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Tarot Card of the New Moon and Eclipse Week, Feb. 20-26, 2017: Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands

When good people in any country cease their vigilance and struggle, then evil men prevail.

Pearl S. Buck

For this week of the New Pisces Moon and Solar Eclipse, we receive a mixed blessing from the Tarot. Still, with great respect, let us resolve to welcome the insights of the Nine of Wands.

In the Tarot, the Nines traditionally are the culmination of the suit and show how the stories inherent in it may be resolved.

Since the Wands are ruled by the element of Fire and pertain to action, energy, and power, the ending comes as a threshold where dynamic activity is not able to cease, but may instead give way to fatigued endurance.

Here, we can see that this figure has fought his way through difficulty and bears the scars of his struggle. He has prevailed in adversity, but leaning on his staff, he appears tired and bruised.

Notice his defensive posture and his wary expression. He looks over his shoulder as if with the expectation that the fight may only have paused, and not yet be over. His bandaged head hints to us that his wounds may be not only physical, but mental or emotional.

Although there is a line of Wands that has his back, and he has evidently won the day, his expression is that of someone who fully expects more battles yet to come.

Could this be a battle-hardened update to our defender from last week?

Because of the two parallel horizontal lines near his feet, this is an example of how the deck’s artist, Pamela Colman Smith, sometimes places the characters in the cards on what appears to be a theater stage.

Behind him, the Wands even resemble a curtain. Is it possible that this is a narrative enacted for our benefit, rather than a literal truth?

The Endless Campaign

I admit that I have been thinking of this card a lot, especially since, rather than to focus on serving the people of America, P45 (unsurprisingly) went back on the campaign trail this weekend.

(I just can’t bring myself to type that guy’s name, so, inspired by my friend, astrologer Elisabeth Grace, I’m using her brilliant substitute – P45 — from here on).

As I have written regarding this card in the past:

There is no peace here, no disarmament, and no victory that brings satisfaction.

This is how civilizations perpetrate the idea that we must always be in a constant state of warfare. This is how those in power make our identity dependent on having an enemy to fight. How can we be the good guys if there are no bad guys lurking, waiting to strike?

Just as soon as one war begins to subside, another magically comes along to supersede it.  Coincidence?

Nietzsche said it best: “He who lives by fighting with an enemy has an interest in the preservation of the enemy’s life.”

P45’s need for enemies, conflict, and attention (especially when he’s being the “bad boy”) would be simply sad, if he didn’t possess so much terrifying power.

Yet by the same token, those who would suggest that now that the election is over, we just pipe down and go back to sleep for another four years are quite mistaken.

The misogyny, racism, and fear-mongering that have been unleashed as “normal” in this country must be opposed. As so many statesmen and philosophers have observed, the price of freedom is vigilance, even if we are weary and would rather give up.

New Moon in Pisces, Solar Eclipse

This Sunday, we’ll be celebrating the New Pisces Moon. And as it happens, it brings a Solar Eclipse, concluding the 2-part eclipse cycle that started with the Lunar Eclipse on Feb. 10.

Beware of being scorched by the potential overload of the Wands’ fire, which may arrive via Mars and Uranus heating things up in the sign of Aries, with Pluto’s ongoing deconstructions busily at work.

Diane Lang, of Libra Seeking Balance astrology has this to say about the fiery influences this week:

Mars in Aries is totally going to stir the pot this week because he is square to Pluto in Capricorn on Wednesday and conjoins Uranus in Aries on Sunday. Please think carefully before making any moves because this is one of those times when rash, reckless behaviors could land us in serious trouble.

Choose to channel this red hot energy into constructive projects or hard, physical activity to burn it off. Wednesday is the most volatile day because the Moon is in Capricorn and emotions may be running high too.

By Sunday, both the Sun and Mercury will be in Pisces dampening the atmosphere and hopefully keeping tempers more in check.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces asks us to connect to our inner sense of direction to help us with the explosive Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aries opposing Jupiter in Libra. Fire and water dominate the New Moon chart, and that creates plenty of steam . . . watch out you don’t get burnt.

On a more positive note, this week’s powerful interactions of the Sun and Moon with Neptune offer great potential for psychic awareness. Use all your powers of discernment to pick your battles. Know where possible conflict is (and isn’t) as well as who or what is protecting you, especially where you are vulnerable.

Warding Off Trouble While Warding Off Burnout

With the astrological year winding down, it’s not unusual to feel like the weary soldier in the Nine of Wands. For many, this has been a time of exhausting drama, intensity, and constantly putting out fires.

Alas, this is not a peaceful time, but it may be an opportunity to take a well-deserved breather. Rest as you can to avoid complete collapse, but do not drop your guard.

Observe how you compete and cooperate when there is competition. How invested are you in a win/lose framework?

How do you accept your victories, if you bother to at all? Who is your enemy? (Bear in mind that the “enemy” is not always a person).

What alternative ending to this suit’s story of Fire, change, magic, and passion would you prefer to create instead?

How might you step back, reduce the stress, and refresh your vitality and creativity while still persevering in the long game that matters to you?

With this card’s inspiration, we will find ways to dig deep, to sustain our courage and stamina. And if we will look around, we will see we are not alone.

Thus, we must never default to men of evil intent, simply because we are weary of defending the good.