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Happy Birthday, You Sweet, Sensitive Pisces People!

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
~ Albert Einstein, Pisces Sun and Midheaven

Happy Birthday, all you lovely magical children of Neptune! The Sun moves into your sign of Pisces today!

Sun Sign of Pisces

Pisces is the sign of the fish, but not just any fish, and not only one.

Astrologer Molly Cliborne Gauthier explains that, “The glyph for Pisces depicts two fish, swimming in opposite directions, bound by a silver cord. Pisces is one of the dual signs, able to sense and understand the duality of our spiritual and material nature. There are many levels of truth, and Pisces understands this innately.

“Pisces is the mutable water sign,” she continues. “Water is the most emotional element, and mutable is the most adaptable modality. Pisces are extremely sensitive to energy and vibes, and tend to absorb the emotional atmosphere around them.

“Their inner world is very rich, and Pisceans often have vivid or prophetic dreams. They are able to ‘go with the flow’ and are usually very easy to get along with. They are great listeners.

“Pisceans have a strong urge to care for others, and they make fantastic healers, nurses, and even executives—for their gifts, when channeled properly and combined with a strong sense of purpose, lend themselves well to leadership.”

Romantic, Artistic, Psychic

Ruled by the sea God Neptune, Pisces is blessed with overflowing imagination and creativity. Their amazing gift for channeling the emotional energy around them gives them a powerful edge in art, theater, music, and the healing arts.

Pisces’ biggest flaw is tolerance of the intolerable. “Sometimes they are too easygoing and allow bad situations to continue for far too long,” Molly admonishes.

When romantic Pisces feels rejected or gets the blues, they can go seriously downhill. Because of this, and because they tend towards an addictive, compulsive nature, Pisces needs to be especially wary of using drugs, food, personal drama, or alcohol for escape or distraction.

As astrologer Jon Cainer notes, “Pisceans, so the story goes, are wistful, whimsical, misty-eyed dreamers who live in a cloud cuckoo land. It is said that they simply do not possess the power of rational thought because they are creatures entirely of instinct.”

Yes, it can be challenging sometimes for Pisces to get energized and grounded enough turn their magical dreams into reality.

But Jon suggests that instead of the fish, a more accurate symbol for Pisces might be the dolphin. “These graceful, intelligent creatures live in harmony with each other and their environment. To see a dolphin at play is to see Creation at its most majestic and the essence of true Piscean magic at work.”

For Everyone When the Sun Is In Pisces

The Sun is in the sign of Pisces from Feb. 19-March 20.

During this period, we are all experiencing some of the most ethereal energy of the year. We may be especially attuned to our compassionate, empathic gifts during this time. It is an ideal opportunity to cultivate your intuitive skills (like learning to read the Tarot!), explore your artistic side, and seek mystical wisdom.

There is likely to be a greater emphasis on sensitivity and compassion. Altruism comes more naturally, and we may be less physically active.

Listen to your inner guidance and trust your deep, instinctive wisdom. You may be inclined to over-indulge, or throw yourself a pity-party, especially if something comes up that tempts you to feel like a victim.

Instead, choose the higher gifts of Pisces, turning any setbacks into an opportunity to stretch your capacity for kindliness and understanding.

When the Sun is in Pisces, we’ve arrived at the end of Winter, and the last month of the astrological year. This is when we should conclude the lessons and work we have been doing since last Spring.

Tapping into the Piscean dream-time energy, you might wish to trance journey, to access the hidden worlds of imagination and magic.

From these protected womb waters, prepare for the impending upsurge ahead in March, which will bring us a Saturn retrograde and two eclipses, not to mention the astrological New Year, when the Sun moves into Aries at Equinox/Ostara.

May these days of Pisces be blessed with peace, compassion, and love for all.

In loving memory of one of my favorite Pisceans, George Ward.


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