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Tarot Card of the Week, July 18-24, 2016: The Sacred Marriage of the Four of Wands

Four of Wands

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things, the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.
~ Khalil Gibran

From last week’s sense of limbo and being in between, this week’s Full Moon card promises a time of structure and harmony. Welcome to our frequent friend, the Four of Wands.

The Tarot’s Fours focus on grounding, order, and stability. And of course, Wands are ruled by the element of Fire: passion, action, and magic. When we are able to stabilize the energetic, creative Wands, a happy, nourishing outcome is the result.

In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, we see a couple approaching the bower, which very much resembles a Jewish wedding chuppa. Yet it is not covered.

Instead, the four erect Wands are connected by the interwoven flowers and fruit, obvious references to fertility, abundance, beauty, and growth.

This happy couple is crowned with flowers, or maybe the laurel wreaths of victory. They are exuberantly waving flowers, and they are followed and witnessed by others standing further back.

Also in the background, we see a walled citadel. But this celebration is outdoors in the fresh open air. No fortress or walls are needed or desired.

A Blessed Harmony

As I have pointed out before, this is one of the “stage cards” by the Rider-Waite-Smith deck’s artist, Pamela Colman Smith. For much of her career, she was in theater set design. So it is no accident that on thirteen of the cards, Pixie drew a double horizontal line behind the main subjects in the image, separating the players and scenery as if they are on a stage in a theater.

In this case, it is as if the wands were floating in front of a stage, upon which the actors are playing their roles.

This could indicate that the marriage we are seeing may or may not be a literal one. However, a wedding this week would certainly be blessed. In fact, any happy celebration of success and moving into a new chapter of life would be fortunate.

The Four of Wands couple is connected to, and in harmony with the land. There is no hidden agenda here. Instead, we are shown freedom, simplicity, and joy under these sunny skies.

Astrological Artistry

Tarot author and expert, Mary Greer, observes that this card is a celebration of the duality of animus and anima coming together in harmony. It may represent the Hieros gamos (the sacred marriage) that integrates, not only the male and female, but opposing energies within the self.

As such, Mary notes, the Four of Wands is a “rite of passage; in the Golden Dawn system it’s called ‘completion’ and its astrological attribute, Venus in Aries, represents the equinoxes, marking the end of one stage of life, and the beginning of another.”

Although Venus is not currently in Aries, she is in the Fire sign of Leo. This makes her warm, bold, passionate, regal, and very intense.

Mars is the animus to her anima, for he is the complement of Venus. Mars is currently brooding and deep-diving in the Water sign of Scorpio. He wants what he wants and will not be denied. Meantime, his bride, Venus, is in a very sexy, playful mood. This can be a recipe for Earth-shaking, steamy passion. Good thing that the Four of Wands suggests grounding this potentially explosive combination with commitment and celebration.

More dramatically than Venus and Mars this week, however, is the Cancer-Capricorn polarity. That is, with the Sun in the sign of Cancer, the Full Moon on Tuesday will be in the sign of Capricorn. (Full Moons are always in the sign opposite the Sun sign).

I personally love this combination, since, Cancer child that I am, I am the daughter of a Capricorn mother, and Cancer father. It is a sturdy, yet emotionally sensitive combination that feels like home to me.

The wise women at suggest:

On this Full Moon, the Moon is in the earth sign of Capricorn, opposite the Sun in the water sign Cancer. Their gift to us lies in the interplay of the elements: earth mixed with water makes clay. As told in ancient creation myths, the stirring together of elements resulted in the earth and all its creatures. In the same way, by mixing these two elements together in a sacred way, we can work magic to invoke the spirit of creativity and art into our lives…

What artistry of your own is seeking fulfillment? How might you marry Earth and Water — practicality and tenderness? With the Wands’ power of Fire also in this mix, your creation can now be fired in the kiln of magic, and manifest as something solid and useful.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

What seeds of your desires, which you planted at the New Moon, are now ready for harvest?

Can you create more stable, simple, and generous ways of celebrating life? When you use your talent and power in a practical, grounded way, what brilliant results might be possible?

This strange time in our history is marred by fear, ignorance, and outright xenophobia that seem ready to undo the cooperation and trust that all civilizations depend upon.

But this week, we are urged to come forth, for hiding and hoarding will never keep us safe. Rather than building walls and barriers, we must step outside of the sheltered fortresses that keep us locked away from one another.

In what way is it time for you to come out of your own walled city? The sacred land and sky offer benediction, healing, and victory, for it is there that we find our blessed common ground.

Do you long to revel in a happy reunion with loved ones? This would be an auspicious time to do so.

What beauty and abundance would you like to celebrate and share with your family, friends, and neighbors? What rites or vows are you called to make, under the wide open skies, for all to see?

The Four of Wands shows us that when we are able to ground the powers of fiery Wands, physical manifestation follows. When the fertility in the life force of Wands grows roots, it becomes joy shared.

This week, may we turn away from the anger, fear, and lies we are being fed. Under the clarity of golden Summer skies, let us make friends and bless happy alliances.

May our hearts find their sweet morning, and be refreshed.