recall that I spent most of the Summer and Fall of 2007, and then another chunk of time in 2009 (responding to the economic crash) analyzing money and its power in our world.

So my first thought, seeing this card show up again, was my hope that each of the participants in our class has begun holding their assets similarly — with the Page’s light touch, full of new wonder and appreciation.

They were a brave bunch — not only for being the inaugural class for what I consider to be a vitally important (but often taboo) spiritual topic, but also for sharing their private stories with candor and grace.

Because if you and I are scrupulously honest, our relationship with money is fraught with shame, conflict, secrecy, and grief. I don’t care whether you are sitting on a pile up to the rafters or if you are Mother Hubbard with cupboards bare.

Money makes the world go round, but it sure does spin our heads and even break our hearts, too.

So what might this Page of Pentacles like to say to us?

The Lifeblood of Civilization

Money is the lifeblood of our species. For better or worse, it is the way we exchange energy, in trade for services and goods. But as time has passed since its first inception, when it was understood to be an embodiment of the Goddess, it has become increasingly abstract and secularized.

And this, I believe, is to our great detriment. When money is no longer viewed as a blessing from our Divine One(s), or connected in any form to that which we consider holy, loving, or noble, it can be used more readily as an exchange for systems of repression, destruction, and war.

So for millennia, we’ve endured a long, painful struggle between the haves and have-nots. Humanity is scarred by a history of conflict, greed, and bloodshed, all tied up with the accumulation of money.

Monetary panic in Venezuela has resulted in a roll of toilet paper costing 2,600,000 bolivars. (Click for story on BBC News).

But as Alan Greenspan, the former head of the U.S. Federal Reserve, and one of the most important money gurus of our lifetimes indicated some years back, the stock market and the value of money are all based entirely on peoples’ perceptions.

In his books and talk-show rounds, he has made it very clear: if we believe that money is plentiful, that all is well, and that it will continue to be so, the stock market goes up.

If things get dicey, and people get fearful (for reasons real or imagined), it goes down. In other words, the value of money is completely dependent on what people think it is.

Scare City

Bernard Lietaer, former senior officer of the Belgian Central Bank and a chief architect behind the creation of the Euro, has noted that greed and fear of scarcity are programmed — they do not exist in nature, not even in human nature.

This is borne out by multiple studies that agree — even very small, preverbal children have a natural impulse to share and be helpful.

But selfishness and fear, writes Lietaer, are “built into the money system in which we swim, and we’ve been swimming in it so long that these shadows have become almost completely transparent to us. We have learned to consider them normal and legitimate behavior.”

Thus, it is by our mindset and belief that money either flows or stops.

This is exactly like magick, only it is magick that is performed and affected by many factors and via the mass belief systems of the global population.

Seeing Your Wealth in a Different Way

Money is energy.

It is energy that is directly affected by our thoughts about it, and takes any form and value that we collectively agree upon. Money is an intersection between intention and attention; it is a liminal space between consensual reality and desire.

It is, as our ancestors understood, a bridge between the human realms and the grace of the Divine One(s). When we begin to see that money is an energetic flow that connects us to what is sacred and life-giving, whether you call that Spirit, Goddess, or any other name you prefer, our relationships with acquisition, giving, gratitude and gathering become healthy and return to balance.

So like our Page, and like the folks in my workshop, I invite you to pull out the cash in your wallet today. I encourage you to hold the folding money in your hands and notice how it feels.

It might feel dead. Or sad. Or dirty. Or just blank. Or worse.

But as magical people — which I know everyone reading this is — we have the power to change this energy.

Money is also a magickal tool, like a wand or an athame. The Tarot itself shows that this is so, since it is one of the four suits, each of which is a tool used by The Magician.

Like any energetically sensitive item, we need to cleanse, clear, and charge it from time to time. With paper money (and coins, too), this is especially true. Think how many hands it has passed through, and under what circumstances.

A Money Spell

Using your best spiritual routines, perhaps smudging or toning to clear the vibes, I suggest you slip into a quiet, meditative state, holding your money before you, much like the Page of Pentacles is doing.

Tune in to the blessed Earth, the bounty of our dear Mother Gaia. Pull up Her strength and support through the soles of your feet, filling your body with Her love, and then use your hands (those same hands that, one way or another, have earned this money) as vessels that clear away all past negativity from your cash.

You might also welcome the aid of your other Beloveds of abundance and prosperity: Lakshmi, Ganesh, Hermes, the Dagda, Fortuna, Ops, Anuket, Oshun, Demeter, or Daikoku, to name just a few.

Feel the energy shift, and with your heart full of Divine love, imbue your money with this power. For indeed, it is very old power, and rightfully belongs there.

Gaze with gratitude and fondness at it, just as the Page of Pentacles is doing. Send your good wishes into it. You might even, as author Barbara Wilder suggests, write “Money is Love” on each bill, or “blessings to you,” or another inspiring message of kindness.

By doing this, know that every person that handles your cash can receive your blessing, and through you, the blessings and love of Source.

Imagine them, one after another, holding up that dollar, or yen, or peso, or pound, or euro just like our Page is doing. Visualize their surprised smile as they read your message and pay it forward.

One by one, with all the thoughtful innocence of the Page of Pentacles, we can begin to heal our relationships with money. We can discover enough-ness, life-affirming reciprocity, and reconnect to the Giver of Good.

May your wealth be perfectly sufficient, and in its wholeness, be beautifully blessed.

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  • August 21, 2018, 9:22 am nofixedstars

    i like the idea of having a sense of prosperity or abundance rather than scarcity and poverty… and i like the idea of putting a cheering message on money for others to find. often it seems to me that the only indicator of feeling rich versus feeling poor is a person’s mindset…my second husband and i have separate finances: he has what i would call plenty of money and an abundant life, yet he comes from a somewhat poor background and always feels impoverished and pessimistic about the future. i have very little money, and live the same (to me) abundant life, and i feel wealthy and optimistic, even though i have very little money/bank wealth compared to my background and previous lifestyle. the sole differences between us are our origin families and our personal attitudes. money really is just a symbol, isn’t it? and feeling rich is as much rooted in gratitude for what one has as any other marker…

  • August 22, 2018, 8:47 am Beth

    Well said, nofixedstars! Or, as good old Ben Franklin said, “Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it.” ❤️