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Tarot Card for the First Full Week of 2018, Jan. 8-14: The Empress

Returning to the Mother of Us All.
Jennifer Berezan, ReTurning

After an absence of more than two years, and a rare visitor even so, we are visited by the Tarot’s version of the Mother Goddess. In this new year suffused with Justice and High Priestess energy, the sacred Feminine is now fulfilled by the beautiful and powerful Empress.

The Empress beckons us with all her voluptuous beauty – she is abundant, lush, and fertile. She offers the pleasures, security, and love of the Great Mother. She is Nature in all her glory. As Tarot legend, Rachel Pollack, so beautifully describes, she is not merely the forms of Nature, but the underlying principle of Life itself.

Beside her stands the great shield of Venus, for she is passionate Aphrodite. At her feet is a field of grain, for she is the Goddess who rules agriculture — Ceres, Demeter, Corn Mother, the Grain Goddess. She feeds and nurtures us, body and soul.

She is connected to her predecessor in the Tarot, the High Priestess, by the pomegranates on her gown.

The Empress‘ crown is a circlet of six-pointed stars, each representing the twelve signs of the zodiac, indicating her sovereignty over the circle of Time. How fascinating that we are currently in the sign of Capricorn, ruled by Father Time, Saturn.

The hexagram symbol of her crown’s stars is familiar to many as the Star of David, and also recognized as the ancient Seal of Solomon. It is also the intertwining of two triangles, combining the magical, alchemical symbols for masculine Fire and feminine Water. It represents love made manifest, the quickening of life and creation.

Good Loving from the Heavens

Considering this important Major Arcana’s visit, it’s not surprising that there is very big astrological energy flowing this week.

For one thing, Mercury changes signs from easily excitable Sagittarius to the more pragmatic and grounded Capricorn on the 11th, once and for all ending the recent Mercury retrograde “shadow” period. At last, forward progress can be made, albeit with caution and no nonsense.

In fact, this is a brief window of opportunity when all the planets are direct. This offers us a gift for forging ahead in almost every area of our life, and will continue until Jupiter turns retro March 9.

The Empress would particularly nudge you to take advantage this week of some very powerful opportunities for transformation, especially where Venus rules — finances, beauty, creativity, and relationships (including love).

As Diane Lang notes:

On Monday and Tuesday there are six harmonious aspects to get our week off on the right foot. The Capricorn Sun conjoins Venus with both sextile Jupiter in Scorpio while Mars in Scorpio is sextile Pluto in Capricorn on Monday.

Tuesday the Capricorn Sun conjoins Pluto exactly. What we actually have is a stellium in Capricorn (Sun, Venus, Pluto) sextile Mars conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. These influences are about as good as it gets for making sound financial decisions and determining real world value.

We can give our relationships, business and personal, a long look to see if those are working for us or not. If not, the end may come abruptly over the coming weekend when the Capricorn Sun and Venus both square feisty Uranus in Aries.

Remember the reasons for staying or leaving probably have been building for some time, as in months or years.

Let the Empress help you take the action you have needed, and give you the courage of love’s power.


It is not a coincidence, in my view, that the card of the year, Justice, its association with the High Priestess, and now The Empress are teaming up together.

I pray that this is setting the tone for 2018 as the year when we all wake up from the poisonous spell of 3,000 years that has created a systematic, global, institutionalized misogyny. This cruel and ignorant ethos has impoverished our planet and our species — mind, body, and spirit.

I love that these Goddess figures of the Tarot are appearing at this powerful moment of transition between speaking up and acting. The #MeToo movement in which millions of girls and women have “come out” about our common experiences of sexual harassment and assault, most of which goes unpunished, has strengthened to #TimesUp.

As Academy Award winning actress, Susan Sarandon, wrote:

Today I will wear black in solidarity and gratitude with all women in all industries, acknowledging our mutual power and vulnerability. #TimesUp on silence, on imbalance of power, on inaction.

Every bigoted, hateful, manipulative person who has hurt and denied women has a mother.

News flash from The Empress: You would not treat your mother with barbaric selfishness, or like a hated animal, or like an object for your perversions.

You shall not behave this way with women and girls anymore.

Time’s up.

One World, One Family

Re-prioritizing our needs, our material comforts, and the ways we treat girls and women are all at a critical juncture, and must be addressed by each one of us with a new dedication.

The Empress reminds us that all of us are her beloved children — every race, every nation, every gender, and also every living thing, of which humanity is only one species.

When we live in harmony with the divine wisdom of Mother Earth, sensuality and bountifulness are happy and normal. We are now fully engaged in the shift that will make this so.

This week, how can you discover new ways to embrace the beauty and splendor of the world around you? The Empress empowers your creativity with abundance and wholesome results.

Return to the divine embrace of the Good Mother where all is forgiven, all is possible, all is nurtured with love.

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