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Another Invitation for Magical Work, Besides Tomorrow’s Candle Lighting…

Dear Magical People ~
I hope you are preparing your wreath and candles and are planning to join us tomorrow at sunset (wherever you are!) for the first week of our Solstice Sun Wreath Advent ceremony. I’ll be posting some ideas and specific suggestions tomorrow morning, for our first lighting.Earth from space

I don’t want to add to the overwhelm of this holiday season, but I did want you to know about another ceremony that everyone, everywhere is also being invited to participate in.

It was created by some environmental activist Reclaiming Witches who are in Paris for the UN Conference on Climate Change. If this resonates with you, please share, and join as well!






Please join the growing international community of Witches & Pagans sending support, protection, and focused positive intentions for the upcoming UN Conference on Climate Change held in PARIS, FRANCE (November 30 – December 11, 2015).

We will be casting a massive circle/container around the Climate Talks held at the Le Bourget Exhibition Centre, 40 minutes northeast of downtown Paris.

We will also extend a 2nd ring of protection around Paris and its inhabitants – including our magickal sisters, brothers, lovers, & others who reside in Paris and those visiting the City of Love for the UN Conference.

Why the UN Climate Talks?

To learn more about the Climate Talks please visit the UN’s website, and also read these excellent articles:

Why Witches & Pagans?

Although the larger Pagan community is diverse, as global citizens we were all touched by the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris. Now is an opportunity to lend your skills, energy, mojo, and Will to help PROTECT PARIS and TIP THE SCALES of the climate talks so we may have real, measurable, actionable results.

When To Do the Magick?

On SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29 at 7:00 AM GMT (Paris) or SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28 at 10:00 PM PST, wherever you are – whether Berkeley, CA, Quebec City Montreal, Sydney Australia, or Paris, France – we will set the intention, cast 2 concentric circles, put up Wards, call the invocation, etc. If you can’t join us at that specific time, then join us when you can. Your efforts will contribute to the magickal energy field we are creating – and we need your help.

Checking On the Circles

Every day between Sunday, November 29 and the end, we will re-establish the circles. Please help with ongoing maintenance by re-reading the Intention, checking the circle and wards/directions, and re-reading the Invocation.

Opening the Circles

On SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13 at 7:00 AM GMT (Paris) or SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13 at 10:00 PM PST, we will thank the deities, dismiss the Wards, and open the circles. (Some of you call this closing the circle; whatever you call ending it).


:: PURIFY ::
On the designated day, please cleanse your area with sound, breath, scent, silence, or another kind of purification.

We make magic together now – in Paris and around the world – to summon the great, powerful, irresistible Goddess of Love – the Great Mother – she who grounds, protects, and tips the scales. We call to, and listen to She Who Loves. Hand to hand, heart to heart in Paris and beyond – love is the law, the strongest force there is – and it is everywhere.

:: GROUND ::
Ground yourself.

This is your personal circle (not the circles for Paris).

Depending on your tradition, please call the directions and/or elements and place your wards, runes, guides, guards, etc. around your personal circle (not the circle for Paris)

:: INVOCATION :: (to be read aloud)
Grounded in love we listen to the Great Mother in all her forms to infuse and fortify the City of Love – Paris. May we face the challenges before us with clarity, wisdom, and grace.

You, whose law is love, the strongest force there is – we call to and listen to you, who in past and present is called Venus, Aphrodite, Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, Quan Yin, Hathor, Al-Lat, Yemaya, Oshun, Freya, Anahita, Parvati, Kadesh, Aine, Lulong, Morongo, Nambi, Pantang Mayang, Erzulie, Xochiquetzal, Zizilga, The Magdalene, Tara.”

[Please add any deities you have kinship with, and do not feel obligated to name each Goddess if it does not feel right to you)

Keeper of the Mysteries of Life, Birth, and Death, balancer of the scales, may we humans listen to you and to each other. May we open to the healing potential inherent in love. May those in Paris feel your love and the connection we have with each other.

May we dance with our shadows and weave a web of support, protection, humor, love, clarity, listening, and action.

May The Great Mother Goddess of Love return!

May You return again in Love!

Surround the UN Climate Talks with a golden Circle, and surround the city of Paris with a golden Circle.

Depending on your tradition, place the directions and/or elements and wards, runes, guides, guards, etc. around the UN Climate Talks and the city of Paris.

* You may want to include the Charge of the Goddess in your ritual and read it aloud every day as part of the Working.

* Casting the circle: imagine a ring, cauldron, a container, a bubble, or even a bouquet of roses surrounding the UN Climate Talks and Paris. Roses are a symbol of love, spiritual power, and healing.

* More Rose Magick: Try using roses on your altar during this Working. You may also spray (or drink) rose water or use rose hydrosol. Some of us in Paris will be consuming diluted rose hydrosol every day during the magick.

If you can get to moving water, drop rose petals in the water and call to/connect with the River Seine in Paris for protection for Paris and the UN Climate Talks. You may also drop rose petals as you are going about your day.

:: NOTES ::
We do this magick in the spirit of helpfulness and positivity. We are purposely focusing this Working on LOVE. We request that you refrain from any language of fear, hate, victimhood, justice, or retribution, which could be used separately (or not at all).

I would like to offer thanks those who contributed to this Working, including Deborah Oak and the Reclaiming Witches who shared ideas and encouragement on a community listserv. Thanks also to Starhawk for showing that magickal activism can – and does – work!

From Paris,
Love is the Law & Luminous Blessings to You All…

~ Laurie Lovekraft