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Back up! Back up! It’s Mercury Retrograde!

Just a very brief check-in my dears, as I am on the road at the brilliant, internationally renowned Tarot Readers Studio in New York.

Luckily I am already here, and parked for the next several days, because today is the start of a challenging period for travel, technology, and communication.

Yes that’s right. From our perspective here on Earth it looks like the planet Mercury, ruler of those matters, is moving backwards in the heavens.

You almost certainly know the drill by now: back up your technology, watch your words, be prepared for travel delays, all kinds of glitches and errors, backtracking, and be extra, extra careful if you have to sign any kind of contract or agreements. (Best to delay if possible).

The potential for crazy is amped up by Mars, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter all dancing backwards right now, as well.

Merc retro is a great time however, to review, revise, and reconsider the things that are important to you. You’ll have plenty of opportunities, because Mercury won’t station direct again until May 22.

Take it easy, watch where you’re going, and take this time as a well-earned chance for slowing down.

I have no doubt that you need it as much as I do.

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