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Tarot Card of the Week – Sept. 6-13, 2015: Four of Wands Is Back Again

Four of Wands

What you complete can be shared, and so gains strength.
~ SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy),
Living Juicy – Daily Morsels for Your Creative Soul

Back again, after only just visiting in August, this week’s Four of Wands arrives as we head into a New Moon and partial solar eclipse (which will only be visible in Antarctica and the southernmost tip of Africa).

I find it fascinating that it should return to us only a month or so since its last appearance. My friend Kelley Harrell tells us that the Rune for this week is Tiwaz, in conjunction with the half-month Rune now in place, Raidho. This combination indicates, “Do overs and rewrites shape the story this week.”

Is this encore Tarot card visit also a portent for do-overs and rewrites? If so, what kind?

The Tarot’s Fours focus on grounding, completion, order, and stability. And of course, Wands are ruled by the element of Fire: passion, action, and magic. When we are able to stabilize the energetic, creative Wands, a happy, nourishing outcome is the result.

In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, we see a couple approaching the bower, which very much resembles a Jewish wedding chuppa. Yet it is not covered.

Instead, the four erect Wands are connected by the interwoven flowers and fruit, obvious references to fertility, abundance, beauty, and growth.

This happy couple is crowned with flowers, or maybe the laurel wreaths of victory. They are exuberantly waving flowers, and they are followed, or perhaps watched, by a crowd further back.

Also in the background, we see the walled citadel. But this celebration is under sunny skies, outdoors in the fresh open air. No fortress or walls are needed or desired.

A Blessed Harmony

And as I have pointed out before, this is one of the “stage cards” by Rider-Waite-Smith deck artist, Pamela Colman Smith. For much of her career, she was in theater set design. So it is no accident that on thirteen of the cards, Pixie drew a double horizontal line behind the main subjects in the image, separating the players and scenery as if they are on a stage in a theater.

In this case, it is as if the wands were floating in front of a stage, upon which the actors are playing their roles.

This could indicate that the marriage we are seeing may or may not be a literal one. However, a wedding this week would certainly be blessed. In fact, any happy celebration of success and moving into a new chapter of life would be fortunate.

The Four of Wands couple is connected to, and in harmony with the land. There is no hidden agenda here. Instead, we are shown freedom, simplicity, and joy under these golden skies.

The Astrology is Hot

As the balsamic Moon fades this week, and both Moon and Sun temporarily wink out at the eclipse, what completion is now coming to pass for you?

As Annie Heese and Adam Banks at Cafe Astrology note, the New Moon in the sign of Virgo “suggests that work and health matters will be a major focus. This is a great time for new beginnings regarding work, attention to details, fitness, health regimes, and daily routines…”

They go on to explain that this eclipse during the Virgo New Moon can reveal flaws in the systems that manage our lives, “prompting us to redo or to start fresh. We may find ourselves completely re-working this area of life. Something ends in order for something else to start anew.”

With the Four of Wands, the emphasis is on creative projects finishing up. What energy needs to be grounded, before you begin the next chapter, especially since next week, we’re looking at the beginning of a Mercury retrograde?

And as the wonderful Diotima Mantineia notes in her newsletter, Mars trines Uranus this week. She reminds us that a trine is not synonymous with only good things happening. It means that the energy flows easily, for better or worse.

“Mars trine Uranus in Fire signs,” she writes, “suggests tremendous energy brought to bear on things under the purview of those two planets.”

Mars’ attributes include desire, self-willfulness, passion, anger, courage, adventurousness, and aggressive sexuality. And Uranus is volatile, disruptive, rebellious, and wants freedom above all.

Fire those both up together, and, Diotima warns, “anger management might well be an issue this week.”

But here we have help for staying centered. Our card can be a powerful talisman for taking all that rocket fuel, and using it to manifest something productive and nurturing.

Marriage of Animus and Anima

Tarot author and expert, Mary Greer, also observes that this card is a celebration of the duality of animus and anima coming together in harmony. It may represent the Hieros gamos (the sacred marriage) that integrates, not only the male and female, but opposing energies within the self.

As such, Mary notes, the Four of Wands is a “rite of passage; in the Golden Dawn system it’s called ‘completion’ and its astrological attribute, Venus in Aries, represents the equinoxes, marking the end of one stage of life, and the beginning of another.”

Although Venus is not currently in Aries, she is in the Fire sign of Leo. This makes her warm, bold, passionate, regal, and very intense. Mars is the animus to her anima, for he is the complement of Venus, and, like her, is also currently in the sign of Leo.

Which is all to say that is a cosmic marriage that is hot, sexy, expansive, and very creative. Make the most of it.

Practical Magic

What harvest do you long for, as you plant the seeds of your desires during the coming New Moon? What do-over are you being given a chance to initiate?

When you use your creativity and power in a practical, focused way, what magical results might be possible?

Can you create more stable, simple, and generous ways of celebrating life?

In what way is it time for you to come out of your fortress? Do you long to revel in a happy reunion with loved ones?

What beauty and abundance would you like to celebrate and share with your family, friends, and neighbors? What rites or vows are you longing to make, under the wide open skies, for all to see?

The Four of Wands shows us that when the restless activity of the Wands grows roots, it becomes creativity completed and shared.

And what is shared gains strength. May it bring you blessed harvests and juicy new beginnings.

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