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Tarot Card of the Full Moon Week, June 25-July 1, 2018: Page of Pentacles again

Beth Owl's Card of the Week, Aug. 20-26, 2018

Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.
Paul Samuelson, Nobel-prize winning economist

After last visiting us mere weeks ago in early May, followed by the Knight just week before last, it would appear that the Court cards of the Pentacles have something rather important to say. Welcome back in this Full Moon week, to the Page of Pentacles.

Remember that the Pages in the Tarot are often messengers, or catalysts for change. And you may recall that they can indicate important dealings with a literal child (male or female), our own inner child, or simply a new, “beginner’s mind” perspective. They also can indicate taking risks.

But with earthy Pentacles being such a slow and rock-steady force, risk-taking in this suit is more about new directions and manifesting, than recklessness or impulsiveness. We should therefore be on the lookout for important news about money, land, investments, health, and jobs.

In this week of the Capricorn Full Moon, especially, that practicality and groundedness would seem to be in perfect timing with the return of this Page.

As I’ve written before, in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, we see a young man focused only on his Pentacle coin, which is almost floating in his hands. Is the coin simply the same color as the sky background, or is it instead transparent?

Behind him is a grove of trees, a newly plowed field, and he stands in a meadow of flowers. Far away there is a lofty peak, yet for now, he is firmly planted at home. Like the other Pages, he is in transition, first awakening to what is possible.

The Inheritance

The current onslaught of brutal, government-sanctioned hatreds; unbridled environmental destruction; the looting of our national treasures; the dismantling of the safety nets once meant for our people most at risk and in need; indeed, the very unraveling of our democracy is stunning.

And it has been noted that while the world was aghast at the unfolding horrors of the American internment camps, and the dumping of innocent children into cages, the party in power was quietly passing a budget that would slash billions from Medicare and the ACA.

These are programs our taxes were fashioned to cover, but they are now at risk because of a runaway deficit, which was triggered by the staggering handouts and tax cuts given away to the elite wealthy.

The Page of Pentacles begs the question – what bitter seeds are we planting for the 2,000 or more children who have been snatched away from their families, mocked and vilified by the U.S. government, caged, tormented and abused, and with no plan or timetable for any future reunion with their families?

In addition, there are more Pages of the Earth we must recognize – the “Dreamers” — the children of those who have come to America to work. They are the sons and daughters of immigrants (both documented and not), who have lived here all their lives.

The Page’s message is that, like him, we must recognize where our duty lies. We must step up, resolving to cherish these children and young adults. And not only for humanitarian ideals, but because (Pentacles-like!) it makes good business sense.

Grounded With Care

Yet it is also increasingly clear to me that this exhausting, relentless grind of horrible news blasting at us from every side is having a very detrimental effect on those of us who are precisely the ones the world needs to resist and rebuild.

Pay attention and push back, but don’t forget to replenish yourself.

This may be a good time for improving and expanding your physical well-being, perhaps with a new health regimen, or by finding new ways to celebrate your relationship to the natural world.

Go outside. Be in Nature (whatever may be left of Her where you are). Let Earth’s healing come to you, for She is our greatest treasure, and She will abide, one way or another; with humans, or without us.

Take extra care of your physical and emotional self, remembering that they are intertwined.

Eat foods that are closer to their natural forms from the Earth. Walk on Her sweet body with love. Understand we are one family.

The Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon, and Mars, Oh My!

My friend, astrologer Lynn Hayes tells us that this week, with the Sun in Cancer (which is the sign that is ruled by the Moon), and the Full Moon (12:53am, EDT) in the sign of Capricorn (the sign of the magical sea-goat), we have —

..a nice grounding influence for all of this confusing (Neptune) aggression (Mars) that’s floating around now. Capricorn is the penultimate sign of practicality and worldly achievement.

The Sun is in sensitive Cancer now, but under the influence of Capricorn we put our Cancerian emotions aside to do That Which Must Be Done.

Capricorn urges us to set goals and strategies for achievement, so this will help us to harness the intensity of Mars and put it to work.

And speaking of Mars, it’s one of the biggest influences this week, as it moves into retrograde. My other dear astrologer friend, Elisabeth Grace has created a Mars Retrograde Survival Guide, which tells us, in part:

As the planet of action, you might imagine that Mars moving backwards is not a comfortable orientation. Thus you may notice an uptick in the levels of irritation, impatience and frustration between now and August 27th. Projects you thought were good to go after May 12th may hit an unexpected snag, as Mars backtracks over the ground it covered since then.

Initially the issues involved may include  freedom, rebellion, humanitarianism, technology, aviation, astrology, social networks and unconventional attraction.  Why? Because Mars is retrograding in Aquarius. On August 13th,  Mars will back into Capricorn. Then we may note a shift to matters of corporations and other Establishment/patriarchal concerns.

Whatever the hitch, bear in mind that there may be a second opportunity for a revision when Mars finally moves forward. We won’t get into new territory  until Mars  it hits 10 degrees of Aquarius on October 10th…

(More specific tips and caveats can be found here.)

Quick fixes and impulsive actions can be especially detrimental at this time. As our Nobel laureate quoted at the top points out, if you want excitement and extreme results fast, go to Vegas!

Fresh Directions for Prosperity

It would seem that these repetitive visits from the Pentacles action figures are sending a message about fruitful possibilities, but through paying attention, and setting clear intentions.

As its message was in May, it appears that the Page urges us to consider with great care how we handle our wealth: our money, our homes, and our jobs.

What do you need to be physically secure? How safe are your savings? How much debt are you carrying? Are your labors and spending in harmony with the good of Mama Gaia and all Her children?

The Page of Pentacles is the messenger that reminds us we vote with our wallets. Who do you exchange money’s energy with, and to what end?

Are there some products or corporations you personally boycott, because of their environmental track record, unjust practices, or political affiliations? Why or why not?

And you might want to renew your commitment to supporting your local shops, artisans, and farmers.

Our participation in these processes is not optional. Our mindfulness is.

Understanding the interconnectedness between our living planet and the health, wealth, and well-being of each individual is of deep concern for the Page of Pentacles. Like us, he looks to the future, considering his strategies for investment and rewards, while firmly grounded in his fertile field of now.

May our Page’s sense of responsibility and stewardship encourage pragmatic, fertile wisdom for each of us.


ps: Local folks who would like to learn more about the magic of money and sacred abundance might be interested in my second Enchantment series workshop, coming Aug. 19. Details and registration will be announced this week (just to accommodate the Page!), so please check back!