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Tarot Card of the Week, June 13-19, 2016: The Ten of Cups

Beth Owl Tarot Card of the Week Ten of Cups
Here on the pulse of this new day
You may have the grace to look up and out
And into your sister’s eyes,
Into your brother’s face, your country
And say simply
Very simply
With hope
Good morning.
Maya Angelou

When I drew today’s card, still reeling from the horror of the events in Orlando, I was dumbfounded. Really, Tarot? Really?

Every week, when I pull our Card of the Week, I deliberately still all my anticipation and guessing.

But this card was probably the furthest from my mind. Actually, I still cannot completely absorb it. How could this be? On such a day as this?

Welcoming the Ten of Cups

The Cups in the Tarot are our emotions, particularly love, as well as intuition, healing, and empathy. And the Tens are the overflowing culmination of those qualities. So this is a card of harmony, wonder, and deep happiness.

We see the couple holding each other tenderly, celebrating the appearance of the cup-crowned rainbow, as the two little children dance with excitement. In the distance is their modest home, and a clear horizon.

As I’ve pointed out in its several recent visits, this is another of Pamela Colman Smith’s “stage” cards, referring to the horizontal line across the card that looks like a theater stage. This certainly gives the appearance of the happily-ever-after ending of a play or story.

The Divine Rainbow Bridge

Rainbows, of course, are often considered a sign of Divine blessings, forgiveness, and protection. They may also be a bridge, like the Norse Bifrost, that connects the human realms (Midgard) with the Divine (Asgard, land of the Gods). Here, human happiness reaches the transcendent threshold of Divine connectedness.Rainbow Heart Pride

We are given the realization that, at the ending of the story, our joy and the joy of God(dess) are one.

Many are the challenges and troubles that each of us may be facing individually, and as a global community. But the Ten of Cups shows us that beneath all the complexities and challenges of our world, the formula for happiness for each individual remains quite simple.

All we really want is a secure and happy home, joyful connection to our beloveds, the pleasures of beauty and creativity, hope for the future, and soulful contentment.

These desires are common to every religion, race, gender, sexual preference, education, nation, age, and social status. Except for those who are mentally ill or soul-wounded, kindness and friendship are natural to us.

Know the Mystery

How can we find this kind of love and contentment?

Gaze upon the Ten of Cups and open your heart. Discover in what ways they are already yours. Happiness is not just the absence of pain, but is actually the true essence of every man, woman, and child.Blood donors2

Grace is given to us all, in the exact measure that we give it to one another.

It is simplicity itself. It is the pulse of the Divine within us.

Across the sky before you is spread the rainbow’s promise. What would such a sign mean in your own life? How can you offer yourself as a beacon of this Divine love?

In what ways are you profoundly blessed at this time? What love can you bestow upon others?

I Challenge You

I am adding this call to action, from the Charter For Compassion group, because I think it distills much about the spirit of the message in this card, especially in the light of recent events and the ensuing analysis and political posturing.

I hope this will touch your heart, offer you healing medicine, and inspire you to both acknowledge our common grief, but then act in the spirit of love that is truly our one and only Source.

Will you make this vow with me? (You can visit their website to learn more).

The Charter for Compassion

The principle of compassion lies at the heart of all religious, ethical and spiritual traditions, calling us always to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Compassion impels us to work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of our fellow creatures, to dethrone ourselves from the centre of our world and put another there, and to honour the inviolable sanctity of every single human being, treating everybody, without exception, with absolute justice, equity and respect.

It is also necessary in both public and private life to refrain consistently and empathically from inflicting pain.

To act or speak violently out of spite, chauvinism, or self-interest, to impoverish, exploit or deny basic rights to anybody, and to incite hatred by denigrating others—even our enemies—is a denial of our common humanity.

We acknowledge that we have failed to live compassionately and that some have even increased the sum of human misery in the name of religion.

We therefore call upon all men and women to restore compassion to the centre of morality and religion

* to return to the ancient principle that any interpretation of scripture that breeds violence, hatred or disdain is illegitimate.

* to ensure that youth are given accurate and respectful information about other traditions, religions and cultures.

* to encourage a positive appreciation of cultural and religious diversity.

* to cultivate an informed empathy with the suffering of all human beings—even those regarded as enemies.

We urgently need to make compassion a clear, luminous and dynamic force in our polarized world. Rooted in a principled determination to transcend selfishness, compassion can break down political, dogmatic, ideological and religious boundaries.

Born of our deep interdependence, compassion is essential to human relationships and to a fulfilled humanity. It is the path to enlightenment, and indispensable to the creation of a just economy and a peaceful global community.

This week, let us practice focusing our awareness on, not what is ugly or hateful, but on how empowered we are, when we offer a loving hand to one another.

While strife, danger, and sorrow are certainly a part of our reality, remember that there is a bridge and a truth that shines through, regardless.

Joy and harmony need not be based on outside circumstances. Let us look into one another’s eyes and remember – love is who and what we are.

So we have said it. So mote it be.

Blessed be.

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  • June 13, 2016, 5:28 pm Anna Helvie

    I find it fascinating that this is the card — the rainbow (!), the dancing (!), the happy family, and the joy — shows up this week, the same week that Soul Intent Arts drew a Wunjo rune as a planetary rune for this week. All right, Powers-That-Be. Message loud and clear.

  • June 14, 2016, 5:41 am Acquafortis

    Thank you! I really really needed this….

  • June 14, 2016, 12:25 pm Beth

    Love Wins. Period.