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Tarot Card of this Full Moon Week, Aug. 15-21, 2016: Seven of Cups

Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder
respectable, and to give the appearance of solidity to pure wind.
George Orwell

In this week of the Full Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Leo, with mixed emotions perhaps, we welcome the Seven of Cups.

It features a silhouetted figure with his back to us. We cannot tell where he stands or even if he is grounded, as we only see his torso from the hips up.

He is gazing up at the glowing vision of seven cups that float before him. Some contain images that beckon seductively, others are more fearsome. And the central one is the Higher Self, glowing with Mystery.

Sevens are connected to Saturn, the Teacher who rules the systems and structures of time, the material realm, and who pushes us to do the practical work needed, to achieve our goals.

The suit of Cups is concerned with emotions, dreams, intuition, and feelings. The Seven of Cups suggests we might be looking within our hearts to make a choice, but without reaching a conclusion.  Two of Swords

Two weeks ago at the New Moon, the Two of Swords pointed to a difficult choice that was being hampered by analysis paralysis. Sometimes, decisions that are attempted using only the intellect have trouble moving forward.

But the Seven of Cups shows that emotions alone are not always the best tool for deciding, either.

The Sun, the Moon, and Saturn-Neptune

Cafe Astrology says of this week’s combination of Aquarius Full Moon and Leo Sun:

This Full Moon was originally recorded as a Lunar Eclipse but was later downgraded – but it’s very close. For astrological purposes, we can consider it a potent Full Moon.

When a Full Moon occurs, we can suddenly burst forth with proclamations and outpours that seem fresh and new, simply because they are not yet rationalized. In fact, a Full Moon illuminates feelings, attitudes, and circumstances that are already in existence…

[This] Full Moon occurs when the Leo Sun opposes the Moon in Aquarius. The Full Moon is a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of that which was started at the New Moon. It is an emotional time–a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships.The Leo Sun is proud and intensely individual–not content with simply being just one of the team.

The Aquarius Moon, while individualistic as well, values independence and the “team”. The Full Moon illuminates this conflict.

So many choices and possibilities.

Under these emotionally charged Full Moon energies, creative Leo’s influence wants what is going to make us shine, shine, shine. But brainiac Aquarius is cool-headed and considers the big picture of what will serve the greater good.

Molly Hall shines additional illumination, telling us:

Leo and Aquarius bring together big heart and big mind, as a polarity on opposite sides of the Zodiac wheel.  The best of both is a playful generous spirit, with heart intelligence.

Leo and Aquarius freak each other out, while sensing something familiar in each other’s motives.  Being a polarity means they encounter each other as totally opposite, but find the other compelling.

If the figure in the Seven of Cups would turn off some of the pressure to make The Perfect Choice, and would trust his more playful instincts and heart intelligence, discernment could be his.

In addition, Saturn’s long retrograde just ended on Saturday, and now the giant planet of karma and time is slowly moving forward again (from our perspective on Earth) in the sign of Sagittarius.

After being stymied making progress on work projects, or lacking the discipline to buckle down and take care of important tasks, this forward movement promises progress. Now is the time to set aside procrastination and wishful fantasy.

Saturn has a way of making us get real — now.

Lastly, while we’re talking about Saturn, I should mention we are heading into the third and final exact square between Saturn and Neptune (coming to the skies near you on September 10).

Squares in astrology can be compared to when opponents “square off.” They are confrontational and clash against one another.

In this case, the showdown is between Saturn, the Lord of Time and Discipline and Neptune, the Planet of Dreams and Dissolution. Astro-psychologist Dr. Glenn Perry writes:

It is generally accepted that politics is shrouded in lies. This may be a more or less permanent condition, much like cloudy weather in Seattle.

Yet, it seems that when Saturn and Neptune align in hard aspect, those clouds crystallize into hailstones of deceit that precipitate upon the populace with a din so deafening it can drown out the voice of reason.

With Saturn square Neptune exact three times this year, a transparent film of lies has settled across the globe like a toxic pesticide.

Do not be deceived, dear visitor, by the cacophony of promises, half-truths, and pure b.s. being floated before us in the media and political contests now underway.

Judge with all the gifts of your humanity: your intelligence, your creative passions, your emotions and intuition, and practical, tangible evidence. Most of all, listen to the quiet, divine wisdom that always resides within you.

Time to Decide

The Seven of Cups often signals a turning point. But things may still be “up in the air.”

Your decision may not be easy, for this card often represents having too many choices, or too little substantial or reliable information, or else a very strong tendency to be drawn in by emotions, especially fears and projections.

You can’t keep all options open forever. Beware of staying stuck in the illusion that you can have it all.

What do your fantasies and wildest dreams reveal about your authentic self? How does your imagination shape your reality and reflect your inner truth?

Your emotional awareness is helpful at times, and we all need our dreams. But living exclusively in an imaginary world is a form of self-sabotage, especially if its temptations keep you paralyzed or undermine your willingness to work for what you want.

This card’s appearance may also portend contact with other, mystical realms. But it will be up to you to turn inspiration, magic, and oracular insight into solid results in your life.

Without groundedness and commitment, you are nowhere. Dreams only come true for people who are willing to at last stop dithering, and buckle down to work (and Saturn so agrees with this!).

Instead, decide. Commit.

And in so doing, the shining mysterious one in the center will be revealed, for it is you, yourself, in all of your soul’s glory.

May you manifest your authenticity for a world that is badly in need of it.


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