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Slow Down! Watch Your Step (and Mouth)! It’s Mercury Retrograde

Just a very brief check-in my dears, as I am, myself, straightening out a few computer hiccups that turned up in the so-called “shadow” period this week.

Yes, that’s right, it’s Mercury Retrograde time again! It starts tonight at 7:15pm (Eastern time), and will present us with challenges and opportunities (depending on how you want to look at things).

Merc retro is always a challenging period for travel, business, technology, and communication. That’s because from our perspective here on Earth it looks like the planet Mercury, ruler of those matters, is moving backwards in the heavens.

You almost certainly know the drill by now: back up your technology, watch your words, and be patient and prepared for travel delays. It is usually wise to pad your schedule for all kinds of glitches, errors, and backtracking. And please be extra, extra careful if you have to sign any kind of contract or agreements. (Best to delay if possible).

With Venus (which rules over money, beauty, and social graces) also in retrograde until next Saturday, I would urge you to also postpone or at least pause before making any expensive purchases.

Don’t Fear the Retrograde

Despite often getting a bad rap, Merc retro is a great time to review, revise, and reconsider the things that are important to you. And in our constant go-go-go world, it’s a divine opportunity to de-stress, slow the heck down, and breathe!

Consider this a gift of time for planning, evaluation, and assessing where you want to go (both literally and creatively) once the skies have cleared. You’ll have plenty of time for this, because Mercury won’t station direct again until May 4.

Until then, take it easy, watch what you’re saying and where you’re going, and take this time as a well-earned chance for slowing down.

I have no doubt that you need it as much as I do.