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Blessings of the New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon in SagittariusDark of the Moon
New beginnings
Dark of the Moon
Plant a seed tonight
Dark of the Moon
What we envision
Will come to be
By the Full Moon’s light.

Because I am busy cooking up some secret goodies you’ll be seeing soon, plus hitting a lick or two on my book, plus all the other holiday busy-ness, I am not going to attempt to write up this New Moon’s information myself.

Instead, I am sharing the always insightful wisdom of Diotima Mantinea. I am reprinting it in its entirety, including her choices of emphasis. And by the way, she offers gift certificates for readings. You can find out more here.

May your rites be blessed.

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Spirit of Yule

Don’t Stop Believing: New Moon in Sagittarius

by Diotima Mantineia

This year’s New Moon in Sagittarius is attending the holiday parties, but isn’t feeling the love. A tough aspect to the sign’s ruling planet, Jupiter, and the looming presence of Saturn highlight the challenges inherent in the Centaur’s sign, suggesting that its fun-loving, adventurous side will be pushed aside by a need to create order through laying down the law, and far-seeing, heartfelt faith may be twisted into narrow dogma.

This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the parties but you’ll want to pay attention to the beliefs and attitudes that underlie what’s going on in the world around you. Our beliefs shape our lives and experience, our communal beliefs shape our world, and clashing beliefs cause most of our collective pain. A lot of people aren’t sure what they believe, which means they aren’t sure what they should be doing — so they do nothing.

 But this isn’t the time to sit on the sidelines, it’s time to engage, taking actions that are based on a carefully-considered ethical foundation. This month, we’ll want to pay attention to our own thought processes, find the subconscious beliefs we carry that may be tripping us up, and check in with the personal ethical principles that guide our actions, thoughts and beliefs.

If we are willing to dig into our psyches a bit, we find that we hold some beliefs simply because others do — beliefs that are part of the fabric of our society, and those held by the people we interact with. They are usually so ingrained, we are not even aware of them, or worse yet, think of them as simply truth (“Muslims are dangerous!” “Economic growth is always good!” or “Atheists can’t be Pagan!”)

The beliefs we hold, even — or maybe especially — subconsciously, affect our thoughts and our actions, both every day and long term. Some of these beliefs may be in direct conflict with those we hold consciously. If we are not fully aware of what we believe, then we are not living coherently, with awareness of what we are creating in our lives and why. 

We have a choice about this. We can live driven by unintegrated beliefs held in our Shadow, or we can becoming more aware of our beliefs, discarding or changing those that are not aligned with our own deeply-held values. This is work; work we do both at our altars and as we navigate our everyday lives.

This month, take some time to look carefully at your own core values, the ones that resonate at the center of your soul, and use those as a yardstick to measure the beliefs that structure your life as you uncover them.

If you find you need to release and change some old, outgrown beliefs, to dance, march, move ahead to a drumbeat of change, you’ll have a lot of planetary energy helping you find the right beat. Venus and Neptune in a watery trine are happy to help you connect with your emotions and journey to the Otherworlds for insight and answers.

This is a pretty strong aspect, and you may find yourself, or those around you, feeling swept away by strong emotions, or even spiritual peak experiences. If emotional realities become overwhelming, ground and center yourself in Nature. Yes, you can do that in your mind if you are stuck in a city high-rise, but try to actually get outdoors, away from steel and asphalt and concrete.

Change — probably forceful, sudden change — is very much in the air this month. The tight T-square of Pluto to a Mars-Uranus opposition suggests sudden, shocking events and awakenings.

This is why it is so important that we stand on the bedrock of our principles, because choices that are made during times of upheaval and change are often pivotal ones that determine the future course of our lives.

It’s important this month to step into our personal power by owning the responsibilities that are ours. If you are in doubt about which ones are yours, ask your ancestors and guides for a clue (which, if you aren’t paying attention, may end up being the proverbial clue-by-four).

We can be a conduit for healing spiritual forces if we are attentive, disciplined, and discriminating. Don’t fall for delusional babble about how it will all work out, or fear-based retreat and refusal to engage. Know where you are going, and why, then do the practical and magical work it will take to get there.

On a national stage, this chart is heralding financial changes (possibly crises) particularly around banks and banking. Public opinion is going to be key — efforts to hide or manipulate information will be exposed, and people will be loudly demanding truth. Finding it is going to be a different matter, however.

Truth can be hard to pin down, particularly when many are actively trying to deceive.  Flooding, issues with water pollution, serious storms, and other environmental upheavals will be very much in the news.

And, of course, Yule is coming up in a couple of weeks. The chart of the Winter Solstice sets the stage for the next three months or so, and I’ll post about that closer to the date.

Blessings of the season to you!