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Tarot Card of the New Moon Week, Oct. 16-22, 2017: The Knight of Swords Returns

Card of the Week, Beth Owl's Daughter

Riders on the storm
Riders on the storm
Into this house we’re born
Into this world we’re thrown.
Like a dog without a bone
An actor out on loan,
Riders on the storm…
The Doors,  L.A. Woman

Fasten your seatbelts! Hot on the heels of his visit at last month’s New Moon, the wildest rider of the court cards charges in again. For better or worse, make way for the Knight of Swords.

As you probably know, the Swords suit corresponds to the element of Air, and is therefore associated with information, intellect, and ideas, as well as the power of thought itself. The knights of the Tarot are the action heroes — questing, seeking, journeying (okay, so, maybe the Knight of Pentacles is not all that energized, but at least he’s mounted).

The Knight of Swords charges headlong into the storm, his weapon drawn and ready for battle. Fierce, aggressive, and convinced he is right, he is clearly eager for the fight.

He will not take no for an answer, for although his horse seems to look back at him with trepidation, he is at a dead run. No wonder, for we can see the long, sharp spike that is the knight’s spur.

As I mentioned last month, among Tarot scholars there is strong speculation that this knight portrays Pamela Colman Smith’s friend and patron, famed actress and suffragette, Ellen Terry. Look closely and you will discover it may be a woman’s face inside that armor.

As a court card of the Tarot, it may represent someone you know, some aspect of yourself, or just the vibe that is in the air right now.

Who do you know that loves a good argument, that likes to play devil’s advocate for sport, and sometimes doesn’t know when to shut up and give it a rest?

This is someone who lives almost entirely in his or her head, disdaining intuition or anything remotely touchy-feely, and to whom you would probably never confide that you read my Tarot blog.

Might for Right, But How Can We Know?

Whether male or female, this knight charges forth with everything s/he’s got. And quite often, this person may race up and down the battlefield with a permanent chip on their shoulder, or at least feeling constantly compelled to prove something.

In a challenge, this is someone who is completely committed to destroying the adversary — take no prisoners, and nothing held back.

Like him (or her), as long as we have considered carefully before the charge, and we are seeing the truth of things, this is the ultimate in bravery. If we are certain we’re engaging “might for right,” then let us put the pedal to the metal and give it all we’ve got.

But …how can we be sure of anything?

After all, these days, we are swamped with “fake news,” as well as people who are staggeringly sure of themselves, of the “truth,” no matter how distorted, and who are slashing everything in their path, convinced they are acting on behalf of some higher purpose.

This card is a brilliant guide regarding such concerns, for there is no more courageous champion, no hero more smart and daring than the Knight of Swords. But — his rush to judgment, and his belligerent viewpoint are not always the best way to deal with problems and conflicts.

His dazzling intellect can make him believe he is infallible and superior to others, so he may not heed more tempered opinions. Disconnected from hunches that cannot be explained, he has not yet learned that overpowering people in an argument, or having the final tweet, does not automatically give him victory.

Busting Through the Box

This week, there may be dramatic messages and even battles ahead. Be alert!

As Skywatch Astrology’s Lance Ferguson notes:

The New Moon on Oct 19th sits exactly opposite unpredictable Uranus. Likely the truth comes out as Uranus acts like a bolt of lightning. Cars and computers might need some attention and the kids in third grade are likely to be a bit rebellious— it’s a strange day with Uranus on stage.

And a good day to step outside the box.

The Knight of Swords, the most Air-ruled of the Air suit court, would concur.

And UK astrologer Lorna Bevan echoes this message with her additional insights:

It’s a week when Mercury the Messenger of the Gods and Mars are both highly active.

[Could there possibly be a more convincing portrayal of the Messenger God combined with Mars, the God of war, than this Knight? – B.]

Not only that, but the Libra New Moon conjunct Haumea, opposite Uranus is activating the deep space light bridge.

Everything that happens – shocking news, brinksmanship, sudden acts of violence – will be dramatised and blown out of all proportion on October 18th by Mercury…

… Thursday’s New Moon in Libra is in the “Via Combusta” – the Fiery Way – at 26 degrees activating Uranus, Eris, Chiron, Saturn, Ixion, Pholus, Sedna and the Nodes of Fate. The exact bridge from Sun/Moon/Haumea to Awakener Uranus will blow our minds through events re-arranging our old world view.

Haumea is as important and as powerful as Pluto. Haumea’s strapline [nickname or slogan] is “the Terrible Gift” – terrible as in awesome, dangerous and disturbing.

Haumea catalyses dramatic tipping points. In event charts, Haumea is either dramatically good or horribly difficult, as Haumea catalysed events sweep away the past and usher in the vastly different.

Such change instantly wipes clean our software of stagnant thought patterns and oudated  collective agreements –there is no choice but to find higher level solutions.

As Einstein said: ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them’. But remember when such collective shifts happen, first comes confusion and chaos.

In your own life, this is a fertile moment to think out of the box or even to jump up and down on the box.

Ask: ”How have I been underestimating myself? What have I been settling for? What is my wildly impossible goal?”

Stagnation is impossible when the Knight of Swords is saddled up. So picture yourself on your hell-bent for leather charger, sword drawn, trampling down whatever box has thwarted your best ideas, truest stories, and most inspired understanding.

New Moons are the most magical time for fresh beginnings, and this is the one closest to the Celtic New Year sabbat of Samhain. Therefore, the timing is ideal for sowing seeds of intention to enable these powerful, fundamental changes.

However, it is also the Libra New Moon – so use all your powers of discernment, fair judgment, and seeing many sides of the issues.

Be careful of pouring on too much aggression in whatever conflicts may come up. Is there a way that your goals could be better served by instead taking a breather and toning down the drama?

The urge to respond with a smart comeback, a nasty remark, or verbal dressing down may be powerful, but the intensity of this knight unleashed wrongly could cause real trouble, even start a war.

Expect someone to be a change agent, bearing a message that may topple our plans or routines. Or we may face situations where we are called on to fly far from our comfort zone.

For whom or what are you willing to summon your inner warrior, responding to perceived threats with vision and rapid intelligence?

The Knight of Swords gifts us with daring, and his swift, courageous action can empower us in important ways. It is essential above all, that if we must dash headlong into the storm, we make sure that the blade we wield has been forged with clear vision, fairness, and justice.

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