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Last Day to Help – Don’t Miss Out!

love the Earth

Exploring ecological self is part of the transforming process
required to heal ourselves in the world.

Practicing means breathing the air with renewed awareness of the winds.

When we drink water we trace it to its sources:
• a spring or mountain stream in our bioregion

• and contemplate the cycles of energy as part of our body.

The “living waters” and “living mountains” enter our body.

We are part of the evolutionary journey and contain within our bodies
connections with our Pleistocene ancestors.
~ Bill Devall

If you resonate with these words, if you recognize the deep truth of this experience, NOW is the time to step up and support the people who are championing deep environmental healing and protective stewardship for us.

It’s the final day of the NC Conservation Network’s Annual Fundraising Auction.


The North Carolina Conservation Network is a statewide network of over 100 environmental, community and environmental justice organizations focused on protecting North Carolina’s environment and public health. They are THE line of defense between us and the corporate interests that would gladly gut our natural resources for profit.

NCCN logo


NCCN is one of our most important environmental watchdogs. They are leading the way in protecting our state from the massive exploitation that threatens our unique and fragile ecosystems.

  • They are the ones pushing back against the huge interests that fund the pipeline that is threatening to snake through our state.
  • They are challenging the big money coal power plants that flaunt the EPA’s clean air standards.
  • They are fighting to stop the greedy logging practices, and the destruction of our wilderness areas in the mountains.
  • They are the watchdogs fighting the huge energy corporations planning to drill on our beautiful coastlines and that have poisoned our rivers with coal ash.
  • And there is almost no one else standing between us and the powerful fracking interests already divvying up our lovely rolling hills.

To stand up to these giant corporations with their infinitely deep pockets, and the muscle of the politicians they own, NCCN needs YOU.

How To Help

Whether you are ready to start shopping for your holiday gifts or just looking for a little treat for yourself, check out their online auction (which closes TONIGHT!) here:

There are over 100 sustainable items, services, adventures, tickets, and trips near and far that are ready for your bid. And, the starting bid for most of the items is half of its retail value!

There are STEALS right now on such items as:

  • Mountain getaways in Boone, Flat Rock, and Highlands.
  • Outdoor adventures on the water, including kayak/canoe trips, stand up paddleboard outings, surfing and sailing lessons, and fishing charters.
  • Two private wine tastings.

Bonus: Bid on a Reading or a Birthday Club Membership from Me

I am honored to be contributing again this year, and I’d love to see YOU be the one to benefit!Tarot Reading

Would you like to get an hour-long Tarot reading with me at (possibly) a huge discount?

Stop by here and bid on a one-hour reading (retail value, $125) either in person or by phone.

Or give your premium as a magical holiday gift to a loved one. I am happy to conspire with you to make it happen!

I have also donated a membership in my Birthday Club for one lucky bidder. Again, this can be for you, or I can work with you to pass it along to your favorite recipient. Love your birthday again!

Besides a reading with me, there are tons of other wonderful items you can bid on. They include treats large and small, like luxury B&B stays, art, music, dining, books, personal pampering services of all sorts.. you name it!

You can create your own list to keep tabs on your favorite items. Just click on the “Register to bid” link at the top of the page and then click the “Add to My Items” link on your favorite gifts.

Remember: the starting bids begin at half of those items’ retail value!

Don’t wait! You only have until 10pm TONIGHT to scoop up these deals and support the North Carolina Conservation Network.

Please share this with your friends and networks. Bid early and often!

When you win, everyone wins!

(ps: You can bid on my Tarot session and the Birthday Club by going to their Services section!)

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