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Happy Birthday, All My Cancerian Brothers and Sisters!

I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, double Cancer (Sun and Ascendant) – July 6, 1935

Happy Birthday, Cancer!

The Sun leaves Gemini and moves into the sign of Cancer today at 6:34pm (EDT).

Cancer is the sign of the Summer Solstice, and heralds the beginning of the warmest season of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also the birth sign of the United States of America.

Cancer is the first water sign of the Zodiac, making it a cardinal sign. The Crab forms its identity around home, family, and personal experiences.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, giver of emotions and feelings, and some Cancers prefer to call themselves Moonchildren. We are unusually sensitive and it is our nature, unless we’ve been profoundly wounded, to respond to the needs of others in a nurturing manner.

But we can also be highly subjective and can find it difficult to see ourselves with detachment.

With this first day of the Sun in our sign, we are also experiencing a simultaneous Full Moon – the first time this has happened in almost 70 years! This is likely to be an especially potent combo for Luna’s children.

Moonchildren are natural nest builders, loving home and family. In fact, in some Native American traditions, the sign of Cancer is the time of the Flicker or Woodpecker.

As a cardinal sign, Cancers are often excellent leaders. They are naturals at initiative, gathering materials, people, and creative ideas, and giving birth to new groups, companies, and organizations.

Their innate sense of nurturing gives them insight and empathy with those around them. Rather than dominating or forcing, they would rather motivate and collaborate, and may shy away from demanding the spotlight.

But being a water sign, Cancer also likes to go with the flow. They dislike confrontation, and may bend to external forces, preferring to go around obstacles, rather than meeting them head on.

And crabs are well-known for their sideways progress, not always tackling things in a linear or head-on fashion. Although considered moody, Cancerians can also be very intuitive, tenacious, and are also known for their sometimes loony merriment.

When the Sun is in the Sign of Cancer — For Everyone

June 20-July 21, 2016

Regardless of your sign, everyone is now likely to move into a period where our emotional life takes center stage. Cancer is the sign that rules the primordial stuff that shapes our feelings, the ebb and flow of our sensitivities, and our Lunar intuitiveness.

This is an ideal time to gather with family — whether your birth family, or those who are your heart friends — and renew your loving connections.

During the Sun in the sign of Cancer, we may find ourselves feeling tender, even protective around issues to do with home, family, and traditions. And since this is the birth sign of the United States, there could be special emphasis now on America’s Homeland Security, patriotism, and the challenges currently happening the U.S. chart.

If important emotional issues come up for you during this time, or you find yourself spinning your wheels, slow down. Make like a crab and step sideways, so you can see things from a different angle.

Despite these minor bumps, this is generally a very happy time when our inner nurturer and mothering heart (both men and women!) comes to the surface.

Good food, cuddly time at home with loved ones, and being near water will bring deep pleasures for all.

Do you have a Moonchild friend or loved one with a birthday between June 20 and July 22)? Or maybe you are a Cancerian who is hoping to make this upcoming birthday the beginning of your best year yet!

Why not join my Birthday Club? Treat yourself (or your Cancer friend) to a full year of growth, mystical discovery, and self-nurturing (perfect for Cancerians, who love depth, security, and innovation all rolled into one!).

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