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Tarot Card of the Aries Full Moon Week, Oct. 2-8, 2017: The Magician

We circle round creating sacred space,
Invoking from the Heavens holy grace.
We call the Gods to guard our solemn rite,
And ward this hallowed ground with walls of light.
Let sky above and earth below unite,
A bond established by Olympic might.
Let fear and discord leave without a trace,
And peace prevail within this holy place.

Let word be deed by this decree.
As it is said, so must it be!
Apollonius Sophistes, from A Brumalia Ritual

As the season of endarkenment beckons just beyond the fullness of this week’s Harvest Moon in Aries, who should come calling for the first time in over three years? Let us open wide the door this week for The Magician.

The last time he visited, as he has this week, he came to us on a Full Moon, and also was preceded the week before by The World card.

As The World represents the grand finale, The Magician is the true beginning of the Major Arcana sequence, which as we discussed last week can be thought of as a version of the monomyth.

Where The Magician is trump card One of the Major Arcana, The Fool is the zero, the space between endings and beginnings, the great potential and possibility, but not yet manifest.

So if we were storytelling, which is what the Majors can surely do, The Fool would be the “Once upon a time…” The Magician would be the “…there was…”

The Magician is the hero of the Hero’s Journey.

Thus, he turns the nebulous, unformed potential of The Fool into directed intention and action. He is the initiator of consciousness and awareness.

Upon his table lie all the tools of the Minor Arcana, which are the symbols of the Elements: the Sword of Air, the Wand of Fire, the Cup of the Waters, and the Pentacle that is Earth.

Cloaked in passionate red, his tunic in the white of purity, he is in a bower of lilies and roses. This intertwining of white lilies and red roses offers a recurring theme throughout the Tarot, representing the juxtaposition of cold and hot; imperturbable objectivity with intense desire; abstract thought with raw, pulsing pleasure.

Above his crown chakra is the lemniscate, symbol of his connection to Eternity. As another symbol of eternity, his belt is the snake eating its own tail. This is the Ouroboros — a very ancient alchemical and mythological image that dates back to 14th century BCE Egypt.

He stands, like a lightning rod, inviting the holy flash of Spirit. He runs the energy of The One, manifesting Earth: As above, so below.

The Magician is a receptor and channeler of power, a shaman who understands exactly how to receive the raw force of the Universe, and direct it — to make, to create, to change, and to shape outcomes in the “real” world.

He does not get bogged down in the mental morass of trying to understand and explain that world. He is here to transform it.

Shine On, Harvest Moon

You may be more used to thinking of the Harvest Moon as being in September, but actually, it is traditionally the Full Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox. Therefore, this week’s Full Moon is that magical, storied Moon, as well as being the Hunter’s Moon.

When the Moon is full, the Sun is in the opposite sign of the zodiac. Therefore, with the Sun now in Libra, the Full Moon is in Aries.

Astrologer Tanaaz explains the power of this Aries Full Moon in terms that align beautifully with both last week’s card, The World, and now how The Magician can help us be fully present this week (bold emphasis added by me):

The October 5th Full Moon falls in the fire sign of Aries and is going to bring an intensity and passion to all of our lives.

The last month for many of us has been about resting, contemplating and releasing the old for the new to emerge. We have been guided by the cosmos to take a gentle approach and to be patient when it comes to going after what we want.

We have also been reminded by Mother Earth with the changing of seasons to prepare for a shift and to give ourselves time to acclimate to the new vibrations that are on offer to us.

All of this energy has been with us since the watery, gentle Pisces Full Moon back in early September, but now the tides are turning.

With the October Full Moon in Aries we are being asked to step up, take action and start claiming back our lives.

No more can we hide in the shadows, no more can we spend time resting and contemplating; instead the time has come to act.

We must find our strength no matter what has been going on for us or how hopeless it seems. We must find our strength and we must solider ahead.

When the Full Moon falls in Aries it is a reminder that there are always going to be obstacles in life…but when you believe in yourself, when you tune into your heart’s desire and know yourself, anything is possible.

This is the true authority of The Magician – the knowledge of himself, resulting in the ability to align with and become a conduit of Divine Will.

He knows exactly what he intends to do, and why. Because he is crystal clear about his powers, his willingness, and his connection to All That Is, he acts without hesitation or doubt. By this, he is able to achieve miracles.

Claim Your Birthright – Claim Your Power

The Magician reminds us that ours is the ability to tap into Source, and manifest as we will. This is our birthright and it is unstoppable, with just one catch: one must be willing to both take action and accept the consequences.

In other words, we must put ourselves completely on the line.

The Libra-Aries polarity of this Full Moon teaches that our deepest personal yearnings can be made manifest if and only if they serve the highest good for all.

This week, how is the wild essence of the Multiverse in your hands? How can you make your own life a magical act of creativity?

You have the skill and the calling to shape-shift your reality into whatever you most long for. Look inside and ask: how are you being shown that your heart’s most authentic wish is, in fact, in the longing of God Herself for you?

The time has come to claim your power, focus yourself, and move between Heaven and Earth.

The world cries out for your unique gift of transformation. Will you dare to call upon the Gods and then unleash your truest artistry?

Ride the waves of this magical Moon. Create your sacred space. Set your clearest intention. Invoke your Divine Ones for blessing.

Be ready to receive and to give more than you ever have. The power is yours to call in, and make real the shining miracles of which you have dreamed.

With all your heart, cast your richest spells. Pray your finest prayers.

Let word be deed, by your decree. As you so say, so must it be!

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  • October 2, 2017, 3:07 pm Ellen Apple

    Thank you.

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    You are welcome. Thank you for visiting and commenting dear one.

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    Thank you, Beth. Some solace on this heartbreaking day.

    By the way, I kept wondering why some of your tarot card posts here came up as photos of kittens. You must have them tagged as “trump” cards, right? And I have the #MAKA (Make America Kittens Again) app on my browser that turns any photo of 45 into kittens. The realization made me laugh out loud! Some lightness amidst the sorrow. <3

  • October 2, 2017, 5:47 pm Beth

    LOL! Kit — that is hilarious! Yes, that’s exactly what is happening. I needed a good laugh on this very crummy day. Thank you. ❤

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    WOW, Just WOW

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    Perfect.. I’m glad I have found your site once again..