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Blessings of the New Virgo Supermoon and Eclipse

New Virgo Moon Eclipse
True to form, on this Supermoon, we had a big earthquake off the coast of Mexico this morning. Richard Noelle, who coined the term, notes that on a Supermoon, tides and seismic activity are likely to be dramatically active. That’s because at the New or Full Moons, the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun are all in a line: Earth is in the middle in the Full Moon alignment, while the New Moon happens with Moon in the middle.

L'shanah TovaBut at a Supermoon, the Moon is also in its perigee, or closest approach to Earth, compounding its gravitational effects.

This is also the New Moon that ushers in the Days of Awe, and the New Year for all our Jewish friends. I wish you L’shanah tovah!

As for the astrology today, my friend Lynn says it best.

The Supermoon Virgo Eclipse is a Bounty of Challenge and Inspiration

Published on September 12, 2015
by Lynn Hayes

The eclipse on September 13th brings a crescendo of planetary energy to propel us out of our stale routines, helping us to access our creativity and inspiration.

The Moon is new in Virgo, with the Sun and Moon aligned in that sign to bring a sharp focus to matters of the practical and mundane details of our lives.  Health, hygiene and effective life patterns are governed by Virgo.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, so Mercury is the ruler of this eclipse. The organization of information so that we can use it more effectively is an important part of this eclipse activation.  The higher mind, with its intuition and wisdom, is unable to operate when the lower mind is bogged down with details that it cannot process.  At this New Moon eclipse we have an opportunity to clear the lower mind and organize our thoughts.

The eclipse is also a Supermoon (coined by astrologer Richard Nolle), and at its closest point to the Earth.  Where a Full Moon Supermoon is big and buoyant in the sky, the New Moon Supermoon is activated on the subconscious level.

You may find yourself with heightened emotional awareness as well as reactivity under this influence, particularly if you are sensitive to lunar energies.

Both the Sun and Moon are opposite Chiron in the New Moon Chart. Chiron is the planet that assists in the process of clearing old psycho-emotional wounds that lurk in the mind, body and spirit and create dis-ease.

This Chironic influence suggests that hidden within these mundane details lies the key to healing the soul and any dysfunction that remains active in our lives.

The lunar energy is further intensified by a harmonious trine from Mars (aggression) to Uranus, planet of radical change. Uranus is traveling through Aries, and Aries is ruled by Mars, so this is a double whammy of high octane fuel to propel us out of our stale routines and into a life where ritual becomes magic rather than drudgery. Mars also helps us to find the courage to strip away the veneer of protection from our old wounds so that they can be more easily healed.

There is an infusion of energies beginning at this New Moon eclipse and continuing for a week or so as [an] opposition between Jupiter and Neptune … occurs on the 17th, combined with the change of direction of Mercury and the entry of Saturn into Sagittarius on that same day.

This swirl of planetary forces could feel like a whirlwind of confusion and conflicting impulses and this is made more intense by the fact that Pluto, also about to change direction, is traveling extremely slowly and shining a laser beam of transformative power into the psyche.

It will be important to do what is needed to stay centered during this period, and give any important matters time to settle in and feel comfortable before you pull the trigger on finalizing a decision.

Wise words indeed for a magical time of great potential and power.

Best wishes to all, and may your rites and celebrations be blessed.

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