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Every Day Is Sacred: Oct. 2 – Blessings of Our Guardians and Allies

Fairy GodmotherWe shall find peace. We shall hear angels, we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.
~ Anton Chekhov

According to Waverly Fitzgerald’s School of the Seasons, in 1670, the Christian church set aside this day to give guardian angels their own feast day (they used to share Sept. 29 with St. Michael).

But the concept of a personal guardian is much older. In ancient Rome, every man had his Genius, every woman her inner Juno.

The notion, also, of everyone having a creative daemon is one that I feel is deeply true. And I’d love to see it go mainstream, if only to keep our artists and sensitives from imploding or burning out.

Nowadays, we have may think of these very real beings as angels, spirit guides, or totem animals. In any case, today would be a powerful day to honor your own personal allies.

Meet With the Helper You Need Most Today

Here is an exercise that I sometimes lead in my Guardians, Guides, and Allies class that I teach. If you can’t make it to Raleigh today to get a reading with me, you might give this a try.

Try walking the edges between the mundane and spirit realms today, seeking gentle, clear guidance from your most loving, wise helpers, as to what you need most at this time.

You may give some thought to what this is, but be open and unattached, since you may be shown something you did not expect.

Find a place that is quiet, ideally out of doors, where you will not be disturbed.

If it is your practice to do so, cast a Circle. Ask the Elemental Guardians to hold the edges all the way to the edges of your property, or as far as you need for spaciousness and peace. Honor them as Gatekeepers and protectors, and you might especially request that they keep you from overwhelm. If you need their assistance at any time, all you have to do is ask.

Engage with your spirit animal guide, if you know him or her, as a go-between, translator, and tour guide for this journey.

When you are ready, and your spirit totem animal is near you, set a beacon so only the right guides and allies come to you.

If it is helpful for you at this time, you might also ask to be introduced to a Guardian of the place you are in.

Give yourself about a half-hour at least for your journey.

When you are ready to return, give thanks, perhaps leave an offering, and gently come back to your mundane awareness.

May your meetings be merry, your journey most magical, and many joyful gifts come of it.