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Tarot Card for the Week of Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2017: Five of Swords

His governing model is to divide and to attempt to bully and to use untruths.

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tennessee), describing the current President of the United States

Well, well, well. Look who’s back again. And in such an important and pivotal week – the celebrations of Samhain and the Full Moon, more’s the pity.

Yet still, we would be wise to never underestimate or ignore the messages of the Five of Swords, for to do so could be painful.

As is the tendency with the Minor Arcana Fives, as well as most of the Swords suit, this card depicts conflict and strife. So here we have a double-whammy of trouble.

The sky is stormy, with jagged, threatening clouds. The man in the foreground gloats as the other two figures retreat in defeat, perhaps even disgrace.

Arthur Waite wrote of it, “A disdainful man looks after two retreating and dejected figures. Their swords lie upon the ground. He carries two others on his left shoulder, and a third sword is in his right hand, point to earth. He is the master in possession of the field.”

Waite assigned it an interpretation of, “Degradation, destruction, revocation, infamy, dishonour, loss, with the variants and analogues of these.”

Harsh terms for someone so happy to see themselves as now being in command.

What was the nature of this conflict? While the two had more manpower, the smirking winner was more heavily armed, perhaps due to some kind of trickery, almost certainly having some unfair advantage.

Although he is very sure of himself and he has disarmed the two in what Waite has called a dishonorable defeat, most interpretations do not assume that this situation is final.

For if there is any dominating theme to the Tarot, it is that justice must eventually out, and balance be restored. But as is so often the case, the road there may be fraught with setbacks and difficulty, as the two in the background are experiencing.

Where Are You in This Picture?

Like all Tarot cards that depict more than one figure, we must give some thought to who we are in the picture — the smug victor? Or the despondent defeated?

And once again, we are given one of Pixie Smith’s “stage cards,” the double horizontal line along the background making it appear that perhaps this is a theatrical production. What drama is being enacted for our benefit and guidance?

Remember, though, that the Swords are the suit most often associated with the element of Air. They rule communications, attitude, thought, perception, story-telling, and words.

So while this is not a card that would point towards actual, physical combat and danger, I have often seen it show up when there is back-stabbing and nasty manipulation going on. Gossip, half-truths, and bullying all find a home in this scenario.

This is the calling card of someone who will win at any price, and does not respect the humanity or dignity of his or her adversaries. In fact, this bully enjoys crushing people and then laughing behind their backs.

Who does this remind you of?

When Is Enough Enough?

In the past several weeks, two powerful U.S. Senators from P45’s own party have broken ranks and criticized him in shocking terms.

Jeff Flake of Arizona declared he would not be “complicit” with Trump and announced his surprise retirement, while Bob Corker of Tennessee declared the president “debases our nation” with his constant untruths and name-calling.

As CNN has reported, like the worst sort of fifth grade bully, P45 has made it his signature to zero in on people’s imperfections and vulnerabilities and then pick at them relentlessly.

For instance, they report:

Senator Corker is relatively short in stature — he’s 5’7″ — while Trump is right around 6’3″. Corker’s height was, according to the Daily Caller [White House correspondent Alex Pfeiffer], one of the big reasons the Tennessee Republican didn’t make the cut to be Trump’s secretary of state.

Two sources with knowledge of the transition say that the Tennessee senator’s short stature was a key factor,” the Daily Caller report said. Yes, really.

The focus on Corker’s height is the latest example of the fact that the President of the United States name-calls like your average fifth-grade bully. As he demonstrated throughout the 2016 campaign, this is Trump’s default approach to politics — and life…

Lyin’ Ted. Lil’ Marco. Low Energy Jeb. Crooked Hillary. Little Rocket Man. Pocahontas.

Such behavior can be entertaining to some, even gleefully so for those filled with impotent hate. But as a basis of national policy and international negotiations, it is deadly.

Bullies may win in the short term. But what goes around, finally does come around, and those who have been cheated or treated unfairly never completely quit. They are always waiting, just offstage, for their next entrance.

And if they feel they must continue to fight, in order to protect and preserve the greater good, you can count on it to be without compromise, and with bigger, better prepared armies in the next act.

Honor, Respect, and Integrity

In your own world this week, guard against people who are, because of their own weaknesses, prone to underhanded behavior. They may especially favor sniping with poisonous innuendos.

Try not to make enemies if there is disagreement, but instead, approach any potential conflict with candor and scrupulous honesty. If possible, first stretch out the hand of diplomacy.

Beware of your own temptations towards malicious gossip, half-truths with an agenda, or gloating over any advantage you may currently enjoy in a competitive situation. Acting with integrity is true strength.

On the other hand, have you been hurt or cheated out of something by a wily or sneaky opponent? Do you feel you have suffered because of someone’s selfishness, ego, or malice?

Perhaps now is the time to walk away while you can. A strategic retreat may be the wisest move.

Take extra care to protect what is valuable to you, and be cautious about people who would wield their power in underhanded, dishonest ways, as well as any urge to do so on your part. Infamy and trickery are floating in the air.

Winning at any price will not really vanquish a competitor. People will always remember how they were made to feel. This is why sooner or later, the payback always comes. Fairness and justice, eventually, must be served.

When they are, where will you be in this picture?

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  • October 30, 2017, 11:46 pm Diana Raudenbush

    Thank you for this weeks Oct. 30th to Nov.5th tarot card reading of the Five of Swards. when reading I was amazed how it fit my situation at this time. I’m going through a Legal issue that seems endless, but all I want to do is end it, so the family can heal again.

  • October 31, 2017, 10:20 am María Gabriela Puig

    Oh Gods! this fits perfect, the situation Im living now with my brother. This part describes him, perfectly: “This is the calling card of someone who will win at any price, and does not respect the humanity or dignity of his or her adversaries. In fact, this bully enjoys crushing people and then laughing behind their backs.”
    Feeling was the right thing to do, on Sunday, I said to my sister-in-law, will not visit them, now living at my dead parents house, during this week, because my brother is on vacations, and will stay home. In fact, I apologized with her, because the problems between him and me.
    Blessed be, Happy Shamain. Regards from Argentina.
    I follow your blog for years now. Thanks for your light and wisdom.

  • October 31, 2017, 1:45 pm Beth

    Wow. Thanks to BOTH of you for sharing how this can play out in our real lives. While painful, the deeper knowledge can be empowering. I am so glad you found me and are finding support here. Blessed be.

  • October 31, 2017, 8:46 pm Jean

    This fits perfectly with my work situation
    The warning is very clear, I will take heed. Thank you. You always seem to put everything in perspective.