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A Slightly Belated, but Heartfelt Happy Birthday to All You Gorgeous Taurus People

You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow right ahead.
George Lucas (Sun and Ascendant in Taurus)

Happy (slightly belated) Birthday to all you beautiful Taurus people! The Sun moved into your sign Tuesday!

If you are a Taurus, you are generally patient and determined, with lusty physical appetites. You appreciate your well-chosen possessions and prefer a stable environment, disliking upheaval and being rushed. As a result, becoming more adaptable can be a challenge for you.

Like the quote from double Taurus George Lucas, you have learned that slow, steady, and stubborn is often what it takes to get the job done, but can yield stunning success. Therefore, you take your responsibilities very seriously, and are known for your trustworthiness, integrity, and can-do attitude.

Ruled by the Goddess of love and beauty, Venus, you have strong aesthetic tastes and like to create beautiful surroundings. You have a methodical, decisive mind, but beware of becoming inflexible and reluctant to change.

In addition to the Venus influence, astrologer and blog friend Lorna Bevan reminds us, “The esoteric ruler of Taurus is Vulcan, the Blacksmith. Taureans are like volcanoes — incredibly still on the surface, whilst processing all that boiling lava underneath. It’s a highly creative, vibrant, and transformative placement.”

Likewise, you are a sexy, considerate lover who revels in sensual pleasure, but you can regard a lover as one of your favorite possessions, so do not let jealousy threaten your partnerships.

How the Sun in Taurus Affects Everyone
(April 19 – May 20)

When the Sun is in Taurus, we are all given the strength and tenacity to follow through on the projects that were initiated (only to perhaps be forgotten) during that impetuous Aries Sun.

However, when the Sun is in Taurus, it’s not the ideal time for daring new ideas or innovation. This is especially true this year, as we enter the period with Mars and Pluto retrograde and Mercury in its “shadow” period, preparing to also turn retrograde next week.

But that’s perfectly fine. We all have to do the methodical work sometime — and the Taurus Sun is that time. (Remember to back up your technology and double-check travel plans).

However, just because the Sign of the Bull is a time of hard work doesn’t mean you’ll be bereft of pleasure!

On the contrary, Taurus, as an Earth Sign, is all about tactile sensation — the enjoyment you can receive from fine foods, the joy of physical contact, and like that famous bull, Ferdinand, smelling the roses.

It’s no coincidence that the joyful, magical festival of Beltane falls in the time of Taurus. This is a time of flowering, and life’s blessings. Enjoy the abundance and beauty that this time offers.

May this beautiful Taurus time bring you pleasures of body and soul.

Do you have a friend or loved one with a Taurus Birthday (between April 19 and May 20)? Or maybe you are a Beautiful Bull who is hoping to make this upcoming birthday the beginning of your best year yet!

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