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Blessings of this Rare and Magical Full Harvest SuperMoon and Eclipse

Harvest Moon DancingBecause I’m still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I’m still in love with you
On this harvest moon.
   ~ Neil Young

There has certainly been a lot of hype about this Full Moon, since it is a Supermoon (which simply means the Full Moon is at perigee — the closest point in its orbit to Earth), and because it is the last of a series of lunar tetrads.

Plus, it’s the Harvest Moon. What’s not to love?

Well, for one thing, there are a pile of people insisting that this “Blood Moon” (so called because when the Moon is eclipsed in shadow, it may turn a dark reddish color) is an End of the World harbinger. Hmmm…

I love how my good friend, Lynn Hayes, offers her wisdom as an antidote to the panic-mongering:

The Final Blood Moon Occurs This Week – End of the World?

by Lynn Hayes

peanuts(hint: probably not!)

As I wrote last week, the upcoming Full Moon this weekend is not only a SuperMoon … but also a Blood Moon eclipse…  

It is also the final event of a Lunar Tetrad – a group of four total eclipses that occur within a six month period (read this earlier article for all the details).

(Geeky astro detail:  a lunar event is said to be an eclipse when the soli/lunar relationship (Sun and Moon) aligns with the lunar nodes.  When the alignment to the nodes is very tight the eclipse becomes a total eclipse and is more powerful astrologically.  The lunar nodes represent the flow of life from past to future, and eclipses therefore carry with them the ability to create profound change in our fate and our destiny.

This NASA article points out that in the 21st century we have had a fair number of total eclipses, but this has not always been the case.

“During the 21st century, there are 8 sets of tetrads, so I would describe tetrads as a frequent occurrence in the current pattern of lunar eclipses,” says Espenak.

“But this has not always been the case. During the three hundred year interval from 1600 to 1900, for instance, there were no tetrads at all.”

The evangelical rumor mill has jumped on the bandwagon, claiming that at the end of this current Tetrad the world will end, or Christ will return, depending on who you read.  

Some writers have linked their conspiracy theories to the fact that these eclipse tetrads often fall on Jewish holidays; however, since Jewish holidays are tied to Full Moons it’s not surprising that we see this effect.

All of this leads to the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Aries on September 27th.  This is another SuperMoon – in fact, it is the closest SuperMoon of the year and therefore most powerful.  

It is also a powerful eclipse astrologically because the nodes of the Moon are in a tight conjunction to the lunation (within four degrees) and in the same sign.  Eclipses occur when a lunation (New Moon or Full Moon) are within 15 degrees of the lunar nodes, but the closer they are, the more powerful the effect.

Because the lunar nodes are connected to fate and destiny, an eclipse which is tightly connected to the lunar nodes will often bring with it an event or an eruption into consciousness of a lesson that will affect us for many years to come.  These occurrences aren’t always obvious when they occur – sometimes they take quite a while to manifest.

With an Aries Full Moon eclipse (Aries Moon opposite Libra Sun), the drive for individuality that is the hallmark of the Aries influence is eclipsed by the Libran need for niceness and harmony at all costs.  

Aries’ ruler Mars is in humble Virgo where it is not permitted to achieve all desires instantly as Mars is meant to do, and it is further hemmed in by the challenging square from Mars to Saturn described above.  

This Full Moon will require a conscious effort to identify and clarify our needs and desires (Mars/Aries) and develop a plan (Virgo/Saturn) to fulfill them in a way that maintains balance and harmony in our personal relationships and our relationship to the outer world (Libra/Venus).

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Want more? I hope so, because here’s what the exquisite Lorna Bevan wrote yesterday about tonight’s big event.  (I have taken the liberty of adding some emphasis to a few sections).

Hare in the Moon Astrology

by Lorna Bevan

Harvest Moon Cranes

At critical junctures, outer trouble and the inner need to grow set each of us on a path of awakening and initiation.
~ Michael Meade.

As tomorrow’s Lunar eclipse builds, the internet has morphed into a deafening Tower of Babel as so many astrologers take the exact same stance as the rest of the End Day believers.

You can see the attraction of pandering to people already hyped up over a cosmology they don’t understand — a cheap read, a cheap thrill. Of course, by this time next week, all eyes will be scanning the horizon for the next “big event,” constantly in the future, never integrating the learning.

Somewhere in between the “Something is happening to humanity outside our control” scenario — cue theme music to Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind — and the “My drama, my crisis is worse than yours,” the truth of this time and date on planet Earth is that we are transitioning from a national to global perspective, collaboration, and transparency.

This particular Lunar eclipse — and there are two, most years — is shining a spotlight — literally — on the state of the planet, as we wander among the rubble of old certainties and childish beliefs in being rescued.

It’s a wake up call to learn radically new ways of collapsing consciously.

As I write in my latest article, this last gasp of the Uranus/Pluto years is going to be followed by the release of a tremendous amount of creation energy.

In a game changing shift, the North Node of Fate crosses into Virgo in 8 days, lifting us on to the Mutable Cross for the next few years with Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune/Chiron in Pisces.

It’s a return to Source, as the eclipse pulls on you like an ancient memory that’s ready for your full attention. It’s only now that we can see what has always been there, always been true, and which will continue to remain.

It’s a time of slow recognition of our place in the universe, the world, and our own life. Not a volcanic explosion but an emergence.

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Last but certainly not least, I want to share the divine Ms. Elisabeth Grace’s interpretation of the Sabian Symbol for this Harvest Moon eclipse (which is an addendum to a longer, lots more juicy post):

Elisabeth Grace

For further insight on the potential significance of this Full Moon/Eclipse, we turn to Sabian Symbol Guru Blaine Bovee. His take on these cryptic Symbols is so appreciated. For the Moon at 5 Aries: “a triangle with wings”; for the Sun at 5 Libra: “a man teaching true inner knowledge”.

Bovee suggests the triangle represents  “an idealized form of transcendence.” The “man” seems self-explanatory, but how interesting to see “true inner knowledge” appear when Mercury is retrograde. You’re all supposed to be tuning in for information when the Messenger Planet appears to be moving backwards in the sky.

I also find it fascinating that the idea of transcendence is connected to the Aries Symbol, as Aries is all about the self! Equally fascinating is the idea of “true inner knowledge” — or self-knowledge — connected with the Libra Symbol, as Libra is all about partnership!

Bovee suggests we apply these Symbols with a mind to “a creative ease with which personal affinities rise to express one’s true self; getting to know who one really is…not being ruled by others…guiding, not dominating…being comfortable about not quite being in the social picture…being oneself and getting away with it.”

I expect to see a few breakouts and breakthroughs for people whose horoscopes are directly affected by this lunar eclipse…and perhaps a breakdown, too. Until, look up in the sky tonight — you can see the eclipse from most anywhere.

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And for all of you reading this, who will dancing and stirring the cauldrons of transformation under the blessings of this SuperMoon, may your harvests be fruitful, and your rites be blessed.