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Help the Environment, Knock Out Your Shopping, Get Amazing Goodies!

The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.
~ Wendell Berry

It’s time once again for the NC Conservation Network’s Annual Fundraising Auction

The North Carolina Conservation Network is a statewide network of over 100 environmental, community and environmental justice organizations focused on protecting North Carolina’s environment and public health.

NCCN logoNCCN is one of our most important environmental champions. They are leading the way in protecting our state from the massive exploitation that threatens our unique and fragile ecosystems.

  • They are the ones pushing back against the huge interests funding the pipeline threatening to snake through our state.
  • They are challenging the big money corporations that are dismantling the EPA’s clean air and water standards.
  • They are fighting to stop the greedy logging practices, and the destruction of our wilderness areas in the mountains.
  • They are the watchdogs fighting the huge energy corporations planning to drill on our beautiful coastlines and that have secretly poisoned our rivers with coal ash.
  • They have been the champions for our citizens in the wake of the deadly pollution from GenX, Duke Energy, and more.
  • And there is almost no one else standing between us and the powerful fracking interests already divvying up our lovely rolling hills.

This year, more than ever, in order to stand up to these giant lobbyists and interests with their infinitely deep pockets, and the muscle of the politicians they own, NCCN needs YOU.

That’s why…

I’ve Created a Brand New Premium, Exclusively for NCCN

Whether you are ready to start shopping for your holiday gifts or just looking for a little treat for yourself, check out their online auction (which opened Monday!) here.

There are over 100 sustainable items, services, adventures, tickets, and trips near and far that are ready for your bids, with the starting bid for most of the items half of their retail value!

Now that I am doing much better this year, I am honored to be contributing once again, and I’d love to see YOU be the one to win!

Available for the first time ever — and ONLY to NCCN auction winners:

Soul Card Kit and 20-Minute Phone Reading

Based on your date of birth, there is a Tarot card that is your lifelong teacher and way-shower. Many years ago, I combined my love of herbal magic with the Tarot and created the Soul Card Kit.

It includes a brief overview of your primary Tarot birth card (also known as your Soul card), a bundle of the finest, hand-blended herbs and botanicals whose spirits resonate with your Soul Card, and a blessed candle with suggested meditations and uses.

You’ll also receive a stone or crystal chosen for its ability to even further enhance your connection with your card’s energy, as well as an overview of the herbal energy correspondences for your special blend.

Your very own Soul card kit, hand made by me, with many of the ingredients lovingly harvested from my own gardens, will be shipped as soon as the bidding has been tallied up!

But wait! There’s MORE!

Your winning bid will also snag you a 20 minute Tarot consultation with me by phone, at your convenience. You’ll learn much more about your Soul Card, plus how you might apply its wisdom to whatever may be happening for you right now. Or whatever else you would like some quick insight on! 

As you may be aware, I have not resumed telephone consultations since finishing my treatments. This is the ONLY way to meet with me for a phone reading at this time. Don’t miss out!

Oh, and here’s even more good news: TWO of these packages are available — why not treat yourself to one, and get one for some lucky soul on your gift list?

You can bid on my exclusive Soul Card Packages — a kit PLUS a reading — by going directly here or here!

Don’t Wait – The Auction Ends at 10pm (Eastern) on Thursday the 16th

Besides this reading and gift from me, there are tons of other wonderful items you can bid on. They include treats large and small, like luxury B&B stays, art, outdoor adventures, brewery tours, music, dining, books, and personal pampering services of all sorts.. you name it!

Remember: many of the starting bids begin at half of those items’ retail value!

But do not procrastinate — you only have until 10pm this Thursday, the 16th to scoop up these deals and support the North Carolina Conservation Network.

Please share this with your friends and networks. Bid early and often!

When you win, everyone wins!