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Tarot Card of the Week, Jan. 18-24, 2016: The Sun

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.
~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

After an absence of almost five years, in this week of the Leo Full Moon, let us welcome the return of The Sun.

One of the most joyful cards in the Tarot, The Sun heralds victory over the challenges of the “night” cards preceding it in the Major Arcana. In particular, it follows The Moon card in the trump sequence.

The Moon is typically considered a problematic and difficult part of the Fool’s journey, the final challenge in which we must face our deepest illusions and fears.

So when we next reach The Sun in the Tarot story of the Royal Road, we have emerged from that darkness and our work with the shadow-self, and are ready to make the transition to liberation.

In the Fool’s Journey, the Sun celebrates that our long return through the dark subconscious has brought us at last to the light.

Here Comes The Sun

The Sun declares that the soul’s journey is now triumphant. Life has become clear, simple, and straightforward. It often accompanies news of a wedding, the birth of a beloved child, success, or a happy chapter of life now beginning.

In the R-W-S deck, the Sun has been depicted with alternating straight and wavy rays. This is an ancient way of representing the “philosopher’s Sun,” and illustrates the Sun as the source of light (straight rays) and heat (wavy rays) – illumination and warmth, the life-giving energies.

In this garden of sunflowers, which always turn their faces to gaze upon the Sun, a smiling baby rides a white horse.

In many cultures, white horses are benevolent, protective spirit guides, or even the beloved and powerful Epona, horse Goddess of Gaul and Rome. The absence of reins or saddle resonates with many ancient carvings of Epona and indicates a complete integration of will and surrender.

The happy child also suggests that after all is said and done, the mystical journey of the soul requires a return to childlike innocence. Like the open and upward-facing posture of The Fool, the little child rides with arms open wide in trust.

And isn’t this precisely at the heart of the great dance of our lives? Knowing when to push, and when to surrender? Here, the baby embodies both — in perfect love, in perfect trust.

The Full Moon of Leo

After our own journeys into the Underworld, begun at Samhain, and then reaching the darkest depths at Winter Solstice, next week we edge towards the Sabbat of Imbolc. At this time, the Sun’s growing strength is now clearly seen and celebrated with ancient rites of welcoming and dedication.

And even more immediately, this week we will be filled with the Leo Full Moon’s magic. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and is all about creative self-expression, joy, passion, and a bit of showing off.

“Well, why not?,” asks The Sun, who never minds strutting around in his birthday suit.

Like him, in complete transparency and revelation, this week we are called upon to be ourselves — in all our glory and imperfections.

Shine With All Your Brilliance

What is happening in your life that needs the wholesome light of truth shining brightly? What fears could be dispelled if only they would see the light of day? What new vigor and growth could you tap into, if you were to simplify things? Why not invite more laughter and innocence into your daily routine?

In the news and events of the day, there is so much fear, darkness, and downright evil plaguing us like wicked mosquitoes. But like parasites that need shadows to thrive, The Sun defeats what is hiding in the dark corners. It is proof that good wins the day, especially when stout-hearted people act for good.

This week, let us each sparkle with brilliance when The Sun shines. And let us glow with our true beauty, our most stunning inner light, even if — especially if — we find ourselves in dark places.

Let us meet Life with our arms outstretched, for indeed, it’s the only sure way to go.

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  • January 19, 2016, 6:11 am Grey Dove

    Lovely post! So wonderful to get happy uplifting news! Just curious, this being a card of the week, would I be wrong to feel that it is an especially fabulous omen that it came up on the week with my birthday in it? The actual day is at the end of the week but nonetheless feels as though the appearance of such a positive card with such a glorious message says something wonderful not only for the week but the upcoming year!

    Thank you for shedding a little brightness in our lives on a regular bases!
    Bright Blessings,
    Grey Dove

  • January 19, 2016, 9:13 am Beth

    I hereby declare it to be a bona fide omen for you, Grey Dove! Wishing you a most magical, and VERY happy birthday!!! ♥