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Faith, Hope, and Charity – August, 2017

Tera Thomas at Hummingbird Farm

Last year, after my website redesign, one of the things that changed was that I no longer had a page full of links and recommendations for some of my favorite people and organizations.

But I feel that weaving our interconnected web of support and inspiration is an important component of my path.

I had hoped to make this a monthly post, in sync with my WINGS newsletter, but right after my first issue, I got my diagnosis and everything came to a screeching halt.

Happily though, I am very tenacious (my Cancer Sun sign, no doubt!) so I am now resuming this as a regular feature, highlighting an individual, or group, or service that I think you might like to know more about.

I hope you will be inspired to learn more, support their work, and share with your friends.

Hummingbird Farm

Next year, visionary Tera Thomas (pictured above) will be celebrating her 20th anniversary of creating Hummingbird Farm, a 49-acre non-profit learning center and sanctuary between Siler City and Pittsboro, NC.

Hummingbird Farm is dedicated to deepening our connection to all Life through animal communication, Earth awareness, ceremony, and celebration.

And Tera herself is a truly beautiful soul, the kind of person you might only meet once in a lifetime.

She is a gifted intuitive whose ability to communicate with animals is legendary. And with the extraordinary guidance of her own pets and animal friends, Tera has created an oasis of peace.

Hummingbird Farm is a bridge of healing and love that connects the human realms and the world of Nature.

MerlinShe is a champion of the power of intentional dreaming, and on the Solstices and Equinoxes, her profoundly touching newsletter always offers suggestions for how to focus our vision and intention to co-create a more peaceful, harmonious connection between every species.

Tera notes that when she first began her work as an animal communicator, she thought that her job was to help animals. To a certain extent this is true, but she notes that in most cases, it is she who has been the beneficiary — the animals have taught her, and brought profound healing into her own life.

She shares the farm with a number of cats, dogs, llamas, goats, a miniature horse, and an alpaca, not to mention untold numbers of wild animals who bask in the magical glow of love that surrounds her sacred land.

As one friend of the farm recently noted, “Hummingbird Farm is simply one of the most beautiful places on the Earth. My animals and I are grateful every day for the love, kindness, communication, and teachings we receive from them. May their goodness flow out to all beings everywhere.”

While Tera is a gifted empath, she believes that everyone can be (and should be!) taught the skill of telepathic communication with our beloved animals.

She explains, “Awakening your ability to communicate with animals is a big step in reconnecting yourself to the web of life. All beings on this planet are conscious and are able to communicate with us through telepathy, the language of feelings.”

She offers many classes and workshops teaching these skills. She also offers healing circles for those in need of prayer. And of course, her own services as a communicator as also available.

Tera welcomes community participation at Hummingbird Farm as well, with a variety of fun and educational events throughout the year (more about that below).

Please Share and Support Hummingbird Farm

As you might imagine, taking care of a farm and many, many animals is not cheap. She makes ends meet through donations and by her intuitive work — all of her fees for animal communication sessions go to the farm.

But Tera explains that Hummingbird Farm belongs to everyone: the Earth, animals, and humans. You can be a part of Hummingbird Farm just because you want to. It doesn’t take a cent to join.

But here, today, I am asking you to please consider making a contribution to help Tera and the farm thrive.

If you would like to make a contribution by giving a tax deductible donation, you can mail a check to:
Hummingbird Farm
P O. Box 1603
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Or donate via PayPal on their website.

Tera also gratefully welcomes your kind wishes, good energy, prayers, and loving support of all kinds.

To learn more about the inspiring work at Hummingbird Farm, and other ways you can support and be a part of it, visit the Hummingbird Farm website, their Facebook page, or call (919) 742-5929.

Better still, come out and visit!

Family friendly fun at Hummingbird FarmThere are frequent opportunities for volunteers to come out and help work the farm. By getting on Tera’s newsletter list, you’ll learn more about these. Strong arms and loving hearts are welcome — just call and ask.

But here’s another excuse to visit Hummingbird Farm:

The Hummingbird Farm Fall Festival
Saturday, October 22 1-4pm

Bring your family (human only, please) for a day of fun activities, door prizes, drumming, and demonstrations.

Call Tera for details, and tell her Beth Owl sends blessings!