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Tarot Card of Ostara Week, March 19-25, 2018: Eight of Wands

If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.
Coco Chanel

In this week that celebrates Equinox, and in the wake of the past couple of weeks’ challenging cards, it’s time to simplify, consolidate, and set our New Moon intentions in motion. This week, we welcome the Eight of Wands.

The Eights of the Tarot are about abilities, innovation, self-directed action, and forging ahead. And of course, Wands are about fire, magic, change, action, growth, and energy.

Here we have a powerful but simple image – the only card in the R-W-S deck that has no human reference. In fact, there are no figures, animals, or celestial bodies of any sort.

We see a hill with a faraway building, green, rolling fields, and a river. The focus is on the eight staves, lined up neatly parallel to one another, soaring through a bright blue sky.

All are in perfect alignment and balance. The Wands are approaching the Earth, flying through the wide-open element of Air.

This is a vigorous portrayal of pure energy unleashing. This liberated Fire is finding its goal.

Ready, Aim, and Aim Again

Right now, Mercury is in the sign of Aries, and will go retrograde in that cardinal fire sign this Thursday.

Thus, you may be in the midst of a situation that requires (or is the result of) flashing information surges. And it would not be surprising if you are finding yourself a little too busy right now, with projects and commitments up in the air.

If changes are happening too fast, moderate the pace a little by staying organized and focused. Simplifying and streamlining will do wonders for a more successful outcome.

The upcoming Mercury retrograde that begins Thursday further amplifies the turbulence. During this time, you can expect the pressure to be on to make snap decisions and even snappier comebacks. But the potential is strong for misunderstandings and our tempers to be tested.

My wise friend, astrologer Diotima Mantineia warns:

Mercury goes retrograde March 22, and it’s likely to be one of those problematic ones. Some Mercury retrogrades you can just bumble through with the occasional travel delay, computer trouble, or lost email. Not this one.

Anger and aggression will be powerfully communicated, and our electronic networks, transportation systems, and all forms of communication and connection will be challenged.

This is not the time to be distracted or impulsive, but to attend to the details.

You would be better served by getting your ducks (or Wands!) in a row, especially before Thursday, when things can go haywire. Back up your technology, tidy up your files, double-check travel plans, and triple-check before you hit “Send.”

Yet a retrograde is an ideal time to prepare for blast-off as you fire up each component that supports your most important priorities.

This Eight indicates that serendipity and synchronicity are working in your favor, so pay attention to coincidences and luck.

Fiery Awakenings Ahead

On top of these astrological influences, the other big event this week is the Vernal Equinox — Ostara — in the northern hemisphere, and Mabon — the Autumn Equinox — in the southern hemisphere.

For all of us, the Equinox is that rare moment of perfect balance, when daylight and dark are of equal length.

While it’s the start of Autumn in the lands down under, for those of us living above the equator, Springtime begins Tuesday at 12:16pm (EDT).

The Sun’s entrance into the sign of Aries marks the astrological New Year. This year, it joins Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in this fiery constellation, ruled by the God of war.

It promises a time of intense initiation. In communications (Mercury), in love (Venus), and in revolutionary originality (Uranus), Aries may push us hard with wild creativity and daring, but just as easily with anger, aggression, and impulsiveness.

The awakenings of Spring are likely to come with a jolt.

But the Eight of Wands is brilliant for working with all this energy, if we know our priorities and move forward in a systematic manner. Once you have decided on your goals, have a plan in place and then follow your bliss.

Ignition and Launch

Whatever aspirations have been ignited, life will move forward.

Just be careful that your longings do not lead you into poorly considered, impetuous drama, especially if Spring Fever strikes. In fact, Arthur Waite himself describes the Eight of Wands as the Arrows of Love.

Thus, this could be action regarding a love affair, or proposals offered and accepted. There is a sense of haste, so you may be madly infatuated, with all your energy going into seeking the rapid, most immediate possible gratification of your passions. And with Venus in Aries, that urgent itch is likely to be amped.

Happily, such affections are favored, as long as planning, good will, and a clear purpose are also in the picture. When they are, a fortunate outcome is very likely.

Knowing and naming your true desires is the key to fulfilling them. If you look carefully at this seemingly simple card, you’ll realize that prior to this launch, someone clearly took some care to line up a goal, and make sure that each component was aimed both at the target, and in such a way as to allow the other Wands to move unimpeded.

That is why we see a harmonious flight, and not a  chaotic crash.

Choose your target. Grow your wings. And trust that, as Winter fades, there is magic in the air.

May your aim be high and true.

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  • March 19, 2018, 5:31 pm Acquafortis

    Blessed Ostara to you too!
    May our seeds be fruitful and multiply like the thoughts of Mercury in Aries!

  • March 19, 2018, 7:11 pm Beth

    So mote it be, dearest Acquafortis! ❤️

  • March 19, 2018, 9:42 pm Neptune Squared

    ✨You are my absolute, go-to for tarot. Your one and only weekly newsletter.. I patiently wait for every week. Thank you for the inspiration and insight over the past few years. ✨

  • March 19, 2018, 10:27 pm nofixedstars

    not going to lie…this sounds absolutely terrifying to me!

    (crawls under comfy rock for duration…)

  • March 20, 2018, 6:50 am Dianna Williams

    Thank you Beth!

  • March 20, 2018, 12:16 pm Linda Pace

    Gives me a feeling of musical notation–a few measures sent to Earth. Hope we can get our Land Trust Board “ducks in a row” during this transition period!