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Tarot Card of the Week, June 26-July 2, 2017: Eight of Cups

This week, you may be at a crossroads, because something deeply emotional is missing. What magical doorway opens, through which you long to slip? Continue Reading

Courage Vanquish Every Shadow, Greet Midsummer With a Kiss

Join me today, for I wish you a blessed Litha! May our magick rise up, shine, and, as our ancestors taught, bring healing, joy, and transformation. Continue Reading

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It’s Midsummer’s Eve, So Let Us Make Merry – We Dance This Night With the Magick of Faery!

Tonight is a powerfully magical cusp, as we come to a sacred threshold. The Wheel of Time turns, the Light reaches its climax. Come celebrate with me. Continue Reading

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The Gatekeeper of New Moon and Solstice, June 19-25, 2017: The High Priestess

For the New Moon and Solstice this week, our card offers an invitation for you to discover your own hidden, inexplicable, non-verbal ways of Knowing. Continue Reading

Tarot Card of the Week, June 12-18, 2017: Death

This week, we face the most recognized, misunderstood card of the Tarot. It is time to choose what we want to see flourish and what is life-draining. Continue Reading

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