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Tarot Card of the Week, Sept. 14 – 20, 2015: Page of Pentacles

page of pentaclesStriving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.
~ David Bly

In a week that features some of the most intense astrological weather of the year, as well as the most holy time of the Jewish New Year, I was very interested to see who would be guiding us. Back for the first time since 2013, we welcome the Page of Pentacles.

The Pages in the Tarot are often messengers, or catalysts for change. They may indicate important dealings with a literal child (male or female), our own inner child, or simply a new, “beginner’s mind” perspective. They also can indicate taking risks.

But with earthy Pentacles being such a slow and steady force, risk-taking in this suit is more about new directions and manifesting, than recklessness or impulsiveness.

In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, we see in the background a grove of trees, a newly plowed field, and the Page standing in a meadow of flowers. In the distance the lofty peaks beckon.

For now, the Page is focused only on his Pentacle coin, which is almost floating in his hands. Is the coin simply the same color as the sky background, or is it instead transparent?

It would seem that this Page is in transition, in a period of possibilities. The field awaits the seed of new beginnings.

Some of the Biggest Astrology of 2015

Virgo New Moon Eclipse

On Sunday we entered the passageway between a pair of Supermoon eclipses, thanks to the Virgo New Moon. With that partial solar eclipse, it’s important to know that this energy will resonate for many months to come. And in the Earth sign of Virgo, the emphasis is on matters of health, work, and being of service to others.

As my friend Elisabeth Grace writes, “It’s not too late to consciously set your New Moon intentions, even though the exact lunation (and solar eclipse) happened on Sunday at 2:41AM ET. Go ahead and light a candle; make a list…

“On this Virgo New Moon we can focus on whom or what does your creative self-expression serve. How does it function? How have you cooperated with and/or integrated it into your daily routine?  Perfection, discernment, work, service, integration, analysis, cooperative systems, diet: these are also Virgo keywords up for focus and review.”

And another friend and brilliant astrologer, Diotima Mantineia, agrees, noting, “The only important aspect that this New Moon is making is to Uranus in Aries, which means we are weaving with energies of somewhat pliable Earth (think well-tilled soil not solid rock) and inspired, enlightening, but also highly unpredictable Fire.

“How can you manage inspiration and ideas in your life so that they don’t burn you up — or out? Do you have practical strategies in place for capturing fleeting, but important, thoughts and insights as they come to you? Do you regularly make some time to review and plan your life, to set goals and follow up on them?”

What a great illustration of these matters the Page of Pentacles makes!

Mercury retrograde and Jupiter-Neptune Opposition

But as I mentioned, this is a week of even more powerful astrology. On Thursday, the 17th, not only does Mercury turn retrograde, but there is a very dramatic, exact showdown between Jupiter (think BIG, expansive, endlessly optimistic!) and Neptune (think BIG, emotional, dreams, illusion!).

Diotima writes, “Jupiter in Virgo seeks enlightenment (Jupiter is always seeking enlightenment) in a “chop wood, carry water” kind of way… Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and when it aspects Neptune, also an expansive planet, things will be growing and inflating like crazy all over.”

This pragmatic Page is ideal for helping us stay grounded, yet light and flexible.

Saturn Leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius

And if that’s not enough, on the very same day (the 17th), Saturn changes signs and will be the disciplinarian, teacher, and reality-check for all things Sagittarius, for the next two years.

Elisabeth tells us, “Expect efforts involving restrictions and/or restructuring. Sagittarius refers to that which is foreign, so issues of border control will likely become hotter. It refers to travel. So we can expect headlines involving controls in these areas, too…Righteousness is [a] Sagittarius buzzword, as is blunt honesty. As its best, the Saturnine restructuring of Sagittarius concerns will stem from righteousness..”

Hold on to your valuables with care, but without greedy clinging. Be adaptable, cooperating with the dynamics of this tense, but potentially fertile time.

Back to School, Back to Work

In what, for many of us, is the first full week of school and post-Summer holiday mentality, consider what other new beginnings the Page of Pentacles’ arrival might herald.

How can he help us create a stronger foundation for our home and our sense of safety? What support does he urge us to seek, or to offer others?

This is a superb occasion for improving and expanding our physical well-being, perhaps with a new health regimen, or by finding new ways to celebrate our relationship to the natural world.

In the Northern Hemisphere, our markets are now filled with the bounty of Fall harvests. Our bodies and our spirits know that it is wisdom to skip the factory food and choose the luscious fruits, vegetables, and other produce that come directly from our local organic and eco-friendly farms.

The Page’s appearance this week may also indicate some important news regarding land, investments, or job matters. Perhaps he heralds a new business idea, or time for a new direction of studies.

Like the Page, we are learning to recognize the true nature of security, the power of sharing, and that wealth is only treasure when it affirms the sacredness of all life.

With our knowledge, our experience, and our willingness to settle in and do the work, we may manifest our creative dreams, and become wiser stewards of the great abundance that is already in our hands.

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  • September 14, 2015, 12:16 pm Diotima Mantineia

    Creative and earthy — perfect card for the week!

  • September 14, 2015, 6:23 pm Beth

    And the perfect astro analysis to draw from. Thank you Diotima! ♥