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Tarot Card of the Week, July 4-10, 2016: Knight of Pentacles

The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.

President John F. Kennedy

This week that starts off with a New Moon in Cancer and the solar return of the U.S.A., we welcome back the Knight of Pentacles.

As you probably know, the Court cards of the Tarot are the “people” cards. They usually represent an actual person — either ourselves, or someone that is interacting with us. Less often, they may simply be abstract personality traits we are directed to notice.

The Knights of the Tarot are the champions, the energetic and often forceful movers and shakers of the Court. However, the Pentacles are ruled by the element of Earth. So here we have a Knight that is a sturdy, well-grounded person, and who is rarely in a hurry.

Instead he (or she) is methodical, calm, and even a bit conservative. “Slow and steady wins the race,” would be his motto.

Unlike the other Knights, who are all in motion, this one sits quietly on his horse, looking out across the fields that await planting. In his hand, he holds the Pentacle that is his wealth and investment for the future.

Green Man Basel SwitzerlandHis helmet and his horse are adorned with greenery, reinforcing his connection to the Earth, perhaps even the ancient God of the Land, the Green Man.

Thus, he is an ally for the wise stewardship of Earth’s bounty and resources.

Because he will never start something he isn’t determined to finish, he can be cautious and take a long while to make up his mind.

But once committed, he is rock-solid. He refuses to acknowledge obstacles, instead taking a dogged approach in the pursuit of his goals.

A hard-worker, he has tremendous stamina and dedication. Every job is always completed down to the last detail. He never multitasks or leaves anything dangling unfinished. He’s careful and prudent, never wasteful.

Work comes first for him and he can be inflexible about little details. He doesn’t much like change or risk and might sometimes tend towards pessimism (in the name of being “realistic”). And certainly, his challenge is to be swift, flexible, and more lighthearted when needed.

To a fiery Wands type, or brainy Swords people, the Knight of Pentacles might seem a bit stodgy and dull. True, he’s not known for his speed, charm, charisma or intellect, and he is seldom the life of the party.

But he is practical, direct, and down-to-earth. He’s the level-headed one you want nearby in any kind of emergency. And when he gets around to giving his heart, it is for keeps.

Dark of the Moon, Plant a Seed Tonight

This week, the United States celebrates its birthday in an election year that is clearly a watershed moment for our country. While world economies are flummoxed under the stress of “Brexit,”  our country is also journeying through the foundational challenges of Pluto transiting our Second House of money.

But this Knight can be a strong ally for budgeting and the judicious use of resources.

Similarly to how he holds his coin thoughtfully before him, we should consider well what creates economic justice and security for the majority, not only the few. History has taught over and over that otherwise, we surely open the gates to retribution and revolution.

As Elisabeth Grace notes of the July 4 New Moon:

“[the next month will focus on] … core foundation concerns. Are you standing on solid ground? Where is your home? Tell me about your family, your mother, your ancestors. How are you being nourished and nurtured? How are you nurturing others?

“We are challenged this month to think creatively and deeply about these core foundation concerns.  Don’t like what you’re standing on — or standing for? Sending the wrong message, are you? Then use the penetrating perspective of this particular New Moon to act accordingly.”

And Diotima Mantineia amplifies this message with her own assessment of the New Moon chart:

This New Moon in Cancer brings a chart of deep emotion, with a strong undercurrent of power being used effectively in the material world.

True power, like a sun, radiates outward from an inner core. Control that is seized or imposed is not power, though it is often mistaken for such.

Control ties you to what you are controlling. Power lets you take action in freedom and create what you will.

This Knight has much to teach us about power, control, and being effective in the material world.

On this New Moon, he is the very portrayal of planting our intentions, especially if we want them to bear fruit for us in abundant, fertile ways.

What seed do you hold in your hand at this time? This is the time to plant it.

It is notable that during this lunation, both of the main parties in the U.S. will be making their final choice for their nominee for the White House. Already, we have seen discord and even violent outbursts destabilizing the old way of doing things in our political system. Look for more of the same, as well as lots of emphasis on issues about homeland security, secrets, and finances.

In the light of such matters, this Knight offers strength and thoughtful groundedness. He would also insist that our top priority as we navigate the choices before us should be the well-being of our living planet.

Know and Own What Is Yours

Whether either party in the U.S. (or any other power structure in the wider world, for that matter) can continue to keep its social contract to protect and serve the true interests of the people remains to be seen.

So, like the Knight of Pentacles, we would be wise to assess what we do, personally, have on hand, and prepare for changes. Now is the season to make hay (or repair the roof), while the Sun still shines.

Is there a situation you currently face that demands a circumspect, even conservative response? Pause if you need to, and don’t get pushed. Survey your options before you act.

Being pragmatic with your money, investments, health, and valuables would be wise. Perhaps the Knight is a trusted adviser you could turn to on these matters.

His gift to you is to be more prudent, focused, and to slow down.

Be clear about your intent before you decide on the best action. Then, dig in. When good planning combines with fearless hard work, no setbacks can defeat us.

May the Knight of Pentacles offer you his blessings of abundance, patience, and persistence for the days ahead.

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