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Tarot Card of the Scorpio New Moon Week, Nov. 13-19, 2017: Queen of Pentacles

A garden is a grand teacher.  It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.
Gertrude Jekyll

A s she did last year when she came calling, as well as the time before (almost 10 years ago), we have a relatively rare visit from the Queen of Pentacles during the week of an important New Moon.

Pentacles are the suit of the element of Earth: money, career, health, practical matters, and the physical, material realm. And we have a Court card – which can be complicated by the fact that the Courts may be an actual person we know (we ourselves, or someone else), or they might indicate a particular kind of energy being brought to bear.

The Queens of the Tarot are, to me, Priestesses, Mothers, and representatives of the Goddess. Rather than the hierarchical powerover of the Kings, they exemplify power shared, and power from within.

The Queen of Pentacles is a woman who is materially secure, even wealthy. She has a great appreciation of beautiful objects, home, and creature comforts.

She holds the Pentacle gently but firmly on her lap, knowing that there is no disconnect between the material and the spiritual, for to be fully alive is wealth beyond imagination. She also knows she is the steward, not the possessor, of her prosperity.

She is seated outdoors, beneath a rose arbor that is very similar to the one that The Magician stands within. Her throne is carved with fruit trees and the symbols of Capricorn, and there are also mountains and rivers (or lakes) in the background.

This Queen’s gifts include robust health, vitality, and sexuality. The magical hare in the foreground is a harbinger of fertility and good fortune.

All of Nature is the Queen of Pentacle’s treasure. She may be a prize-winning gardener, potter, cook, mechanic, herbalist, animal caretaker, or environmental champion. She is your favorite Earth Mother, wealth maker, and smart pragmatist.

She guides us to appreciate what is sacred in the “mundane.”

The Scorpio New Moon, Jupiter, and Venus

The Queen of Pentacles as our companion for this New Moon of Scorpio is auspicious for setting powerful intentions that may impact health, home, and happiness. As astrologer Judy Joyce writes:

The New Moon occurs on Nov 18 in powerful and mysterious Scorpio, (6:42 am EST) and sets the tone for the month ahead. Although we should be making some headway in the world on working together, there are still some power struggles and unruly elements that need to be addressed this weekend.

This is the time to get things out in the open. Whatever stays buried becomes toxic. Healing cannot take place until it is released. This is especially true in our personal lives. Fortunately, this New Moon also carries energies of great spiritual compassion, love and healing energies.

Transformation and healing can occur by being willing to face our fears head on with courage, love and understanding.

The gentle groundedness of this Queen provides safe, kindly protection for us to do this deep work.

In addition, we are all experiencing the profound influence of what astrologer Steven Forrest calls a “conjunction on steroids,” in this week’s Jupiter-Venus match-up. As you may know, Jupiter is the Big Daddy planet of abundance, benevolence, expansion, and exploration. Venus, named for the Goddess of love, rules love (naturally!), creativity, money, beauty, and art.

The Queen of Pentacles is often considered an embodiment of The Empress, who, in the R-W-S cards, sits beside a shield with the symbol for Venus. So with this powerful conjunction between these two planets (gorgeously visible in the early morning skies, especially on the 13th and the 14th), the Queen offers incredible possibilities for growing our wealth, improving health and home, and brilliant creative success.

Redolent with the gifts of this Jupiter/Venus conjunction, the Queen of Pentacles urges us to expand our hearts, for in so doing, we discover that we are meant to be happy, healthy, and content.

The Nature of Wealth

Pragmatic and generous, you’ll often find this Queen in the garden, experimenting in the kitchen, tending to friends, children, and animals, running a successful business or two, and reveling in only the finest, most sensuous pleasures of life.

Yet, holding her pentacle, she is never tempted to spend what she does not have. Instead, with feet firmly on the beautiful Earth around her, she advocates careful watchfulness and intelligent use of resources.

So before plunging into the frantic pace of the impending holiday season, take time to savor the quiet, cozy comforts of late Autumn. Let the lengthening darkness be an antidote to the shrill noise of these days.

Embrace the gifts that come from slowing down, being in Nature, cultivating patience, and the judicious use of your resources.

Rather than being pulled into the coming maelstrom of holiday consumerism which whispers that we are lacking the perfect body, possessions, and lifestyle, the Queen of Pentacles recommends that you get smart and hammer out a budget.

Even better, take the time to stay in harmony with the rhythm and beauty of the natural world. There, you will discover the source of her wealth (and your own).

If you are dealing with job, home, illness, or other practical concerns, she is a staunch ally. Who do you know (male or female) that is gentle, wise, and blessed with practical skills? This person is always eager to share their beautiful home, bountiful table, Earthy wisdom, and practical magic, all borne of a lifetime’s experience.

To this Queen, material well-being is not some rare prize for only the privileged few. Instead, she asserts that all are welcome at Life’s table. Time is not her adversary and Nature is not a hostile enemy, but a friend.

How would our priorities change if we lived as if we were lovingly interconnected with the planet, not set apart or exiled from it?

Like the Queen, let your throne be, not in some dreary castle, but in the meadows and forests. Allow Mother Nature to shower you with blessings this week.

Plant your wishes on this New Moon, with the Queen of Pentacles presiding.

Life’s treasures are everywhere, for when you trust life, there is no lack.

May the rich teachings of this Queen fill your heart, and so they shall fill your practical needs as well.




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