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Wordless Wednesday: Change on the Horizon

Tarot Card of the Week, Sept. 27-Oct. 4, 2015: Justice

The foundation of justice is good faith. — Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 BCE Our guide for this coming week is a powerful Major Arcana card that we have not seen for several years. In a world that seems increasingly skewed away from such ideals, let us warmly welcome this visit from Justice. After a hiatusContinue reading Read more

Blessings of this Rare and Magical Full Harvest SuperMoon and Eclipse

Because I’m still in love with you I want to see you dance again Because I’m still in love with you On this harvest moon.    ~ Neil Young There has certainly been a lot of hype about this Full Moon, since it is a Supermoon (which simply means the Full Moon is at perigeeContinue reading Read more

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Blessings of Mabon, 2015

Hail! Journeyer of the Heavens, Queen of Brightness, King of Beauty! Gifts of gladness richly bringing, Autumn sheaves and red leaves’ fall. Generous be the heart within us, Open be our hands to all, Justice to be in equal measure, Harvest thankfulness our call. ~ Greeting to the Autumn Equinox by Caitlín Matthews, A CelticContinue reading Read more

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Happy Birthday, Lovely Libra!

Peace and justice are two sides of the same coin. ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower (Sun and Moon in Libra) On this date, which is also the Equinox, the Sun enters the sign of Libra, fittingly, the sign of the balanced scales. Like the scales, Libras prefer to be on an even keel. They easily tuneContinue reading Read more

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