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Tarot Card for the Solar Eclipse, Pt. 2 – Aug. 6-12, 2018: The Magician

The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.
Eden Phillpotts, 1919, author and playwright

As he did on his last visit, this rare and auspicious card comes calling during an “eclipse window.” With his customary flourish and impeccable timing, let us welcome The Magician.

The Magician is the true beginning of the Major Arcana sequence. He is the initiator of consciousness, awareness, and action. He is the spark and realization of “I am.”

He turns the nebulous, unformed potential of The Fool into directed intention and action. He transforms The Fool’s staff to a Wand of power. Raising it above his head, The Magician channels spirit energy from heaven to earth, making manifest his desire.

Surrounded by white lilies and red roses, a recurring theme in the Tarot, he acts with both purity and passion. Above his crown chakra is the lemniscate, symbol of his connection to Eternity.

Also depicting his alignment with the eternal cycles of life, death, and rebirth, his belt is the ouroboros – the very ancient symbol of a snake eating its tail.

Upon The Magician’s table lie all the magical tools of the Elements, which are also the suits of the Minor Arcana: the Sword of Air, the Wand of Fire, the Cup of the Waters, and the Pentacle that is Earth.

He stands, like a lightning rod, open to the holy flash of Spirit. He runs the energy of the Divine into the living Earth – As above, so below.

The Magician is both a receptor and wielder of power, a shaman who understands exactly how to take in the raw energy of the Universe, and direct it to make, create, change, and shape the “real” world.

His is the ability to tap into the Source of creation, and use it for his creative purposes. He is unstoppable, with just one catch: he must be willing to both take action and accept the consequences. In other words, he must put himself completely on the line.

This confidence can only come from his knowing who he is and the nature of his passion. He knows exactly what he intends to do, and why. Because he is crystal clear about his skill, his willingness, and his connection to the Divine, he acts without hesitation or doubt. In this way, he is able to achieve miracles.

The Magician is the initiator of consciousness and awareness in the Tarot.

I deliberately use “initiator” as a double entendre: The Magician initiates the Majors, meaning he begins; for as noted, his is card I (Roman numeral One) of the Major Arcana.

He is also an initiator, meaning a figure who admits or accepts someone by means of formal rites into an organization or group, via secret knowledge or challenges.

The Astrological Cross-Quarter

He could hardly show up at a more opportune time, especially for our sisters and brothers who live in the lands below the equator. This is the start of their season of Imbolc, traditionally the time when practitioners of the Old Ways dedicate to new studies, renew our spiritual devotions, or undergo initiation to a new level of practice.

Having last come calling at our Imbolc in the Northern Hemisphere, The Magician seems to be offering a year-long cosmic gift for all magical people, around the globe, as they have been making their vows and beginning new studies.

May those spells, advancements, and pledges bring the healing and catharsis we so desperately need.

And for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, you may remember from my post last week, the celebration of Lughnasadh is the modern calendar day of August 1. But if you are calculating it by the exact cross-quarter day (falling precisely halfway between Solstice and Equinox), it is actually Tuesday, Aug. 7.

Now the Wheel of the Year turns from Summer’s gifts of Fire to Autumn’s watery elemental influences.

Not surprising, then, that in this global week of power, both above and below, The Magician touches all with his vitality and inspiration.

The Eclipse and New Moon

If that was not enough, this week’s New Moon in Leo is accompanied by a partial Solar eclipse. This is the third and final eclipse in this “window,” which began with the Solar eclipse of July 12. This was followed by the Lunar eclipse of July 27.

Eclipses almost always come in pairs. It is less usual (yet not stupendously rare), that there will be a third one during this series. On Saturday (depending on your time zone), the New Moon in Leo will give us another partial Solar eclipse.

Astrologer Debbie Keil-Leavitt explains that, “Eclipses have been used for predictive astrology for a long time. Emperors and kings relied on their powers. Even today, eclipses are considered periods when the ‘windows between worlds are wide open.'”

Astrologer Verdaluz adds:

Eclipses are the power portals of the year. They mark the transition phases from one stage of our collective and personal evolution into the next.

Eclipses can affect an individual more if they impact a specific planet in their chart. However, they always play out on a global scale and affect whole nations and world events.

And with Uranus (planet of revolution, change, and fierce individuality) joining five other planets in retrograde this week, lightning flashes of reversals, change, and the unexpected, both personally and globally, would be right up The Magician’s alley!

What seeds will you plant during this very potent Moon’s dark gestation and renewal? What new intention will you make manifest, as you expand your magical awareness?

Light and Shadow – Magic and Transformation

The Magician can be a shape-shifter and a chameleon, mirroring the social customs, habits, and even speech patterns of the people with whom he comes in contact. He is a compelling communicator and can be charming.

The positive side of this talent is when he is motivated by a sincere wish to better relate and be understood.

But the shadow aspect is that this kind of instant intimacy can be misunderstood, and, if used selfishly, it can become manipulative.

In addition, while he may mean well in the moment, it is all too easy for him to quickly move on to the next thing and the next, leaving things scattered and unfinished.

While The Magician can think quickly on his feet and has an enormous capacity for mental focus, it’s sometimes hard for him to not get sidetracked by the new ideas constantly occurring to him. Or else he may get frustrated with the details.

This week, how may yours be the task of birthing into life that which has only been a possibility?

In what ways do you long to sparkle with playfulness, creativity, and innovation? Now is the time.

Pause and recognize how the wild Love of the Multiverse is in your hands. How can you make your own life a masterpiece of creativity? Do you dare to call upon the Gods and then unleash your most authentic potential?

Your world is crackling with power that you, and you alone, know how to tap. Look within yourself and ask: could it be that your heart’s deepest desire comes from the longing on your behalf of Spirit Herself?

Create your sacred space. Call upon your Divine Ones for blessing. Be ready to receive and to give more than you ever have. As long as you are absolutely authentic, you can manifest the shining miracles of which you have dreamed.

In divine love, sharpening all the tools you have at hand and acting straight from your soul, open yourself to the magic that now flows from and to you.

For heaven knows, we need what only you can create.

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  • August 11, 2018, 2:04 pm Ryan

    The Magician is my favorite card. Thank you for illuminating the details of it’s meaning !