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A Call to Disarm: Tarot Card of the Week, March 26-April 1, 2018: Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands

Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh (by A. A. Milne)

This week, we are visited by a card that has come frequently over the years. And for this Full Moon week, it seems apt. But, as fascinating as it is that this follows last week’s Eight, I am taking a detour from my usual interpretations. To see a more conventional analysis of this week’s Nine of Wands, you can visit here or here.

Instead, when I pulled this card on Monday morning, I immediately saw the face of Emma González. I saw the face of Cameron Kasky. I saw 11-year old Naomi Wadler.

And in the Wands lined up behind them, I saw the parents and sibling survivors of the little children murdered at Sandy Hook; the students who lived and died at Virginia Tech, at Columbine, at the elementary school in Townville, SC.

I saw the kids that saw their dates and friends shot down in a movie theater in Colorado; the 58 dead, 851 physically wounded, and the countless others whose lives were shattered at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas.

Look closely, and you will see Gabby Giffords; the ghosts of James Brady, John Lennon, Bobby and John Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King.

In yet another of Pamela Colman Smith’s “stage cards,” they all stand on the world stage.

Here you will see the thousands shot down in our streets, bodies piling up on a daily basis. Here are the devastated parents whose babies are murdered in their cribs by the drive-by shootings that have become commonplace.

I saw the 187,000 students who have been exposed to gun violence at their schools since Columbine.

I saw the sweet face of my Goddess-daughter in Savannah, who is six, and who had to ask her mommy on Friday if her beloved school is safe. No kindergartner should ever, EVER have to fear for her safety in her school.

Those haunted faces, and their surviving loved ones gaze out at us from the Nine of Wands today.

Wounds and Scars

Even as we listened to the jaw-dropping speeches, and the wisdom and passionate insights of our brilliant young people on March 24, those amazing kids who have turned out in numbers not seen since the war in Vietnam, it is easy to forget that we are also seeing the walking wounded.

The heartless attacks from politicians and gun lovers against these brave children display a shocking indifference to the fact that a) they are kids and b) they have had their lives ripped apart by violence that they should never, ever have been exposed to in a so-called civilized society.

Our young people are strong, brave, and passionate beyond imagining. But every one of them, and their families, and their beloveds, are now scarred for life.

The Washington Post tells us, “the number of children who have been shaken by gunfire in the places they go to learn exceeds the population of Eugene, Ore., or Fort Lauderdale, Fla.”

That means that PTSD will haunt them for a long, long time. They can look forward to years of being affected by the simple backfire of a car; they will suffer dreadful flashbacks in their dreams; they will endure anniversaries filled with wretched grief. The faces and hearts we don’t see in front of the cameras will never be the same.

Like the warrior in the Nine of Wands, they may never quite stop glancing over their shoulders, because feeling safe in the world has been stolen.

And I am not even mentioning the horrific violence little ones suffer in other places. As UNICEF reminds us, children are the first victims during war. There are whole generations of shell-shocked children in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, South Sudan, to name just a few of the worst.

No More. Never Again.

The Nines of the Tarot point to the logical end of the suit, with the Tens indicating an overflow that points to a new beginning.

Our wounded, broken-hearted, but fierce young people are sick and tired of hearing that our “thoughts and prayers” go out to them.

And we who care are right there with them: the time is over for empty words. It’s time for action.

This is NOT what the Constitution says in the Second Amendment. This is NOT normal. This is NOT acceptable. Enough!

Let us all line up behind our wounded warriors of all ages, who should have never been in any sort of war at all. Let us join them in demanding change, and voting out the scum sell-outs who are beholden to and owned by the NRA and other gun lobbyists.

Let this week’s card be a message that it is time for America to disarm. There is absolutely no sense in criminals, the maladjusted, the angry, the alienated, and the deranged having access to weapons of war.

In this, which countless millions call “Holy Week,” let us — in the name of all that is holy — vow to wage peace.

To you, dear survivors, and your loved ones: You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

And we, your elders who love and honor you, promise to have your backs.

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  • March 26, 2018, 2:03 pm Barbara W.

    Beautiful and moving. I haved shared this on FB.

