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Slow Down. Reflect. Review. It’s Mercury Retrograde Again.

Mercury is Retrograde

Just a very brief check-in my dears, as I am putting the finishing touches on my introductory Tarot class materials for this afternoon.

Please for heaven’s sake take care and take it slowly — it’s Mercury Retrograde time again! We’ve been feeling it already during the “shadow period,” when the energy begins shifting, but it officially stationed retrograde last night at 9:01pm (Eastern time).

This retrograde has already begun in dramatic fashion, as we have seen in today’s tragic news headlines. It will continue to present us with challenges and opportunities (depending on how you want to look at things). And it’s not alone — right now there are four other planets in retrograde, in addition to Mercury — plus Chiron.

Merc retro is always a challenging period for travel, business, technology, and communication. That’s because from our perspective here on Earth it looks like the planet Mercury, ruler of those matters, is moving backwards in the heavens.

You almost certainly know the drill by now: back up your technology, watch your words, and be patient and prepared for travel delays. It is usually wise to pad your schedule for all kinds of glitches, errors, and backtracking. And please be extra, extra careful if you have to sign any kind of contract or agreements. (Best to delay if possible).

Besides the effects of all the other heavenly bodies in retro right now, this particular Mercury retrograde gets even more oomph. My friend Diotima Mantineia explains:

It’s strong, in its own sign of Virgo. It goes retrograde oppose Neptune, also strong in its own sign, and when it goes direct, it will go direct right on the degree of the upcoming solar eclipse.

So, yes, it’s a bigger than usual deal. What does this all mean?

It means some major shifts and changes around all things Mercurial — communication, information technology, travel and trade. Check and double-check computer backups and travel plans, and have a plan B for everything.

Since Virgo rules physical health, continuing fights and upheavals around health care are likely — not just the legalities, but the practicalities as well (for instance, hospitals may be overcrowded or under-staffed, Big Pharma and health insurers and their effect on the public may be prominent in the news.)

Also likely are major changes of some kind in areas of public service — the military, civil service, law enforcement.

Telling truth from fantasy will be a challenge (are you SURE you have the truth?) and exposure of things previously hidden is also on the menu.

This retrograde will affect you most strongly if you have planets or points in your natal chart between 27 degrees of Leo/Aquarius through 13 degrees of Virgo/Pisces.

A great way to work with this energy is to work on developing your intuitive abilities by testing them against reality. Try to guess who’s calling before you pick up the phone. Draw a tarot card in the morning, and see how your prediction based on that card turns out.

Also, don’t forget that Mercury Rx is a natural part of a cycle that occurs about three times a year, and there are good things about it that you can take advantage of.

You can visit her website for more information about working with Mercury here.

Don’t Fear the Retrograde

Despite often getting a bad rap, Merc retro is a great time to review, revise, and reconsider the things that are important to you. And in our constant go-go-go world, it’s a divine opportunity to de-stress, slow the heck down, and breathe!

Consider this a gift of time for planning, evaluation, and assessing where you want to go (both literally and creatively) once the skies have cleared. You’ll have plenty of time for this, because Mercury won’t station direct again until September 5.

Until then, take it easy, double-check the “facts,” watch what you’re saying and where you’re going, and take this time as a well-earned chance for slowing down. Take a step back from the crazy-making vortex of communications, opinions, and endless head noise.

Deepen your connection to your calm, sacred center. Reflect before you react and give yourself some space.

I have no doubt that you need it, as do we all.