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Hail the New Ye Lads and Lasses, Dec. 19-25, 2016: The Fool

Sing we joyous all together! Fa la la la la la la la la!
Heedless of the wind and weather, Fa la la la la la la la la!


Once again, my dears, the Major Arcana cards insist on making their presence known. In this holiday week of Winter Solstice/Yule, Hanukkah, and Christmas, who should come calling but our friend, The Fool!

If the world has perhaps been weighing too heavily upon us, here are our marching orders to lighten up!

Sporting a jaunty red feather, with his hand in the position of the Gyan Mudra, he holds a white rose–symbol of both passion and purity. His arms are opened wide, exposing his heart. Poised on the precipice, he is accompanied by his companion dog who is either warning or dancing with him (or a bit of both).

His cloak is covered in circles divided into eighths – referencing the eight quarters and cross-quarter holidays of the Wheel of the Year. Not surprising, then, to see him visit for the week of this pivotal, ancient Sabbat.

As he stands on the edge of his leap into the unknown, he carries a small satchel on a stick. He travels with only the essentials, eschewing all that is weighty or complicated.

However, look closely and you will see that the stick upon which his bag is attached is a magic wand. Is he aware of its power?

The Fool is the Zero in the Tarot – the beginning and end of the Major Arcana journey, but not a part of the story itself.

Hot on the heels of last week’s Death card exhorting us to clear away what no longer serves us, The Fool points to a fresh, innocent new beginning. As the Light is reborn at Winter Solstice, so may we be.

What a magical gift – truly, a Yuletide treasure!

A Time Out of Time

I love the fact that in these waning days of 2016, a year so weighted with conflict, sorrow, and hostility, the Zero of the Tarot invites us to step out of our own stories and dramas.

As I noted last week, we are now in the Halcyon Days – an ancient, very magical period of truce, peace, and suspending workaday chores. Instead we are called to let our spirits be light, celebrating our holy days with warm hospitality and gatherings of our loved ones.

Now is the time to set aside our differences, arguments, and worldly cares. Our universal sacred traditions call for peace, as well as making merry together.

Who better to guide us than The Fool?

A Life-Healing Antidote to Control

The more important something is, the less likely it is that we will know ahead of time how it will turn out. But moving forward is essential, even if you feel like you are walking over the edge of a cliff.

In order to grow into who we truly are, we must be willing to let go of who we were. Taking the risk of authenticity is the scariest, most necessary thing we will ever do.

But. But. But… Now?

Procrastination is a form of fear and perfectionism, rooted in our need for control. But if we wait for all roads to be clear and smooth, we are lost.

The Fool is the antidote for our fussy fears. He dares us to break free of convention, and to take a flying leap of faith. He is the part of us who knows that to be more creative and real, we must be willing to embrace failure. For without taking that crazy, wild step, we will never move forward, much less, succeed.

Tis the Season to Be Jolly

To fall in love is to be The Fool, for like him, we must expose our tender vulnerabilities without shame.

And no breakthrough, no cure, no discovery, no accomplishment in human history was ever made without someone being ridiculed as a Fool for trying.

How about a breath of completely fresh air? How about dropping old masks of pretense and compromise, and instead reaching for your highest heights? Isn’t it time to take the risk of being truly you?

What power might be present in the tools you carry? What is in your own traveling baggage? What have you already said goodbye to? What new journey beckons?

The Fool is only a fool to those who judge him. In his own view, he is simply following his bliss. The Universe supports the Fool’s crazy wisdom, for he embodies our truest and best humanity.

What dicey, foolish, you-ought-to-know-better thing is your spirit crying out for this week? What is stopping you?

What fun are you longing to plunge into? It’s time! It’s time!

Shed the burdens of second-guessing, perfectionism, and all your grown-up cares. Innocence offers you power and joy. ‘Tis the season, my darling!

In the old ways of our ancestors, as we await and celebrate the Light’s rebirth, we dance on the foolish edge of a new beginning.

With all our hearts, though fools we may be, let us sing our finest, wildest —

Joy to the World!

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  • December 19, 2016, 5:57 pm Dana -- Dreaming Spirit Bear

    Well said Beth. And a good explanation of why the Fool is always who I try to embrace and embody most.

    I have been re-reading the Tao Te Ching to mesh Taoism with the Tai Chi principals I practice daily. A side enlightenment of this process is realizing that the proverbial Tao, which cannot be explained, is what makes the Fool the Fool. He is the person who by doing nothing gets everything done. He is the uncarved block from which anything and everything flows. He is the empty cup.

  • December 20, 2016, 8:10 am Helen/Hawk

    Another meaning for the White Rose ….from history (not intention of the artist)

    “In the summer of 1942, the friends began to question and resist the principals and policies of the Nazi regime. The group decided to adopt the strategy of passive resistance that was being used by students fighting against racial discrimination in the United States. This included publishing leaflets calling for the restoration of democracy and social justice. These were distributed throughout central Germany and the Gestapo soon became aware of the group’s activities.

    The group co-authored six anti-Nazi Third Reich political resistance leaflets. Calling themselves the White Rose, they instructed Germans to passively resist the Nazis. They had been horrified by the behaviour of the Germans on the Eastern Front where they had witnessed a group of naked Jews being shot in a pit.”

  • December 20, 2016, 9:34 am Beth

    Wow! Thank you both for your comments.

    Dreaming Spirit Bear – My dear friend, you are the wisest Tao Fool and walker of The Way I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. ♥

    And Hawk: Thank you for that powerful insight into how the white rose has evolved through history. Your telling gave me chills. I am grateful for this evocative story of courage and resistance that I hope inspires us, for such heroism is needed still today. Blessings to you.