  • March 26, 2018, 2:18 pm nofixedstars

    Thank you for this post. I am always passionate about the safety of children, and my anger and distress at the callousness of so many, especially those in politics who are beholden to the NRA’s money, has made this week even worse than it had to be. I have spent the week with friends who are parents of children at the Great Mills High School shooting, and with some of the kids themselves, and sent condolences to the parents of the 16 year-old girl who was killed on Tuesday. We were at the DC march on Saturday too. If we cannot agree on anything else under the sun, we ought still to be able to agree that our children should be safe in schools and other civic spaces, and that the answer to this concern is not more guns. I couldn’t agree more with everything you write here.

  • March 26, 2018, 2:49 pm Beth

    Thank you ALL who are commenting: for witnessing, and for moving on behalf of those in our care.

  • March 26, 2018, 4:14 pm Nígeala Nígrath

    Thank you for this powerful post, Beth. It is madness to insist that the right to own an assault weapon trumps the Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  • March 26, 2018, 6:51 pm Susan Flynn

    Thank you so much for this passionate, powerful post, Beth. I was reading all the stories that the student journalists from the Eagle Eye – the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School newspaper, who were guest editors at the Guardian Unlimited website reporting on the march this past weekend in Washington, and so many other places. They were powerful pieces of writing, just as the speeches were. I am filled with admiration for them, and determination to not let them down. No child should have to be afraid of going to school because of a gun. Ever.
    As a survivor of a robbery involving a gun, thank you for remembering all the walking wounded in so many places of the world.
    I will not look at the 9 of wands the same way either. What a beautiful way to bring the world into the cards. Thank you always for your wisdom, and caring. xxxxxx

  • March 26, 2018, 9:15 pm Bryn Truett-Chavez

    An incredible insight into these most incredible times. These children awe me. And they have renewed my hope..which was so dashed..over and over again.
    Yes, this, Yes these children, Yes to Peace.
    Thank you, Beth, for yet again speaking so eloquently my heart.

  • March 27, 2018, 4:16 am Helen

    Disappointed this post is being used to push anti NRA and anti freedom agenda, would be more productive to focus on education and instead ban violent video games films etc that promote violence and desensitise the mind to it.

  • March 27, 2018, 5:57 am Nígeala Nígrath

    Well, Helen, it’s not an anti-freedom agenda- it’s an anti-dying-by-gun-violence agenda. And since it’s Beth’s blog afterall,

  • March 27, 2018, 6:08 am Dianna Williams


  • March 27, 2018, 8:20 am SomeonesMother

    You didn’t see any black men and women racistly murdered by police in senseless gun overkills?

  • March 27, 2018, 11:01 am Beth

    Dear SomeonesMother: Of course I did. And I was thinking of this, although yes, only briefly mentioning it, in my statement about the bodies piling up in our streets daily. The racist police brutality that is an everyday part of our society is appalling and despicable to me. But that is a subject I could devote an entire post to, and if the cards prompt me to, on another day, I will.

    On this day, this was what I saw first and foremost: the brave but surely traumatized survivors of MSD High, and so many more that we see briefly in the news, but who then fade into the background of other news. I saw the shattered families and friends of the victims of gun violence everywhere who must somehow soldier on. And I saw the faces of the dead in the shadows behind the wounded warrior.

    And while I agree that there is way, way too much in our culture that desensitizes our young people to violence, if you really believe that freedom and guns are synonymous, Helen, my heart goes out to you.

  • March 28, 2018, 1:08 pm Sandra

    To say one admires the young people who are taking a stand again the murder of innocents is not an attack on the students participating.
    If the guns are taken away will the knives, explosives, vehicles, poisons and gases be taken away also? Those who participate in these horrendous murders have belief issues. It is the human who does the deed, not the manner in which they take innocent lives.. There will always be another way to kill those who do not agree with a radical belief.
    This is my right to speak statement on this very diversified monumental murderous wall of hatred.
    How will this be solved then?

  • March 28, 2018, 10:20 pm Nígeala Nígrath

    Sandra, your argument is specious. None of the other means of harming others on your list enables one person to kill so many in so short a time. Would you happen to be a Russian troll? Is it your aim to gin up the divisions between the American people? As for We the People, we’d better start remembering the things that unite us, before Putin’s internet trolls, who are actually intelligence agents, succeed in dismembering our democratic way of life. Democracy dies in darkness. Let’s keep the lights on. May all sentient beings know peace, and may beings think about benefiting each other.

  • March 29, 2018, 10:45 pm Lesley

    Thank you so much for this, Beth. Truth. Beautifully written. I stood among hundreds of thousands in DC, listening to those brave, angry – traumatized – kids making more sense than any of the yahoos on The Hill. Enough.